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Comment Re:Shows may vary. (Score 1) 242

I think the problem is you're not watching enough TV. You could branch out to binge-watching football (all day Saturday and Sunday) and of course March Madness takes up all of March (this assumes you are recording on multiple set top boxes). Also, you might try upgrading the hard drive on your Tivo, so that you can fit in every episode of How It's Made. It is just a matter of showing real commitment. Once you've got things to the next level, report back for more tips.

Comment Re:Happy birthday (Score 4, Informative) 59

Pretty good rant, but one clarif -- you can make the "main details" page much bigger, by default, so that you don't have to click anything to find out who all was in and made the movie. Just a preference setting away, and it sticks like cookie dough.

As to ads, I really had no idea IMDB had ads...

Comment Sharp calculators (Score 1) 363

The Sharp had one thing none of the others (at that time -- early 80's) did. Playback.

You entered in up to 50 "button pushes" of whatever, and hit =. To check you entered it all, you hit PB (playback) and you could then scroll through every bit of it. It also had 6 memory locations you could draw from. The others in its price range had 2.

No other calculator came close (at that time), even at 3 times the money. [I guess they are up to 142 steps now.]

Fond, fond memories of that product. From sharp minds indeed. I didn't go out of my way to convince my felow 'geers about its virtues...

Comment Re:My city, Reykjavík, is trying to do this. (Score 1, Interesting) 259

Couldn't agree more.

When I see "light rail" / rapid transit coming in, I know I will be steering well clear of that area. There won't be a single thing designed correctly -- overly wide lanes, but not enough of them; traffic lights that are sinked to the phases of the moon, or perhaps estrus; speed limit designed to make power walkers and old people look fast.

And, as you say, for what? I would summarize this type of project as "Take 10 times too many resources, and make then 10 times less useful and effective, so that 1% of the population get served, somewhat."

But I'm not some 60's dinosaur. I also like to exercise by planting trees. For the city I live in. Season starting again soon, btw. And I'll be sharing my vehicle once again. My vehicle is a "mid size" truck -- GMC Sierra 1500 Extended Cab. Big guzzler, right? Except I don't use it much more than I use my mountain bike. And skateboard. And besides, the gas mileage is 2/3 of a Kia Soul.

I would never have thought I would own a truck. I've owned Cadillacs and MB's...but this truck is far and away my favorite vehicle.

It just shows how much we are brainwashed and lied to, about everything.

Comment Re:A Foundational Mathematical Logician's View (Score 1) 274

Given the sorry state of physics, there is nothing wrong with hearing from alternatives, "armchair" or otherwise.

However, you mix relativity...with string theory -- and you can't do that.

But the biggest wtf is that the missing stuff is all *delay*? So, are we do for a gigantic shipment of stuff at some future date? This nonsense suggests you don't know how to vet your own ideas.

So, Mr. Ph.D., you fail in the details, not in whether you are an armchair or "pro" commenter.

Comment Re:Cancer (Score 1) 190

Wouldn't it be interesting if the vans were non-existent? The equivalent of a sticker from a security company plastered on your living room window. "Speed monitored by aircraft signs".

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