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Comment Re:I'm a pretty nerdy computer guy ... (Score 1) 492

You made the right choices.

In January 2001, the major computer company I was working for in Chicago offered me $140k a year to move out to the "bay area". I also had another offer on the table around the same amount in Santa Cruz. Both had nice relocation packages.

At the same time I had a cousin working for Agilent. So I knew he was in a one bedroom apartment in Sunnyvale at $1600.00 a month. And that the house he owned, lived in by soon to be ex wife, was over a $1,000,000 mortgage.

I balked... and didn't take either position. Two years later I high-tailed it out of Chicago and moved to Michigan.

Best decision I ever made. Of course I had family, friends, and business associates told me I was crazy.

However, today I live on a hill, in a forest, about 200 yards from Lake Michigan.

Young IT people: Shiny... is shiny. But that's never enough.

Comment Re:Just such a stupid, stupid article (Score 1) 241

Why, when we are trying to encourage children to take up all things computing, is Programmers Day such a big flop?

Um, because the set of "${X} days/months" is a meaningless, stupid concept, curated by people without any meaningful claim to authority or unusual credibility?

This article's premise is about as sensical as asking why everyone named "Frank" isn't celebrating the fact that I live in North America.

Come to think of it... why not do that?

I like several people named Frank. Who's in?

Comment It's over.... (Score 4, Interesting) 233

I can see the writing on the wall, from the perspective of having my first IT job in 1983... It's over.

No one should really seek to enter a non development position in IT. Because it is being snuffed out by "big computing cloud services" and the "appliancezation" of IT infrastructure. There will always be some high end jobs around. But the numbers (and the pay) are shrinking- fast.

So pack it up kiddies. Almost 30 years of booming industry will be evaporating in 5 to 7 years.

It is truly time to find something else to do.

Comment Re:Why IPv6 is broken (Score 1) 595

IPv6 is broken because it is incompatible.

To illustrate, let's look at phone numbers.

Imagine a phone company with 6 digit numbers which wants to give users world-accessible phone-numbers. What did the phone companies do? Easy: Just add prefixes to the numbers and everybody is happy. The old numbers stay valid, you can still connect within the old network(s), nobody has to remember new numbers.

But what if phone-numbers would have been expanded the "IPv6-way"?

Then you would have your old number and would receive a completely different new number, which would also be in an incompatible format (maybe letters instead of digits). Then you would have to update all your phone numbers everywhere, to "switch over".
of course such a scheme would fail instantly and that's why IPv6 continues to fail.

The IPv6 adherents just don't get it. If the IPv6-designers were smart enough to just extend the IPv4-address space we would all be running IPv6 already, because it would require no reconfiguration of routers, no reconfiguration of DNS names, no reconfiguration of anything.

But these morons thought that a billion people will just change all their addresses just because they tell them. Well, it doesn't work that way.

I'm really surprised a person who's been around as long as you have holds to this view.

IP6 was in many ways designed to solve problems in IP4- not just address space issues. Thus a break. Because you had to break IP4 to fix it. At this point IP4 is a patched frankenstein protocol with lots of holes, bad implementations, and quasi adherence to RFCs.

Extending IP4 address space would not solve the problems. A new model is needed.

Marvelous! The super-user's going to boot me! What a finely tuned response to the situation!