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Comment: Re:So how is that going to work (Score 1) 188

by Rhipf (#47281229) Attached to: Chinese Vendor Could Pay $34.9M FCC Fine In Signal-Jammer Sting

I could be wrong but based on the summery it looks to me like one of the big problems with this device is that they said it had FCC approval when it didn't. It may have been fine for them to sell the jammer (i.e. the FCC wouldn't have gotten involved) if they hadn't labeled it as FCC approved.

Comment: Re:12.64 percent in only 17 months (Score 2) 187

by Rhipf (#47155159) Attached to: Windows 8.1 Finally Passes Windows 8 In Market Share

I have been telling my clients this for a while now. If you just add a start menu replacement (the start button of Windows 8.1 was a missed opportunity for Microsoft) and set it to boot directly to the desktop there isn't much difference between 8 and 7.
One thing that I would like to see back is the Aero theme. The current Windows 8 style is to flat and retro for me (reminds me more of Windows 3 era).

Comment: Re:Bad analogy (Score 1) 252

by Rhipf (#47065975) Attached to: Blizzard Sues <em>Starcraft II</em> Cheat Creators

Despite being in the running for the worst analogy ever, let's go with this.

You own the gun. Blizzard mails you bullets and invites you to their shooting range. You take the bullets and gun to the range and shoot them however you please as long as you follow the range rules . You bring sandbags and a bench to shoot straighter in competition without telling Blizzard. Blizzard sues the sandbag and bench makers because you cheated.

This is just the point. I'm sure that somewhere buried in the EULA is a statement that cheats and hacks are against the TOS.

Comment: Re:So in other words, it will be just like Firewir (Score 1) 355

by Rhipf (#46999237) Attached to: Can Thunderbolt Survive USB SuperSpeed+?

Actually, I kind of miss PS2 keyboard/mice systems. The thing is they work. If you plug a USB keyboard/mouse into a Windows system it will work until Windows takes over from the BIOS and then won't work until the driver is set up in Windows.If you plug in a PS2 device it works the whole way through the process. This may have changed now with UEFI since I haven't done a lot of work on these systems yet. It may also have changed with Windows 8 but again haven't used enough systems with Windows 8 to know for sure.

Now I realize that I have just opened myself up to a series of trolls about how "Microsoft sucks and that is your real problems" so bring it on. ;-)

Comment: Sounds to me like a good excuse to sell key fobs. (Score 1) 865

by Rhipf (#46928849) Attached to: Did the Ignition Key Just Die?

Since these systems need a special key fob to work and the fobs can sell for hundreds of dollars to replace I see this as a bit of a money grab. I highly doubt that the actual cost to manufacture these fobs is more than a few dollars. This smells like a nice way to gain some extra markup.

Comment: Re:Incomplete (Score 2) 338

by Rhipf (#46879841) Attached to: How the USPS Killed Digital Mail

What percentage of the GDP do those 1%-10% account for?
How much influence on policy to the wealthiest account for?
How many subsidies do the wealthiest get that the average person has no hope of seeing?

If the wealthiest control 50%+ of the money and power in the country isn't it fitting that they are paying 50%+ of the tax burden?

Comment: Re:Back to One Man, One Vote (Score 1) 818

by Rhipf (#46767949) Attached to: Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy

Actually all we need to do is get the supreme court to realize that money is not free speech. I don't see how some one can go into court (with a straight face) and say that their freedom of speech is impacted simply because there are limits on the amount of money that can throw at politicians. If that is the case I guess some one needs to go into court and argue that their freedom of speech is being affected because they don't have enough money to spend on buying politicians.

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