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Comment Re:Could send them to jail (Score 0) 323

So if I made a 100mpg vehicle but it only runs on leaded gas I guess you have no problem with it being on the market. After all, "damn that thing saves a tonne of fuel and is probably doing more to save the environment". It may be saving the environment on gas consumption but is polluting it right back with lead.
From my understanding it wasn't a matter of a product "that just barely can't meet ridiculous emission laws". During normal driving the NOX emissions were as high as 35 times the accepted level.

Comment Re:They should be doing the opposite (Score 1) 309

It stifles creativity rather than promoting it.

How does it stifle creativity? If you reuse copyright material you aren't being very creative.

Tom Petty vs Sam Smith

I don't think Sam Smith deliberately intended his song to sound like Tom Petty's (no proof just a gut feeling) and with realistic copy right terms this wouldn't have mattered.

Comment Re:So - the fact that others are doing it makes it (Score 1) 312

No what I think that mean is that for some one making a million dollars, taxing them at 50% would still leave them with $500K. For some one making $10K dollars taxing them at 10% would leave them with $9K.

I think I would rather take the "fair misery" of the first person.

***Note: these numbers are just used as an example and before someone says that the $10K person should just get a better job that isn't always a possibility.

Comment Re:So - the fact that others are doing it makes it (Score 1) 312

Actually in most states they do have a right to the tax on out of state purchases the problem is that the onus to pay the tax is on the individual that purchased the item to pay the tax not the sender.

The purpose of retail sales tax is to give governments the financial support to do things like build roads and bridges and provide support to the residents of the state. If you are getting your out of state purchases teleported to your home then I guess you could argue that the state isn't entitled to the retail sales tax.

Comment Re:Only Republicans are stupid enough... (Score 1) 318

You do realize that the shootout is a rather modern way to resolve ties. You know what they had before the shootout?

They had ties!!!!

If two teams can play for an hour and reach the same results then let those results stand. It is people like you (ok I'm making an assumption but go with it) that don't want equal outcomes that are the problem. Sometimes there isn't a winner and/or a loser (sorry end of rant).

Comment Re:BS aside, is the K-XL a good thing or not? (Score 1) 437

Actually the reason it isn't being shipped west is that British Columbia won't allow the pipeline to be built through their territory either.

I don't recall if this is just a money obstacle (BC wants more than Alberta is willing to give) or a philosophical issue (e.g. BC is concerned about environmental impact).

Comment Re:Not very effective. (Score 1) 134

And just from the summary this is exactly what they did in the December incident that supposedly lead to this rule.

"Officials said the six terrorists who stormed the school in Peshawar were using cellphones registered to one woman who had no obvious connection to the attackers."

So if they used cloned SIM cards how would this law prevent them from doing the same thing?

Comment Re:Prison population (Score 1) 407

Or better yet, let's see how much faster the crime rate in the US falls if you implement proper universal health care and properly fund social programs like Finland. Oh. Wait. That's like communism and anti-capitalism so we have to fight that at all costs in the US (land of the free home of the brave and all that).

"Love your country but never trust its government." -- from a hand-painted road sign in central Pennsylvania