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Comment Crucial is doing a $500 4TB SSD (Score 1) 140

So the rumours go anyhow, it was at CES.
That's only 3.5x more expensive than I need it to be, for me to seriously consider moving to SSDs in my FreeNAS machine.
(HDD's are awkwardly hot, noisy, power greedy, when you run 6 of them and have an unfortunately exceptionally good set of ears)

Regardless, I do believe that thrashes the OCZ drive in this article. Although it's so strangely cheap, one must wonder if it wasn't a mistake or there's something NQR about it.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 44

Americans constantly whine about data costs, endlessly - as if it's somehow a magical unlimited bucket of data available in the spectrum.
I mean, don't get me wrong, I'd like it too - but it seems only the Americans 'don't get it' when it comes to this. It's pretty straightforward, there's limits to it, period.

How's this, in the last 10 years, what if instead you didn't have 4G / LTE etc, instead you just still had "inefficient EDGE" BUT unlimited data, all month long, endlessly?

You can't have both. Especially with more and more devices out there.
The idiot Liberal (it means conservative here) Govt in Australia at one point, tried denying the need to build an advanced comms network (NBN) one of their excuses was "oh 3G / 4G etc will be XYZ GBs in a few years, laying fibre down is dumb!" because idiots don't understand the limits of wireless communications tech.

Personally, I have a 16GB phone, 32GB microSD slot. I get 1.5GB per month (!) and I use about half of it (but I don't go out too much) I imagine were I to travel more, I could envision a need of say 5 to 7GB at most, which is available right now at semi-reasonable prices.

Wireless is not a magical fountain of unlimited bandwidth, a million posts in a million articles won't change this.

Comment Re:But what would I be downloading? (Score 1) 49

How do you come up with those figures?
I get a theoretical maximum of 12.5GB/sec and I've _NEVER EVER_ encountered a wireless data transmission system that comes anywhere close to it's apparent maximum. Ever.

Wireless A,C,N,G etc - all of them, you should basically divide by 8, as standard and then halve it again. If you're lucky, maybe you'll get 60% of the claimed maximum, maybe.

I would imagine a 100Gbps system to give a real world figure (pulling this directly from my ass as I type this,.. based on experience............) probably......... 3 to 4GB/s maybe.

Comment It disables my mental compass (Score 1) 571

They have their uses but if I rely on one too much, my mental compass turns off.
I've got a ridiculously good mental compass (video games as a kid, I don't know?) but I almost always know what direction I'm facing, where I came from, where I'm headed to, what direction things face, etc.

GPS can get me REALLY lost, when I disable my compass for too long, I end up with no idea where I am.

Comment Re:Cores Schmores (Score 1) 136

So basically your reply is "semantics"?

Of course AMD aren't getting progressively fucking worse for goodness sakes, who releases a CPU that's slower than the previous.
They are getting worse /compared to the competition/ hence my post. They are less and less competitive.

I shouldn't need to spell this out on /.

Comment Cores Schmores (Score 1, Insightful) 136

AMD best hope this CPU has some actual guts to it for performance / power efficiency. They haven't had a great CPU since the Duron / Thunderbird days when they were (arguably) the leader on the desktop.

Their CPU's have gotten progressively worse compared to intel, to a point where it's pretty much complete folly to go AMD at this point, which is a big shame.

Let's hope they close the gap significantly, very significantly. They've almost always been behind, even if it's only slightly (yet had to hugely undercut prices)
At their current rate, I do not see them lasting a hell of a lot longer. So this one better be the one for a couple of years.

Comment There's a good reason this is a logical move (Score 1) 173

AMD / ATI got a huge influx of sales thanks to BitCoin mining 3 or 4 years ago, it lasted for 12 to 24 months, sales figures perked up, manufacturing probably had to be increased, cost of procurement of components maybe slightly dropped - all kinds of factors, due to an artificial increase in sales.
When mining with GPU's became a poor option, sales returned to normal, just for gamers. Many high end used cards hit the market, further reducing sales.

This was positive and negative for AMD - so if a power company goes and spends an inordinate amount of money increasing production, for something which may well dry up, then it's a risk which they are factoring in.
In some ways, yes it's unfair but it is logical. Also, the market will bare what can or can't be charged / paid. They'll either deal with the rise in cost or walk.

Comment Re:Ahh "I read it online, it must be true!" (Score 1) 180

It's how you write it, not what you write. This place, like many will often give a +5 to a long post, almost regardless of the content. I've posted here over a decade with a heap of +5's.

Add some passion and swearing and your opinion is magically invalidated. Regardless I stand by the post entirely.

