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Comment Paperwhite fonts (Score 1) 132

The new Bookerly is excellent and I use it or Caecilia if need more weight. However I must say that the font SIZES that are available are awful!!
There are many sizes around 5 or 6 point which is too small. Then only 2 sizes in ordinary size and 2 giant. I would like to have smoothly variable ecmal point scaling like on epub apps. If that is incompatible with low power cpu then let me get fonts from the net, and be able to buy goof ones from the store.
I would pay money for this.
Also I wish it would read zip / cbz amd let me doenload them as well as image files from browser.
  Also I bought an amazon gift card overseas (in a Tokyo convenience store) but refused to accept it. I wish they would just listen "shut up and take my money."

Comment Re:This time... (Score 1) 99

No, they're assuming the majority of consumers will be too lazy or too cheap to buy a device to defeat the latest attempt at copy protection. Kind of like the manufactures of this year's new version of Teflon pans assume people wont remember that the previous 20 versions of Teflon all flaked off withing a few years, due to the fundamental physical principle that if nothing sticks to it, then it doesn't stick to the pan! And yet they're still making money selling the "new and improved!" Teflon pans!

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