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by higuita (#47701653) Attached to: Munich Reverses Course, May Ditch Linux For Microsoft

Ubuntu have it own problems, but you case is clear: you have something broken in your system, with so many different systems failing, including known stable apps like firefox, thunderbird and rsync, you have a corrupted system.... something like rsync will not lockup in any system, so is something below (ie: the kernel, the filesystem or the hardware) that is failing i. Try:

1 run a mentest86 for some hours... if it reports any error, your hardware is broken... you can try to play with the bios settings to see if something is pushing too much the system. The AHCI will not be detected by mentest86, but also try to revert that and test... you should check for corrupted FS (fsck from a liveCD) and files (debsums) after that, as is AHCI is giving errors, you may have corrupted files
2 try to reset your profile - login as a different user, move your current user home to /home/username.backup and create a new home (mkdir /home/username ; cp -r /home/skel/ /home/username/ ; chown -R username /home/username) - and test
3 try to clean your system, upgrade any package, check if any ppa is messing (installing) new or older version of libraries
4 if all fails, reinstall ubuntu
5 if still fails, install a LTS ubuntu and test
6 if still fails, install again 10.04 ubuntu and test
7 if still fails, sorry, but something is broken in your hardware... after 10 years is not surprising if something like RAM, cpu capacitors or power source start to give problems

good luck

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by higuita (#47526749) Attached to: Firefox 33 Integrates Cisco's OpenH264

They are doing that, that is why the H264 battle is being abandoned, it's a waste of resources, mostly because the hardware support on phones and a W3C taking way too long to decide what format will be the standard (each day waiting is one more victory to H264).

So mozilla is using this solution as a good workaround, the closed source plugin can be controlled, the code reviewed, only the patent is still a issue. they will now try to setup the next battle in better ground.

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by higuita (#47521359) Attached to: Firefox 33 Integrates Cisco's OpenH264

Mozilla, as a US based company/foundation, can't directly add a patent code, but can add support to use external tools.
They already have done that for all major OS, but at least in android is a problem, as you can't install "other" tools to help firefox (for normal users, a rooted device you can always do other things)

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by higuita (#47521347) Attached to: Firefox 33 Integrates Cisco's OpenH264

OGG Vorbis changed the license to BSD to try to push if to replace mp3 and other closed source formats. It is much better than mp3 is similar to most closed source audio format... yet most of the hardware and software out there still don't support it... all of then support the weaker and patented lock mp3 format.

Timing have always to be perfect to gain the critical mass, but with all groups trying to reach the same goal, it's very hard to change this

So no, the problem is not the license, it's the groups behind each format and their power. Apple with macosx/safari and iphones, MS with windows and iexplorer, and google with youtube have the power to allow or block a format. Apple and MS both have shares in the H264 patent owners, so they clearly don't want to support any other format.

google could try to battle others (and with a good probability of winning) by first downgrade H264 quality over open formats and warn users to use chrome and firefox (to pressure MS and Apple to support the open formats) or install some plugin to support it. As youtube is so big and important, it is the perfect weapon for this. Of course, W3C should also be pressured to finally define the (correct) video standard. Sadly google is playing both sides, it's not doing enough to counter H264 nor promoting open formats and that makes Apple and MS stronger in to blocking any other open formats and leave Mozilla alone, fighting for open standards.

Alone, the open source community will have a hard time trying to fight this closed source/patented formats, as there are always lack of resources to developer as fast as companies that their only work is that. With support from big companies, friendly to open source, like google, cisco, ibm, facebook, twitter, redhat, etc, things could be better, but those companies always have dual standards and not always really support the open standards

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by higuita (#47516991) Attached to: Firefox 33 Integrates Cisco's OpenH264

Don't forget that the GMP only have access to a certain number of firefox functions and runs inside a sandbox. That code is treated as insecure and as it have a very defined objective, is easier to sandbox (ie: no filesystem access, no network, etc).

Yes, is not perfect, but it's a good workaround for those software patents and DRM.

Those that still don't trust it, can choose to not install the Cisco OpenH264, its a "plugin" after all

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by higuita (#47466489) Attached to: Mt. Fuji Volcano In 'Critical State' After Quakes

you have at least to extract the gas, that is very dangerous and turn a calm volcano into a explosive one... drilling is hard, as it too depth and too hot... explosions could help for the final steps, but even the small breach, at that depth, can cause the critical failure and a full eruption ... even if manage to do it, injecting huge amount of water to extract the heat it would only extract a very small quantity of the total, remember that there are volcanos under water too. Also, cooling one side might just deflect the magma flow to other place, creating more quakes, and create a new volcano where you really don't want.

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by higuita (#47271423) Attached to: Freecode Freezeup

Agree, what would help a lot freshmeat would be a automatic link to sourceforce, github and friends. Developers would upload a new version and (if possible) flag it as a release and freshmeat would publish it automatically. Or allow the "update via new release mailling list". Forcing someone to enter freshmeat to update is a pain and push away many projects or keep the DB from showing obsolete versions.
Also, with this integration, better changelogs could be possible
Finally, keep a list of possible alternative software would help people searching, as one project can be dying and one can quickly find alternatives to it.

Simple things that could improve frehmeat and increase his traffic.

But no, instead they try to catch windows users by changing the name... and let it die
if they really wanted to catch windows users, they would need to add the most common windows software and create a "freshmeat" application that would flag and update the windows software (think ninite, but with both the closed source software and all the open freashmeat software)

I too will miss it

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CURRENT open source drivers should work well on that card, get a more update distro or manually update the kernel, libdrm, mesa and possibly the xorg-ati driver. Also, this open drivers status is for Linux, for BSD the open status may not be as good due the missing/incomplete lower level support in the kernel

If it is failing on a recent distro, with recent kernel and mesa , you should open a bug (sometime fixing a bug on new cards can create another on older cards due the different features available)

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