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Comment Re:Oh, really? (Score 3, Informative) 225

"As I understand it, current iPhones use IPS (in-plane switching) displays, which, while more expensive offer superior color reproduction."


I think you got your technology backwards. OLED is the one which is superior in color reproduction, always has been, by a leaping mile.
There are some good IPS displays out there but OLED is superior technology, has been for years (burn in issues aside, I'm talking colour / blakcs)

Comment Re:The leftist agenda (Score 2) 381

It's all fine and dandy to joke but the division between the rich and poor is becoming quite significant and getting worse, my fear is, it seems to be speeding up this last decade.

The middle class are being wiped out, you either make it big time or you're in the bottom rungs. Sure we're not squabbling over foodscraps yet but the quality of living is slowly dropping for quite a few.

Comment Re:Unlimited Data Required (Score 1) 622

I agree with you that 4k will be streamed sooner or later but 8k seems a very, very long way off. Like 20 year kind of thing.

To actually REALLY see a difference in 4k over 1080p you start to need a television exceeding 70" (or sit DAMN close)
Let alone 8k, I could only imagine 120+" displays at very very close range.

Ipads, surfaces, PC's will be 4k within a couple of years but at that point it's going to be virtually impossible to see the pixels at normal viewing distance (if not now.....!)

Comment Re:There's some other things they should focus on! (Score 1) 85

You seem to be diverting the topic to security arguments. If the Apple app store login is secure enough to have my real name, payment info, it's secure enough to distribute applications to my ipad - just how it works on Google Play now.

As for itunes sync style, nope not a chance. That's a very poor system and I don't think anyone uses itunes anymore now that they don't have to. (The cloud backups on iphone / ipad work exceptionally)

Regardless even if I did want to do that, I'd still need the ipad in my apt near the itunes enabled PC. As it stands, my mom who doesn't know too much about using these kind of things, can have me remotely install stuff to her Android phone, 100 miles away in about 2 minutes.
It's nearly 2016.

Comment Re:There's some other things they should focus on! (Score 1) 85

I think you're misunderstanding me or ..... I explained poorly.
I want the ability to REMOTELY install apps to my iPad, sitting on the coffee table downstairs or even on my desk at work while I'm at home, simply by going to the app store website, logging in to my itunes / app store account and clicking 'install' on whatever app.
It should then prompt me, "which Apple device?", of the "Apple devices registered on this account"

This is how it works on the Google Play store, it might even be 4 years, not 3.

Comment There's some other things they should focus on! (Score 2, Insightful) 85

Before I start, yes I'm an Android guy - but, I do have an iphone and ipad.

How.the.fuck do Apple fans justify that shitty app store? The search is OUTRIGHT BROKEN. It's BROKEN! There's so many fake / spam / SEO'd bullshit apps which come up when you search for something, it's fucking incredible.

It literally doesn't find the app I'm looking for, over 50% of the time.
I mean, I'm cool with tech companies not being perfect but this is the "Ever flawless" Apple who always get things right...? It's fundamentally broken.
I don't even care that the spam exists! so what? But at least fix the algorithm so when I search for "extremely well known app X" it actually returns a result of the "extremely well known app X" I'm looking for.

While I'm railing on them, one more thing* why in all that is !@#%$ing holy, can I not remotely install apps on my iphone / ipad from my PC? Yeah yeah, I'm an Android guy, I mentioned that,...
How can the Google Play store have had this for 3 years+ and third party Android app installers have had it for 5 years. FIVE YEARS.

I'm sitting on my PC for example, reading slashdot, someone says "hey blah blah is a brilliant app on my ipad, it really solved XYZ" I should be able to open a new tab, go to the app store, find the app and click "install to ipad"
It's nearly 2016. How is this fucking missing?
Worst part is, you ask this, even politely and Apple fans will tell you how "wrong you are" for wanting it. (I'm expecting at least a mixed / logical reaction on this site)

Outright crazy, poor design, backwards thinking. These are good features. It's nuts.

* Jesus I wish slashdot was still highly relevant, there might be a miniscule chance of an Apple person actually reading the post and fixing this idiocy.

Comment Every year I see this dozy shit online,... (Score 1) 252

I've been seeing people whine about DST (particularly Americans) for the duration of me using the internet. Each year, as a depressed person I'm BAFFLED AS HECK, why? Each year people, continue to complain about it.
This year, is the first year I've seen "DST whiners" a little more descriptive in what they don't like about DST and if I'm reading it right, I'm shocked.
The VAST majority of people, /seem/ to be complaining about the END of DST and RETURNING TO NORMAL TIME,... for goodness @#%ing sakes.

We just entered DST here in Australia about a month ago, we put the clocks FORWARD in summer to gain an extra hour in the evening. (well you know what I mean)
The USA is putting their clocks BACK to NORMAL time and you're "losing" an hour of sun at night. You're about to enter winter.

What surprises me is the terminology that I've seen used for over a decade online, people complaining about DST. No, you don't dislike DST, most of you it seems, don't like the lack of sun in the evening, just like the rest of us.

Now bear with me, I realise it's "normal" time.
I realise we're "messing with a clock" and not gaining extra time
Arguably, we should just be doing things earlier, rather than messing with the clock.
That's all quite logical.

Life doesn't work that way though, you can't just mandate, that normal business hours are 8-4 from now on, everywhere. You can manipulate the time to create the illusion though.

As a person who suffers from SAD, I find it kind of a double slap in the face that when summer is ending and my evenings are becoming dark, cold and glum, "they" take ANOTHER hours sun from me, by putting the clocks back to normal. If anything we should be damn well doubling down on DST in the winter season.
The ability to do gardening, exercise, play with children, do general outdoor things is great.
Personally I couldn't care less if I'm going to work in the utter pitch black in the morning, it's that time in the evening I'd like to be able to utilise.

I know some of you don't like the act of changing it, regardless. Purely out of the inconvenience / confusion. Sure, ok more power to you. but those of you who do actually "hate DST" are you sure you actually don't love DST and hate "normal time"? because those of you responding to this in the Northern Hemisphere are about to enter normal time and OUT of DST.

Get your terminology correct.

- Baffled Australian.

Comment Re:I wish (Score 1) 100

Moderate you up, or comment...... I'll take comment.
Yep yep and yep.
Even if 1/10 of these stories became real products, we'd be brimming with ridiculously powerful batteries.

As it stands right now, cell phones continue to have meddling batteries that last 6 hours of continuous use or 1.5 to 2 days at best on standby (and that's for customers who turn off BT, Wifi, GPS when not used)

I don't need a miracle battery that'll make the phone run for 19 weeks. I'm cool charging it now and then. However a phone which lasts 4 or 5 days on standby (WITH the BT, Wifi and GPS ON) would be kinda nice.

Also, obviously such tech would help the motor industry. I guess tech is tech, we can't rush it, if it can't be done yet, so be it - but these tools endlessly announcing the greatest thing since sliced bread need to ease up. Slow news weeks I guess, tech sites endlessly looking for more idiot clicks :/

Page me when I can buy the damn stuff.

Comment This is just lazy and a poor effort (Score 2) 217

I don't hugely care about PC games or very much the sillyness of MGS anymore but good lord, this is a terrible move.

Some countries have data caps. I haven't read the article, or googled a damn thing but I'm going to make my guess right now and speculate this game is at least a 30gb download..... probably more like a full 50. In my case, that would be 50% of my monthly allowed internet quota.

Someone specifically buying a retail copy to avoid this is going to get stung.
Super lame.

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