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Comment Re:Oh boy... (Score 3, Informative) 84

you are seeing things the wrong way

firefoxos manage hardware and daemons
daemons read sensors and other content and generate webpages
geko read the webpages (may submit posts for config changes or actions that some daemon will accept and filter)

how is more insecure than a native app that read the sensor and controls everything. At least firefox OS is more contained (say more unix like)

your fridge will not browser the web :)

Comment Re:Oh boy... (Score 5, Informative) 84

sorry, you are confusing Firefox BROWSER with Firefox OS!

firefox OS is a small linux with geko installed and most of the GUI are webpages. Geko today is light, fast enough and been adding multi-thread.

This is small enough for many application where a easy and fast to develop GUI interface. Being html, you then can point any browser to the fridge and do the same thing. Try that with a android app.

Finally, you will not be opening 30 tabs in firefoxOS, you will probably only see 1 to 3 tabs (if really need) of status/config pages.
You could do this with any distro, but X11/wayland+libs+drivers+sdk is always a problem when compared to a cheap sdk that takes care of that for you.
You could do that with android, but android is harder to change and may be even slower due to all the garbage required for phones, tables.

Mozilla is trying to overshot the mobile, as they learned that is already a market too hard to break in, and go directly to the "internet of things" to increase market share on a future huge market.

Comment Re:The BIG QUESTION . . . (Score 1) 27

you install your preferred linux distro, load some games (directly, via steam, even wine if you really want) and most of then will work.

For intel and amd cards, that is the true (only very recent cards use the new amdgpu driver that aren't yet on this level, but getting close fast and will be able to easily use either open or close drivers without change kernel driver). Same games have the same performance as the close drivers, other still need more drive
optimization. Very new games that require opengl >4.2 in linux are not common and mesa already support many features of higher opengl levels... but yes, one can install a modern linux distro and play games without even knowing anything about linux.

For nvidia cards, as nvidia isn't really helping, the performance is not yet good, but thanks for the nouveau team and the help from intel and amd development, the drivers are getting more and more usable.

Comment Re: Dear Microsoft, err, I mean Google (Score 1) 115

oops, press submit way too fast! :)

If you have a computer with 128MB of RAM, you are talking about pentium 1/2/3 /very old athlon computers!!!
buy a Raspberry PI !! it have more memory and probably faster and uses a lot less energy.

also, firefox uses as much memory as tabs you have open. a clean firefox with one tab open is using 230MB on a computer with 8GB... a 512MB computer is enough... not fast, but computers from that era aren't fast too

Comment Re:Dear Microsoft, err, I mean Google (Score 1) 115

>The six year old car you are driving is not as secure as a car produced this year. You are required to upgrade.

Windows XP is not a six year old car... is more a card without breaks. you are not allowed to drive a car without break on normal roads, but on your private road, you can do anything. you are not forced to trash the car, just can not use it for every day.

XP is way too limited. you can keep it if you want, but after that date, most sites will block you. browser internal networks or any still open site, just don't complain about those sites you can not enter.

Comment Re:Claws-mail and mutt as a text only fallback (Score 1) 388

but also keep using thunderbird...

mail clients should fix security bugs, but today they don't really change much... you don't need html5 in one email, protocols are still the same, mail storage is fine and stable

No email client had any major development, other than trying to integrate with other "not email" protocols (like RSS, calendar, chat) and even that is more small improvements than majors features.

just because a tool changed from monthly releases to annual releases, it doesn't mean that is broken... it usually mean that is stable and mature and can be used for a long time without change.

Comment Re:AMD pissed me off, I don't buy their stuff. (Score 1) 110

Use the open source drivers, they work well on older cards

If you are talking on really old cards, like ati rage and similar... that was not AMD, it was the Xorg developers, as the drivers where broken due X server changes and no one fixed the drivers (because no one cared anymore). If you need this drivers, fix then or pay someone to fix then... or use older distros... because if the have card have 15 years, the remaining hardware should also not be that recent... or get a better (AGP/PCI) card, like a ATI HDxxxxx series

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 563

you call the assistance, they bring you a car for you to use and they will take the broken car to the maintenance service where it will be repaired.
You can continue traveling to your job and fix the broken computers while someone else will arrive to his work and fix your (old) car.
By the way, when you park, someone else will take the car for is own needs or fill a car deficit in another place.

Everyone still have a job and have to do it :)

Comment Yes (Score 1) 563

Yes, it can.
You have shared resources communities already in the world. It requires a change of mind to reduce the selfish temptations, but it is possible.

Please notice that lack of money doesn't mean lack of rules to access the resources, so if you abuse, you will still be punished.

Comment Jitsi (Score 1) 115

Jitsi is just like skype, but XMPP based. Choose some server to create accounts (many of the big emails account also have XMPP support). As it build with java, works in all systems and it supports very well video and voice.
Android jitsi version is still under developement, but it should work already

for simply saving video messages, use the http://www.videomessageonline.... (webviewer) or the http://mailvu.com/ (via email), but you can always save one locally, using guvcview, cheese or other webcam tools and send the video via email or a shared dropbox or similar

Comment Re:Industry-specific applications (Score 1) 889

most of those apps can be rebuild for running in the webserver... not only you get the app working in linux, but tablets also
so nag the companies to support tablets and you will get the rest :)

doesn't work all the times, but some companies do agree with this
of course all depends of the apps... i had apps running still in windows 98 and windows 2000, just because old software is always a big anchor for progress in companies

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