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Comment Not unexpected (Score 4, Interesting) 54

This is not unexpected ... oracle is very expensive, with huge profits levels
a big government complains about the price... oracle ignores it
a big government complains again about the price... oracle ignores it again
a big government complains publicly about the price... oracle ignores it yet another time
a big government says it will start to abandon oracle products, knowing that it would be almost impossible to really do it... oracle gives a +10% price discount, just to shut up the complain... government can sing victory, everything is still the same

All this considering no payments under the table

Short term switch from oracle is hard, because if you use oracle, you are already stuck, you will need to change many things
but long term switch could save a lot of money, even with the ever increasing discounts oracle

Oracle gives ever increasing discounts oracle depending of the "customer" financial status/portfolio and risk of stopping using oracle product, usually low.
As governments and very big corporations/banks are very "change resistant" and have huge amount of money, they usually have little or no discounts. But even a small 10% or 20% discount is a huge saving in oracle costs... but there are companies out there that get even 90% discounts.

Comment Re:Come AMD.... (Score 1) 100

they are fixing it... they new driver policy is to have a generic driver in the kernel. then you plug mesa or catalyst on top of it.
The idea is that mesa is getting better and better and support more cards, mesa support up to opengl 4.2 is expected to be release in September. with more features ready, performance is also getting better. For possible more performance, features or too new hardware for mesa, you can plug catalyst and use the closed source driver. With this, even the closed source linux driver is simpler and easier to maintain and should help fix many long standing problems in the driver.

Finally, vulkan is a new start and will help fixing all sort of performance problems and bugs

So yes, catalyst is not good, it is full of historic problems, mesa is already catching up, after septermber most people should use mesa instead of catalyst

Comment Re: As a Linux supporter, I agree (Score 1) 378

it is not more ram, is helping the kernel managing the ram. linux expect to have several layers or memory and taking it out you make it harder for the kernel... everything still will work, but you can actually lose some performance if you have no swap at all. If you don't want to use swap, it is better to put a swappiness=10 or something.

There was a thread in the LKML about this several years ago and the VM maintainers said that one must always have some swap, even if small and if swappiness is 0

Comment Re:As a Linux supporter, I agree (Score 1) 378

1- suspend != hibernation
suspend do not require swap, it will shutdown everything and keep the ram powered, so no need to swap out the information
hibernation will transfer all the ram to the swap and shutdown the all machine. This one of course need swap configure.

2- if you don't have ANY swap configure, you should. even a swap of 1GB is used to trash out (without any write) requested memory that is not in use. If one app requests all your machine RAM and never use it, you will be out of memory, but with swap, the kernel can map out that unused/unallocated ram to swap and use the ram for other apps. So yes, everyone should use swap, even if small.
google and others added the zram to the kernel, so that even a 100MB swap can help a lot the system, by compressing anything it might want to page out... non-allocated pages compress a lot, as you imagine!!
Even if your memory is always with free space, some swap cam help you cache more information from the disk, even from SSD

Comment Re:What a scumbag (Score 4, Insightful) 226

do you know the story?

He is in charged of rape, because he didn't use a condom on a occasional sex. That is a crime in Sweden and is equivalent to rape. The girl don't even want any charge against him, but it is a public crime, so her opinion doesn't matter.

So this happen to thousand of people in Sweden and no charged are made... but he got charged and lot of work was put in to bring him to "justice"... why is he so special? Oh, right, he published things that powerful governments didn't like.

Ok, lets assume this is a valid charge... why do Swedish prosecutor don't agree to question him on another country or via the internet? Why they pressure so much for him to go to Sweden to be questioned. Assange didn't refuse to be questioned, he just want to do it out ot Sweden because he don't trust their motives. It is also known that the USA did pressure the Swedish government to arrest Assange... and a few months later, this charges show up.

So, he for sure is not perfect and for sure did much things that aren't right nor his ideas about women are all right... but this case is too uncommon and weird to blindly trust Swedish justice.

Comment Re:I've got some I can sell ya (Score 1) 307

i'm referring to class A/class C as ip space allocation ranges (size), not as "static groups of IPs" (special ranges)

Check the , no place there they say that a class C starts in and that Class A can only start in, they only talk in sizes

I know that some people consider that class A is only 10/8 and class C is, but i have no idea where they bring that, maybe they are confusing the classes with the private IPs as they are usually used as examples of one to another.

Anyway, for me, a class A network (/8) starting in any IP can have about 65025 (255*255) class C (/24) networks, right or wrong, this is the way i use it. :)

Comment Re:disable EME (Score 1) 371

I agree with you, it is a risk, but of all browsers, what is the one you trust the most? What are the alternatives? You can not even now build chromium without a google build ID !!

Mozilla is not perfect, but is really trying to fix the major problems in the web, including the privacy problem. Could then do better? Yes!! but thank, the other browsers are more limited on what to do because they know that even small things can make many people change their loved for a browser and then slowly convince others.

Mozilla accepting this DRM is a way to limit what Apple, Google and MS want to do. Even if Adobe adds more stuff to their DRM plugin, it will only be used if Mozilla allows it. With Mozilla in the W3C group about DRM, it can talk, block, warn users about possible problems. No one wants again a web with different web standards and a "user" voice in the group is important... Mozilla is the closest you get for that. At least the browser code is open, people can fork it if Mozilla started to do "evil" things

Comment Re:disable EME (Score 2) 371

Firefox tried to push open video formats, like webm, and refused to support H264... yet, after years of fighting they gave up, mostly because MS and Apple refused to support it to push their (patented group) H264 format. Only if google switched youtube to webm and stopped supporting H264 it would be possible to do something like that, but even if the webm was a google format, they never really pushed that change and H264 won this round.

Future video support is the new battleground. Yet W3C is set to accept DRM and firefox not supporting it would mean that important sites would either push the usage of other browsers (like netflix) or push the installation of broken plugins (like all the silverlght sites we have today) that may just exist in windows. Either way firefox would be lonely on this battle, as MS, Apple and Google all have interest in DRM video, so it would be a lost battle from the start. It is sad, but delivering video is only set to increase and big companies want to make money from it... even if the browser would not have any DRM, they would create "apps" to support it so that movie industry would allow online video streaming. It is a lost battle, since there is demand for it, not from the users, but from the content makers... and we all know they are stupid, they prefer having no market (and so piracy) than provide open access to their content, just look how music industry works with the internet and how long that battle is taking place

Firefox solution is to use a Adobe "plugin" that is very restricted on what it can do (read a stream, reply a stream), just to decode the DRM. This would allow the DRM validation that some companies require, allow one to disable this very easily and allow for future replacement of that closed "plugin" with any other open implementation (trying to push directly a open DRM "plugin" now could blacklist firefox if someone tried to remove the protection... later, with existent market share it would be harder to blacklist firefox)

So yes, no one wants DRM, not even Mozilla, but looking at the alternative (some other DRM support or protocol you can't control), at least Mozilla can have some control and impose limits by doing this and not sacrifice market share on a battle that would be lost anyway. Don't blame Mozilla on this one, blame MS, Apple and Google for teaming up pushing DRM, so much that W3C have also agreed to add a DRM standard.

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