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Comment I'm a male and rarely find offices warm enough (Score 1) 328

I've had to purchase woolen jumpers, business jackets, 220v heated floor mats and I wear a full length white undershirt under my shirt.

The only time I'm warm in the office is if I load up on a heap of carbohydrates or sugar (my metabolism is toasty when I overeat) besides that, it's often far, far too cold.

I find it quite frustrating, sure too hot will send you to sleep but too cold is also awful.

Comment Re:Everybody List What You Think Went Wrong (Score 1) 550

The moderation of the above post is just more evidence of the problem.

Did I dare to question what SJW's are doing is right? Yes.
Did I accuse all SJW's of being a problem? No - not even slightly.
I asked for some recognition that both sides of the fence in the debate have bad eggs.

So someone goes and accuses *all* gamergaters of being a problem. I try to be more reasonable, not only do I agree SOME are a problem, I then make a very reasonable claim that perhaps some SJW's are extremist and bad eggs too.
I'm rewarded with downvotes, oh no, groupthink has spoken.

It's clear from my posts, I'm an abusive "shitlord" someone who is obviously racist, homophobic, ignorant etc.
It couldn't even be remotely possible that I'm just applying some common sense to a debate between 2 angry sides here, no sirree! by not towing the line, I MUST be a bad egg, a "troll" according to the moderation.

And this exact behaviour, from the group, ever looking for more reasons to be offended, is precisely what "scares" people into doing more research into gamergate and the general SJW "culture".
Censor anyone who doesn't agree, accuse them of racism, misogyny, etc and give them ALL labels, you're just making more people defensive even though the "primary" principles of SJW's are actually good things!
As I said in my other posts, I've had very little luck finding anyone even remotely willing to discuss this sensibly is presicely why I found myself going from what I thought was a left leaning person, the other way.

Keep up the great moderation, please. I'm definitely a bad and hateful guy here! Trying to push my agenda,... Anyone else reading this will likely wonder why I've suddenly been moderated in such a way and perhaps they too can do some reading into the hardcore "our way or the highway" SJW approach to discussion on the internet.

Comment Re:Everybody List What You Think Went Wrong (Score -1, Flamebait) 550

Show me a single time an SJW on the internet has called out other SJW's doxing and generally being pieces of shit?
It has happened, many, many times. The "good guys" team has bad eggs too, those bad eggs have doxed people, harassed people, had people fired.

Has the overall general SJW clique called out their own harassers and said "hey, don't do this, let's not stoop to their level"
No,.. no they fucking haven't.

The fact you're comfortable labeling *ALL* of the gamergaters as punks, without being willing to entertain the thought that, "hey, maybe not all of them are troublemakers" is half the problem. People don't like being accused of shit they didn't do or wouldn't do. This labeling of people simply asking questions, forces them into the defensive camp. It's the entire reason I'm more pro than anti, because I don't like asking questions and having people going crazy at me and accusing me of things.

But nope, definitely all the GG's fault, they caused all the trouble. Not a small fraction of stupid people.

Comment Re:Everybody List What You Think Went Wrong (Score 2) 550

Gamergate is vastly larger than being about "gamers" now, so so much vastly bigger. The word "gamergate" is actually doing it a disservice.

The crux of most of the discussions which still continue about it, is mostly about the censorship, fear of discussing things for fear of being labelled, pushing a particular agenda.
There's most certainly extremists on both sides but from where I'm sitting it appears the "SJW camp" are utterly incapable of sitting back, self reflecting and saying "whoah, hang on a minute, perhaps we're being overly critial here"

If you don't INSTANTLY and completely agree with them and some of their batshit crazy triggering / abuse / sexist / racist / "wrong" concepts, then *you're* clearly the problem and you must be an ignorant / racist / sexist / homophobe.

I am *not* stupid enough to think that all the pro-gg people are nice people, there's obviously people who hate women, are racists, are insensitive fucks - but for the most part, the stuff I've been reading the last 3 months, they honestly seem fairly well balanced and capable of correcting themselves or others in that community to "hey, don't be the piece of shit, the SJW's claim you're being"

I grew up with a lot of British humour, I have a dark sense of humour. I've SERIOUSLY adjusted my humour over the years to try to be more sensitive but the batshit loopy "trigger this" nutters who want everything covered in cotton wool are driving me from being a lefty to a righty, something I never thought I'd say.

"Gamergaters" have harassed people online, those harassers are foolish.
HOWEVER, some "gamergaters" have simply had the audacity to refute incorrect points or even just ask questions, how dare they...
"SJW's" however have never and would never harass anyone, they are "in the right!" they've never cost anyone their job or harassed anyone,... nope, never hipocritical. They have carte blanche in dictating what you say and deciding what you intended by saying it.

Ultimately gamergate is much bigger than video games, so much bigger, that name is a massive disservice.
(Note: I am not endorsing abuse, I'm simply saying "hey, how about some fucking plain old common sense" which appears to have vanished)

Comment Likelyhood of ACTUALLY seeing it in stores? (Score 1) 172

Even if it's intel, rather than a tinpot outfit, I think it's very unlikely we're going to see this product on shelves ready to use in less than 4 to 6 years.

What's it for also? It's going to wear out? So using it as standard RAM is probably not practical. Should it simply be a replacement to SSD's? an even faster primary storage device?

Comment Well I got f'd by this,... let's clarify here.. (Score 1) 172

I clicked some stuff in a pretty deceptive box which kept coming up on Youtube about my name, not clearly outling what it was about to do (bind my gmail / google account to youtube)

Problem is, uncoupling it (which I've always been able to do) COMPLETELY hides / "damages" my videos. You can no longer view them, they are bound to the G+ account now, NOT the original account.

