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Comment Re:I've got some I can sell ya (Score 1) 307

i'm referring to class A/class C as ip space allocation ranges (size), not as "static groups of IPs" (special ranges)

Check the , no place there they say that a class C starts in and that Class A can only start in, they only talk in sizes

I know that some people consider that class A is only 10/8 and class C is, but i have no idea where they bring that, maybe they are confusing the classes with the private IPs as they are usually used as examples of one to another.

Anyway, for me, a class A network (/8) starting in any IP can have about 65025 (255*255) class C (/24) networks, right or wrong, this is the way i use it. :)

Comment Re:disable EME (Score 1) 371

I agree with you, it is a risk, but of all browsers, what is the one you trust the most? What are the alternatives? You can not even now build chromium without a google build ID !!

Mozilla is not perfect, but is really trying to fix the major problems in the web, including the privacy problem. Could then do better? Yes!! but thank, the other browsers are more limited on what to do because they know that even small things can make many people change their loved for a browser and then slowly convince others.

Mozilla accepting this DRM is a way to limit what Apple, Google and MS want to do. Even if Adobe adds more stuff to their DRM plugin, it will only be used if Mozilla allows it. With Mozilla in the W3C group about DRM, it can talk, block, warn users about possible problems. No one wants again a web with different web standards and a "user" voice in the group is important... Mozilla is the closest you get for that. At least the browser code is open, people can fork it if Mozilla started to do "evil" things

Comment Re:disable EME (Score 2) 371

Firefox tried to push open video formats, like webm, and refused to support H264... yet, after years of fighting they gave up, mostly because MS and Apple refused to support it to push their (patented group) H264 format. Only if google switched youtube to webm and stopped supporting H264 it would be possible to do something like that, but even if the webm was a google format, they never really pushed that change and H264 won this round.

Future video support is the new battleground. Yet W3C is set to accept DRM and firefox not supporting it would mean that important sites would either push the usage of other browsers (like netflix) or push the installation of broken plugins (like all the silverlght sites we have today) that may just exist in windows. Either way firefox would be lonely on this battle, as MS, Apple and Google all have interest in DRM video, so it would be a lost battle from the start. It is sad, but delivering video is only set to increase and big companies want to make money from it... even if the browser would not have any DRM, they would create "apps" to support it so that movie industry would allow online video streaming. It is a lost battle, since there is demand for it, not from the users, but from the content makers... and we all know they are stupid, they prefer having no market (and so piracy) than provide open access to their content, just look how music industry works with the internet and how long that battle is taking place

Firefox solution is to use a Adobe "plugin" that is very restricted on what it can do (read a stream, reply a stream), just to decode the DRM. This would allow the DRM validation that some companies require, allow one to disable this very easily and allow for future replacement of that closed "plugin" with any other open implementation (trying to push directly a open DRM "plugin" now could blacklist firefox if someone tried to remove the protection... later, with existent market share it would be harder to blacklist firefox)

So yes, no one wants DRM, not even Mozilla, but looking at the alternative (some other DRM support or protocol you can't control), at least Mozilla can have some control and impose limits by doing this and not sacrifice market share on a battle that would be lost anyway. Don't blame Mozilla on this one, blame MS, Apple and Google for teaming up pushing DRM, so much that W3C have also agreed to add a DRM standard.

Comment Re:secure network? (Score 1) 64

Details, check the damn details!!

1- there is also a agreement to not put weapons on space
2- Money! you would need a HUGE amount of fuel to put something that big on space, even if piece by piece... probably too expensive for any country.
3- physic laws:
      if you fired those guns on space, you would start to move away from the target... so on each fire round you would need to correct the velocity and position, quickly wasting all your fuel

So yes, damn details!! :)

Comment Re:Unity next (Score 1) 494

for small workloads (eg: home users), unity is good. Mate is also good
for high workloads, with many windows open, openbox, fluxbox, awesome, dwm, ratpoison, etc are better
KDE is not bad too, as it is very flexible and lighter today than gnome ... Their major problem is that it still have that "not free enough!" or "it uses C++!!" shadow, that scared many to start gnome. Since then many things changed, but Redhat/fedora still run from it like hell and ubuntu always hide kubuntu from most people.
Gnome shell, IMHO is trash, even worst because of the same model as sytemd ( "Take over everything, do it my way, don't care about what people say, they are all idiots anyway")

Comment Require all apps to be controlled by MS (Score 0) 190

one more step so that MS can control what you can run on your computer...

You already have Boot loader signing, now you may block the non-whitelisted apps... (for sure MS signed apps are automatically allows)
next is to require all apps to be signed to be executed (if not enabled with this)...
Finally require all apps to be delivered by MS store (with the excuse to automatically sign all apps), or if you are big enough, setup your public store with expensive MS software and some CA like key from CA

I'm so glad i have stopped using windows

Comment Re:Because K9 sucks like most (Score 1) 179

- both support from MS and Oracle is sh*t our days... i know, i used then until a few months ago
  I understand that "companies" will not care, they want someone to blame and pay the money they ask... but those are brainless companies. Companies that do really think on why and the costs see that it may be better to use something help or even pay for a "cloud" solution

-If you company business is doing @100+ million based on exchange, your company is doing it wrong, for sure!!
Almost no companies are "email based" (eg: making money based on the email), even worst depending on something so hard to scale as exchange.

Lets face it, companies use exchange because is MS, because they have many tools and people trained on that and because they don't know anything help.

Comment Re:Sadly, I don't see an "out" for AMD (Score 1) 133

Every cpu company with several CPUs do that

If a batch gave cpus that have some problem, disable that cpus and sell the silicon for the remaining working cpu. silicon is expensive, the build process is expensive, if you they didn't do this, all CPUs would be more expensive too

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