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Comment: The biggest problem (Score -1, Troll) 188

by justthinkit (#47313865) Attached to: The Higgs Boson Should Have Crushed the Universe
The biggest problem is not that the Higgs field/boson/theory is wrong. Nor that BICEP2 is wrong.

The biggest problem is that physicists do not want a new theory. Everyone gets paid and paid well to keep doing the usual stuff -- CMB, inflation, Big Bang, String Theory, smashing particles together and looking for the oldest star.

Physicists prefer stuff known to be wrong over stuff that might be right.

Comment: The worst kind of anecdote (Score 1) 377

by justthinkit (#47254099) Attached to: Are US Hybrid Sales Peaking Already?
Your's is the worst kind of anecdote -- non-typical usage.

You rented a car for a week so:
(1) you wanted to have fun driving a battery-weighted car
(2) you were not going to be spending one to two hours a day in rush hour traffic...that a Prius was designed for
(3) because you were going to be doing more than typical amounts of highway driving...that a Prius is neutered by

Three strikes, your anecdote is out.

Comment: Tick/Tock/Wow, new capacitors (Score 1) 157

So the new cycles are: Tick/Tock/Wow, new capacitors.

The article, amazingly poorly written by the way, mentions exactly zero changes to the chip itself.

We are given "new caps, new glue, and you can overclock it for more performance".

I'm off to ask my doctor to start me on Prozac...

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