If I re-activate G+, bam the videos are back.
This has, I admit, made me post significantly more carefully in youtube comments. That being said, I've also held back on a plethora of youtube comments simply as I don't want even my hobbies known / tracked by others. My privacy is pretty important to me, and having my "real" google identity become my youtube comment identity was definitely an issue.
(Before anyone says it, not all youtube comments are ghastly. I'd say quite a good portion are infact, quite good and informative)

So,.......... will this be a FULL reversal? Pull my G+ account away from YT AND restoring my old YT data / profile / videos / views?

Comment You need to watch Trinity and Beyond. (Score 5, Interesting) 60

Movie is utterly fascinating, awesome soundtrack.
If you're into nuke porn (sorry, I am, in a big way) it's beautiful, just incredible.

There's also a couple of very comprehensive docos on the Manhattan Project but I'll be damned if I can recall which was the good one I've seen, it was quite long and detailed.

Comment Try Australia on for size (Score 1) 940

We have negative gearing, a tax benefit - aimed solely at the rich. They rent out the property and get to claim the cost (interest payments, renovation, service costs, repair etc) against their taxable income.

The common man (me, you, poors, middle class) are literally subsidising the rich buying more homes. It's an ass backwards, inane scheme that often, when described to foreigners elicits a response of basically "what the fuck? You're kidding? That's backwards!?"

Our houses are artificially inflated high in cost, the only mild benefit is that rents are arguably, slightly cheaper. Furthermore the government is welcoming with very very open arms, Chinese cash. They are POURING their money out of China in to property here. You're starting to see for sale / auction / expressions of interest signs for property in Melbourne, with NO fucking English writing on the sign.

These 2 things combined, have driven buying a house into an investment, not a home. It's *finally* getting some serious media scrutiny this year and your average man is beginning to click as to WHY negative gearing as a policy is completely and utterly fucking him.

I've always been frugal and careful with money and I've saved my ass off. I get the shit taxed out of my money in the bank (interest made) but had I put it into a house, I'd be able to infact claim any losses.
It's ... it's insane, it's fucked. an entire generation is getting basically,... fucked by the old and the rich (or the young who got in with assistance)

The division between the rich and the poor and the wiping out of the middle class is beginning to kick into high gear in general, across the world and I think even your average person now, is starting to get pretty pissed about it.

Comment Move the comments number BACK (Score 1) 116

I browse in full screen mode on a 30" 2560x1600 monitor. Some would say this is folly, none the less it's what I do.
The article news headline is on the far left 1/4 of my monitor.
The comment quantity per article is over a fucking foot to my right and I have to glance at how many comments there are, per article, left, right, left right.

Put it back below where it belongs.
I don't like or care about a dopey share button - if you keep it, fine but don't make the comments number worse due to it.

I hate to cite fucking reddit of all places but isn't their score, comments and news headline all left focused? All the "important shit" is on the left, grouped together?
Cmon people fucking think would you?

Comment I do not know anything about this pocket app,.... (Score 1) 351

However my stance on the issues with firefox changed very little

TLDR: The stability (under the 64bit waterfox build) is pretty much where I want it, it doesn't crash.
However,...the performance is atrocious compared to chrome, I don't know what kind of machine to throw at this browser but there needs to be a better way.

I've tried with / without the noscript, with / without adblock and flashblock - nope still no good.
It's sad.
Stop adding bloat, start trimming and tidying and optomising code.

My personal, non software developer, layman opinion is almost every web site, almost every application, almost every game and almost every operating system - almost all software in existence really should have **national optomisation week** where NO FEATURES ARE ADDED, NO UI'S CHANGED and for 1 week a year they simply try to speed up their old code.
Seriously.... developers are still behaving like it's 1995 -> 2008 or so, when everything endlessly doubled in performance. Hint: PC performance increase have slowed. Start coding cleaner.
1 week a year, think about it devs, please.

Comment What are the beneficial FEATURES to dumb end users (Score 1) 595

There's a heap of people here debating if the security is better with IPv6 or if doing things "right" is the better way and you may be all correct but the question for the mid tier and lower skilled tech users, adopters and end users is where is the big benefit?

You tell someone "yes, your netflix video will buffer faster" (I know, that's bandwidth) or "You can do more on your network at once" that might help./
The only thing I recall (which I think was pulled?) was multicast? As a mid teir tech, that was the only thing which got me all hot and bothered. The potential for huge bandwidth savings as data can be "split" as it goes down the network branch to only the nodes requesting it and only a single time (until the split is required, down a different trunk)
THAT was interesting, that might mean, my Australian ISP uses VASTLY less bandwidth for certain applications / users and therefore I get allocated more monthly quota since their bills decrease.

So yeah, ok sure, we should be switching to a better protocol, regardless and for the sake of too few ipv4 address's but to my knowledge there isn't some big huge (or even small) gain to most end users, at all. If not plain old inconvenience in setting up a new network type they know nothing about and may require more knowledge to secure.

Comment Politicians couldn't give 2 shits about this stuff (Score 1) 614

Until there's fly in, fly out, outsourced politicians - they don't give a damn . Cheques will still come in from IBM, HP, Apple, Google or whoever takes on this kind of practice to save a buck.

We're all fucked long term, seriously, globalisation has some great benefits and some utterly horrific drawbacks. Y'all fucked, me included.
(Ok, not "Y'all" - "Y-vast majority of you")

"Once they go up, who cares where they come down? That's not my department." -- Werner von Braun