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by RockDoctor (#47736161) Attached to: Financial Services Group WCS Sues Online Forum Over Negative Post
That would be ... the French invading the British province of Canada with assistance from some bunch of ex-convicts in 13 colonies on the east coast of the southern part of the continent?

How did that turn out? Did you get that house painted white again?

White man's immigration to America - and their genocides of the inhabitants - started well over 3 centuries ago, in large part as a colony for transportation of criminals and other undesirables. By two centuries ago the hecatomb of the native inhabitants was well under way using germs, steel and guns in approximately that order of importance. Though that's not the origin myth that your educational machines in Hollywood put out.

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by RockDoctor (#47735439) Attached to: No, a Huge Asteroid Is Not "Set To Wipe Out Life On Earth In 2880"

A bunch of relays (or pneumatic or hydraulic values for that matter) is not self-concious, and no amount of them however interconnected will become conscious, self-aware, or have feelings.

There's no reason to believe that's true.

Yet he states it as if true with the unshaking certainty that is normally associated with the raving lunatic (who has stopped taking their prescription drugs) or the religious. not that there is much perceivable difference between the tow groups.

I'm hoping my lunatic friend stops taking his medications again. When he's rational and dosed-up we both want to use his deranged ravings to found a religion and make us lots of money. Worked for Hubbard ; worked for Joe Random Swami ; worked for Sun Yun Moon ; worked for Moses ; no reason it shouldn't work for us too. You can sell the same claptrap repeatedly. just keep your sucker lists from one religion to the next.

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by RockDoctor (#47691879) Attached to: Murder Suspect Asked Siri Where To Hide a Dead Body

In fact it's looking very like the Apple connection is solely intended as a viral marketing stunt. Apple vendors are piggybacking a mundane murder trial with their astroturf in order to sell more iPhones.

So, let me get this right. This story (fabrication, whatever) implies that Apple users are so fucking retarded as to do something like this, and that Apple VENDORS are using this demonstration of the retardedness of Apple USERS to sell more Apple stuff to those same Apple USERS.

Now, I've never liked Apple stuff after owning one for a couple of years. But I know that the guy who sold that Apple iWhatever to me (at a good price ; trying for a conversion!) wasn't a retard - I still work with him. So I think this story probably reflects worst on Apple salesmen. I could believe it of them.

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by RockDoctor (#47673717) Attached to: Android Motorcycle Helmet/HUD Gains Funding

If it's in a separate form factor, then you could wear them under a motorbike helmet

Not a motor bike rider myself. On the push bike, I don't bother with a helmet because I prefer full environmental awareness (and after 40 years on a bike, I ain't dead yet), though I could conceive of mountain biking situations where I'd wear one (if I did those thinks ; unlikely, as I don't like the mess mountain bikes make of high upland soils). when ice or rock climbing, I'll wear a helmet if I consider the rockfall hazard sufficient. And when caving, I need somewhere to clip my lamp(s), so I'm always wearing one. In short, neither a helmet-Nazi, nor a helmet-phobe.

But I'd be very, very careful of mounting hard objects inside a helmet - particularly in close proximity to the skull. I've seen the blood pissing out of someone's forehead because they put a lamp-mounting clip's bolt in bass-ackwards, and it ain't a pretty sight.

That's not saying that it can't be done - just that making it detachable for moving between helmets is going to require a lot of attention. I'd start by looking at fitting it around the jaw-line and cheek roots, for example. Smash them and you may well not suffer long term effects (apart from a smashed face), but do the same damage to your brain pan and you're likely to be ...

Any recent news on Schumacher? The last I heard was in mid-June and "slow progress".

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by RockDoctor (#47666295) Attached to: Yahoo To Add PGP Encryption For Email

I don't know that I've lost email, and my message history goes back to 2000.

I joined Yahoo for mail in about 1996, and don't recall having lost mail ever. Deleted accidentally and been unable to retrieve, yes ; lost mail on the server, no.

I have lost access due to directed spam attacks (from Creationist Muslims and hipCrime) overloading the account traffic, yes ; but mail going missing, no.

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by RockDoctor (#47661595) Attached to: Gmail Recognizes Addresses Containing Non-Latin Characters

As in, one email account connected to two email addresses, one in say Russian, and the other using the latin alphabet.

And when there is no "one-to-one", "official" transliteration from one script to the other.

My wife's Russian passport transliterated her name into Latin characters in two different ways. This cause non-trivial issues when trying to get her citizenship sorted out.

So, you add TWO Latin 2equivalents to the one Russian one? Doesn't work, does it?

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by RockDoctor (#47661555) Attached to: Facebook Seeks Devs To Make Linux Network Stack As Good As FreeBSD's

they can put that on the requirements list for network and storage controller vendors. But that does leave the issue of where the vendors are going to find good FreeBSD hackers to write these drivers.

Isn't there a cart and horse misalignment here. If you're a hardware vendor looking to get a big (and FB are big buyers of hardware) contract, and the tendering terms include "must have drivers for [Open Source system]", then won't you look at what you've already got on the shelf in terms of capabilities, and then burn custom firmware - or even an entire new product - that fits that driver at the hardware/ register level.

Or, if you know that your NewShiny line of product is likely to be punted to FB by Sales, then you damned well make sure that it works with $FB-favoured-OS$ while you're still designing the damned thing.

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by RockDoctor (#47661493) Attached to: Idiot Leaves Driver's Seat In Self-Driving Infiniti, On the Highway

Unless you remember to slip into neutral or park,

are you driving an automatic? How peculiar.

I saw one of those a couple of years ago - even drove it for a day while my car got fixed. Very strange experience.

Of course, if you've only got a license for an automatic, then you'd struggle to find a hire car here. Maybe one automatic per hire (larger) hire centre? A percent or several of the count.

Comment: Re:Submission with a spelling error, say it isn't (Score 1) 406

by RockDoctor (#47661473) Attached to: Idiot Leaves Driver's Seat In Self-Driving Infiniti, On the Highway

Need to go somewhere right fucking now?

Please clarify what you mean by "right fucking now". Is it the time to take your bicycle from the stand by the door to whichever building you're in and start cycling towards your destination, or is it the time to get into the parking area (several floors further up, down or sideways), get to the vehicle, get through the access barrier, paying your parking fee, then start to negotiate the one-way system to get to the road leading to your destination.

The time to/ from parking, and the time to find parking are things that are normally left out of the "right fucking now" equation. Being in reasonable condition, and knowing my town well in terms of non-vehicle routes, I can normally beat a car over distances of up to 3 miles - about 20 minutes door to door. That's pretty "right fucking now" if you're looking for a taxi too.

(Of course, on foot I can beat someone on a bike for really short journeys ; there's a non-trivial time to undoing the bike lock, stowing and re-deploying it.)

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