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Comment Re:AMD pissed me off, I don't buy their stuff. (Score 1) 110

Use the open source drivers, they work well on older cards

If you are talking on really old cards, like ati rage and similar... that was not AMD, it was the Xorg developers, as the drivers where broken due X server changes and no one fixed the drivers (because no one cared anymore). If you need this drivers, fix then or pay someone to fix then... or use older distros... because if the have card have 15 years, the remaining hardware should also not be that recent... or get a better (AGP/PCI) card, like a ATI HDxxxxx series

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 563

you call the assistance, they bring you a car for you to use and they will take the broken car to the maintenance service where it will be repaired.
You can continue traveling to your job and fix the broken computers while someone else will arrive to his work and fix your (old) car.
By the way, when you park, someone else will take the car for is own needs or fill a car deficit in another place.

Everyone still have a job and have to do it :)

Comment Yes (Score 1) 563

Yes, it can.
You have shared resources communities already in the world. It requires a change of mind to reduce the selfish temptations, but it is possible.

Please notice that lack of money doesn't mean lack of rules to access the resources, so if you abuse, you will still be punished.

Comment Jitsi (Score 1) 115

Jitsi is just like skype, but XMPP based. Choose some server to create accounts (many of the big emails account also have XMPP support). As it build with java, works in all systems and it supports very well video and voice.
Android jitsi version is still under developement, but it should work already

for simply saving video messages, use the http://www.videomessageonline.... (webviewer) or the (via email), but you can always save one locally, using guvcview, cheese or other webcam tools and send the video via email or a shared dropbox or similar

Comment Re:Industry-specific applications (Score 1) 889

most of those apps can be rebuild for running in the webserver... not only you get the app working in linux, but tablets also
so nag the companies to support tablets and you will get the rest :)

doesn't work all the times, but some companies do agree with this
of course all depends of the apps... i had apps running still in windows 98 and windows 2000, just because old software is always a big anchor for progress in companies

Comment Re:Nvidia/ATI driver quality equal to or surpassin (Score 1) 889

AMD open source driver is getting better and better, mesa 11, being release this month adds OpenGL 4.1
I'm already playing several OpenGL 4.1 games from steam. OpenGL 4.2 and 4.3 are also with most of the work done so probably in the start of next year it is ready
Performance is also getting better. So with mesa11, most people can forget catalyst driver

DirectX... that don't exist anymore, MS killed it... but you are probably talking about Direct3D ... you have gallium nine!!
that with a patch wine version, you can play many games in wine directly with Direct3D at full speed... but it only works with gallium mesa cards, so nouveau and radeon. Intel and closed sourced drivers can't use it

Games, there are already many GOOD linux games in steam! yes, more the better, but buying and using linux in steam right now helps the port of future games

Comment Not unexpected (Score 4, Interesting) 54

This is not unexpected ... oracle is very expensive, with huge profits levels
a big government complains about the price... oracle ignores it
a big government complains again about the price... oracle ignores it again
a big government complains publicly about the price... oracle ignores it yet another time
a big government says it will start to abandon oracle products, knowing that it would be almost impossible to really do it... oracle gives a +10% price discount, just to shut up the complain... government can sing victory, everything is still the same

All this considering no payments under the table

Short term switch from oracle is hard, because if you use oracle, you are already stuck, you will need to change many things
but long term switch could save a lot of money, even with the ever increasing discounts oracle

Oracle gives ever increasing discounts oracle depending of the "customer" financial status/portfolio and risk of stopping using oracle product, usually low.
As governments and very big corporations/banks are very "change resistant" and have huge amount of money, they usually have little or no discounts. But even a small 10% or 20% discount is a huge saving in oracle costs... but there are companies out there that get even 90% discounts.

Comment Re:Come AMD.... (Score 1) 100

they are fixing it... they new driver policy is to have a generic driver in the kernel. then you plug mesa or catalyst on top of it.
The idea is that mesa is getting better and better and support more cards, mesa support up to opengl 4.2 is expected to be release in September. with more features ready, performance is also getting better. For possible more performance, features or too new hardware for mesa, you can plug catalyst and use the closed source driver. With this, even the closed source linux driver is simpler and easier to maintain and should help fix many long standing problems in the driver.

Finally, vulkan is a new start and will help fixing all sort of performance problems and bugs

So yes, catalyst is not good, it is full of historic problems, mesa is already catching up, after septermber most people should use mesa instead of catalyst

Comment Re: As a Linux supporter, I agree (Score 1) 378

it is not more ram, is helping the kernel managing the ram. linux expect to have several layers or memory and taking it out you make it harder for the kernel... everything still will work, but you can actually lose some performance if you have no swap at all. If you don't want to use swap, it is better to put a swappiness=10 or something.

There was a thread in the LKML about this several years ago and the VM maintainers said that one must always have some swap, even if small and if swappiness is 0

Comment Re:As a Linux supporter, I agree (Score 1) 378

1- suspend != hibernation
suspend do not require swap, it will shutdown everything and keep the ram powered, so no need to swap out the information
hibernation will transfer all the ram to the swap and shutdown the all machine. This one of course need swap configure.

2- if you don't have ANY swap configure, you should. even a swap of 1GB is used to trash out (without any write) requested memory that is not in use. If one app requests all your machine RAM and never use it, you will be out of memory, but with swap, the kernel can map out that unused/unallocated ram to swap and use the ram for other apps. So yes, everyone should use swap, even if small.
google and others added the zram to the kernel, so that even a 100MB swap can help a lot the system, by compressing anything it might want to page out... non-allocated pages compress a lot, as you imagine!!
Even if your memory is always with free space, some swap cam help you cache more information from the disk, even from SSD

Comment Re:What a scumbag (Score 4, Insightful) 226

do you know the story?

He is in charged of rape, because he didn't use a condom on a occasional sex. That is a crime in Sweden and is equivalent to rape. The girl don't even want any charge against him, but it is a public crime, so her opinion doesn't matter.

So this happen to thousand of people in Sweden and no charged are made... but he got charged and lot of work was put in to bring him to "justice"... why is he so special? Oh, right, he published things that powerful governments didn't like.

Ok, lets assume this is a valid charge... why do Swedish prosecutor don't agree to question him on another country or via the internet? Why they pressure so much for him to go to Sweden to be questioned. Assange didn't refuse to be questioned, he just want to do it out ot Sweden because he don't trust their motives. It is also known that the USA did pressure the Swedish government to arrest Assange... and a few months later, this charges show up.

So, he for sure is not perfect and for sure did much things that aren't right nor his ideas about women are all right... but this case is too uncommon and weird to blindly trust Swedish justice.

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