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Comment Re:Manufacturing costs also fall (Score 5, Insightful) 269

just like people do.

No actually people don't. Many people aren't in fact sociopaths and are happy to simply earn a normal living and pay taxes in the normal way without attempting to jump through vast hoops with offshore accounts and etc to avoid contributing to society.

Many people actually understand that civilsation is built on taxes and can think beyond MINE MINE MINE MINE.

You're missing the point here. People are those that are rich enough to also hide their money overseas to avoid taxes. The rest of us are just consumers (i.e. not people). 8-)

Comment Re: Things won't change (Score 1) 75

I have no idea if this is actually the case but I would assume this is due to the fact that CBC is a public broadcaster (gets funding by government) and the private Canadian content providers made some kind of fuss that it would be unfair to have the CBC license these shows (i.e. get money from Netflix for them). But since they wouldn't be competing directly with Canadian broadcasters if the CBC sells the show to Netflix US it is ok for them to be shown there?

Comment Re: Well deserved. (Score 1) 540

I don't have an iPad/iPod so I thought I would get some clarification here. You actually need to have a registered credit card (or other form of payment) in order to download apps from the Apple app store?

If this is true then I am glad I went with an Android device. I have no problem downloading free apps without a registered form of payment (I have never made any Play store purchase so have never set up any kind of payment option).

Comment Re: Aww, poor babies (Score 1) 267

Are you unaware of illegal settlements and the atrocities committed by the IDF?

Illegal settlements and atrocities are two very different categories, which shouldn't be lumped together unless you are trying to conflate them as morally equivalent. About these atrocities: can you give an example or are you being intentionally vague in order to characterize Israelis as fascist monsters? I know that there are a lot of naive hippies and youngsters out there that would call any instance of a soldier killing somebody an 'atrocity', but that is just meaningless hyperbole.

I don't believe for a moment that the Israeli government is beyond reproach, but, when you consider their capabilities, I'd say they have been surprisingly reserved in their responses to domestic terrorism and military provocation from other countries in the region. Only a century ago, it would have been perfectly acceptable for them to brutally suppress internal rebellions as well as annex entire countries after defeating them militarily.

A century ago Israel wasn't around so I'm guessing it wouldn't have been acceptable for them to do much of anything.

Comment Re:Could send them to jail (Score 0) 323

So if I made a 100mpg vehicle but it only runs on leaded gas I guess you have no problem with it being on the market. After all, "damn that thing saves a tonne of fuel and is probably doing more to save the environment". It may be saving the environment on gas consumption but is polluting it right back with lead.
From my understanding it wasn't a matter of a product "that just barely can't meet ridiculous emission laws". During normal driving the NOX emissions were as high as 35 times the accepted level.

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