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Comment Re: On the one hand ... (Score 1) 132

+1 (no mod points). As cogent and informative a summary of the "hacker/cracker" distinction as I've ever seen. The jargon file dates it to the early '80s:

One who breaks security on a system. Coined ca. 1985 by hackers in defense against journalistic misuse of hacker (q.v., sense 8). An earlier attempt to establish worm in this sense around 1981--82 on Usenet was largely a failure.

which would seem earlier than the parent's recollection, but it had probably been floating around in the collective engineering unconsciousness for some time. Of course, the etymology can probably be traced back to non-electronic crime, such as burglary (safe cracking/safe crackers).

Comment Re:"We want to make the best Mac in the world" (Score 1) 337

That's interesting, but seems something of an edge case. I guess the time to open a browser could be considerable if it's restoring many tabs or windows, and one might want to be super-efficient and switch to TextEdit. I'm not sure if you're a different AC or the grandparent poster, but it would be interesting to understand the original modal dialog focus stealing thing a bit more, I've been annoyed by it but can't recall what does that offhand. Maybe I'll even be motivated enough to file a report with Apple (

Comment Re:"We want to make the best Mac in the world" (Score 1) 337

I'm curious, which program was it that showed the "modal" dialog and stole your keystrokes? Something like a VPN connection password that had expired? That could be dangerous from the security perspective. Clearly the OS should have safeguards to prevent that, but one wonders if there's any legitimate use for this.

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