Comment Re:Nexus aren't satisfactory (Score 1) 180

"But, more important than that: Google definitely should put more pressure on manufacturers and carriers to keep the phones' OS updated for longer."

Totally completely agreed. I don't know how to program but god damnit I wish there was a way the fundamental crap underneath could be updated, without needing approval from HTC / Samsung / LG AND then local carriers as well, it's ridiclous.

Apples system is simply better in that regard. My iphone 5s is right up to date, it's an older phone and unlike some claim, it's still performing well to boot. Whereas my Galaxy Note 2? Updates have completely died (admitedly it's a bit of an old phone now, but much newer phones get ignored too)

It'd be nice if the unskinned version of Android was available for all handsets. Even though I actually don't mind TouchWiz, be nice to have that option.
Honestly, in my opinion, Google / Android has done very little positive in the past 18 months. Most of the changes have frankly, been poor / annoying / too similar to apple.

Comment Ahh "I read it online, it must be true!" (Score -1, Troll) 180

"For example, many users are frustrated by Samsung's TouchWiz skin"

Are they?
Are you sure about this?
Have you seen the sales numbers for Samsung devices?
What percentage of users actually even KNOW what the hell TouchWiz is?
How many of those whining about TouchWiz have actually USED a Samsung phone for more than 20 minutes?

It's not perfect, but considering what stock google looked and felt like for the first few years (actually most of them) it's VASTLY superior. Handy shortcuts like swipe left on a name to dial, swipe right on a name to SMS them
The dialler menu didn't look bland, blank, non shaded, no dividing lines to differentiate where buttons begin an end. Totally flat, bullshit "clean" look, utterly awful.
This was their in call screen at one point
Look at it.
NO fucking text labels, what does what?
The hangup button is DIRECTLY TOUCHING all the other buttons you may want to press while on call. It'S HUGE and easily accidentally hit.
Did I mention the lack of dividing lines for the buttons? and again, no text labels? What does what? You can GUESS for most but with text you KNOW.
Utterly atrocious.

No TouchWiz isn't an abomination at all, it's got a couple of small issues but it's vastly superior to the stock google experience, HOWEVER nerds on forums love to parrot what other clued up nerds say. It's literally "cool to hate TouchWiz"
The amount of people I've seen bag touchwiz who own an Apple phone or HTC and never a Samsung is mind boggling.

This is very similar to the HTC and Apple dipshits saying "Samsung plasticky yuck yuck!!!" "Samsung feels cheap!" these morons don't own a Samsung phone -but Samsung changed their phones for these dipshits, despite them never owning a Samsung or being happy with their HTC. Well congrats fuckstains, now ALL the phones are the same, metal body, super rigid, easier to crack.
All my plastic based Samsungs have been super light, marginally flexible and less likely to take damage when dropped due to less inertia, slightly more give. But all phones are the same now and the goons who got their way won't change, they were Apple / HTC fans in the first place.

So help me fucking god jesus christ lord in heaven if you assholes whine about the physical home button and I lose that, I'll go ballistic. Can we at least keep that? Please? I do NOT want a button I can't put my finger on, without it recognising it as a press.

Comment Re:More details... (Score 1) 262

Can I just say, thank you to slashdot / members of slashdot, specifically you.
I'm INCREDIBLY FUCKING SICK of seeing articles on the internet about something unique, interesting, bad, good, whatever - where you'd expect some more information / pictures but there's nothing goddamn provided.

Fuck the internet is filled with copy and paste lazy bullshit, thanks for digging up some actual info.

Comment Interesting that only 20% seem to be clean / tidy (Score 1) 112

I wonder if we have a predisposition as nerds to be messy, or impulsive? Focus on the code, the game? Fuck taking that dish back to the kitchen?
Keep reading that website, can put the food packaging in the bin later?
I don't know.

Then there's the bigger issue than cleanliness and tidyness, it's QUANTITY. Something I'm literally dealing with right now. I'm a geek / nerd, I have *lots* of stupid IT shit, but I "need" it. It's either worth money or I might use it one day. The sad thing is a lot of the "I might use it one day" stuff I have, unlike most people, I actually do! It's just super infrequent. Plus I have a ridiculous memory for things that I've owned, where I got them, who gave them to me, etc. So 5 years after throwing something out I'll go "oh god I HAD one of these, I remember because blah blah"

I'm trying to minimise my trinketts, tools, gadgets but it ain't easy at all. This picture fascinates me on the topic. so very true. At a certain point, just throw it, you can always buy another, if rich :/

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