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Comment Re:Who needs a startup? (Score 1) 22

[In voice of some millennials]

That way, when an anomalous result appears,

What is this thing you call an "anomalous result"? This can't happen to me. That's implying that I can't see an obvious problem before it happens, and that CANNOT be true.

[end outraged voice]

One of the things that you learn with experience is that you can actually be wrong. It's one of the things that a lot of people these days have to actually learn, because they haven't learned it in their pre-teen or teenage years.

For the last several years I've been introducing "Bright Young Things", recently recruited to a major company to work in managing the acquisition of data from the Real World. They too, despite being bright people, have to learn that they don't know everything, and that the Real World has things going on that they don't know about, and don't understand.

It's an education for them.

Comment Re:Who needs a startup? (Score 1) 22

... and he misses the point.

Plainly, from the scenario, measuring the humidity wasn't part of the original experimental plan. The experiment is already running, and what the lecturer is saying is that (some of) his students don't conceive that there might be something worth recording that isn't in the experiment plan. Realising that your plans may be wrong is the first step. THEN you go on to "well, what can I do about this.

You'd also be able to (probably) tell if there were a humidity effect by doing parameter-free ANOVA on your existing data, or attempting to back-estimate the humidity on other days of the experiment, in order to determine if there is an effect, if it's large enough to be detectable, and if it's large enough to be worth the £40 tool, the £130 tool, or simply taking a humidity report from the weather website.

Comment Re:Batteries just don't store enough energy... (Score 2, Interesting) 312

Musk seems to be assuming an order of magnitude improvement in battery technology for all his investments... maybe he knows something we don't? Lot's of people are claiming improvements right now, none seem to provide energy density exceeding gasoline. Probably hydrogen comes closest in energy per unit weight, but I'd think the storage difficult would negate that.

Comment Re:Batteries just don't store enough energy... (Score 1) 312

If they get to the theoretical capacity, it is true that they will someday be similar. Propulsive efficiency of jet engines is already very good, there is not much room for electric to improve on this - but they could conceivably be similar.

On the other hand, as the jet fuel is consumed the weight decreases. Batteries stay the same weight for the entire flight.

Comment Re:I disagree (Score 1) 148

I'd say so. Coding is design + typing + debugging. This removes the typing (and the need to learn syntax and wrestle with silly syntax errors) and much of the debugging.

If you like coding with most of the tedious annoying bits removed, you might like actual coding. Or at least for "top down" people, it's a good approach.

Comment Re:Evil bit again? (Score 1) 104

You can only play it back on the device you recorded it on?

When I was looking for a PVR for TV, this is what I was told about the "record to USB" options.

What if that hardware gets upgraded?

You lose all your content. Tough shit. Read the fucking contract. If you don't have a hardware device that stores the content (possibly in a "disc" form factor), then you don't own it.

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