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Comment Re:Hillary has... been opposed to single payer (Score 1) 18

You have to understand a few things about the Left:
(1) They think lesser beings (e.g. conservatives) are just so much meat.
(2) They reject any sort of absolute truth, irrespective of whether that includes a religious dimension.
(3) They will always argue the present tense, and only admit to a past which positively supports their argument, or attacks their opponent. No 'precedent' matters, especially if already airbrushed via (2).

Comment Re:Not meant to be a good device but to undercut C (Score 1) 190

Two of the pins (+5V and any GND) on the 40-pin connector can be used to supply power instead of going through the USB port. That's what I did with my beer-fridge controller: power for the whole system comes through the barrel connector on the 1-Wire/I2C interface board in the middle of the stack.

Guess I shoulda looked at the pinout before leaving that comment. What do you need for I2C? Is it more than some resistors? Hmm, I looked and it seems you just connect up the pins. Internal pullups? on-board? Leaves it to external? I am way too lazy to hunt through the docs to find out. Did you put in some fuses or something? My experience with I2C is so far limited to connecting Arduinos to IMUs and so on. Also did the SPI sdcard thing there with the sdfat lib. Hooray for electronic tinkertoys.

Comment You better fix your unicode characters (Score 1) 1

You better fix your unicode characters, or fustakrakich will offer you a tut-tut.
With respect to the JE, read the book of Acts. Rubio is regurgitating Peter in front of the Sanhedrin when they explained, regarding this Jesus figure: "Shut up."
You're not going to get anything different out of Cruz, for that matter. Trump is nominally a Presbyterian, but I wouldn't rely on him.
The Progressive Faith is at odds with any orthodox member of an Abrahamic faith. The optimal answer is for politics to avoid setting itself in conflict with faith, and there are reasonable compromises to achieve this.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 647

I cannot understand your "logic".

I'm not surprised, your reading comprehension is lousy.

The reason I don't write a replacement is because I'm lazy. I take full blame and responsibility for that.
I give full blame and responsibility to the systemd team for writing lousy code. These two things are not exclusive. Both can be true.

Does that makes sense to you now?

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 647

You've been around this debate to know that systemd isn't an init system.

Of course. I think I even stated something similar elsewhere. I wasn't trying to imply that it is only an init system.

My complaints are not the features provided by systemd, but rather the architecture of systemd. Being unable to separate the init from the rest of the system is merely one obvious symptom of the larger problem.

Comment Re:Wrong way around (Score 1) 647

I investigated in detail why Debian adopted systemd, and wrote about it here. It largely agrees with your post, that people mostly want to get away from sysv init, and of course sysv init has been controversial since it was created, which is why BSD never used it.

The problem with systemd isn't the features it tries to provide, the features are good. The problem is the architecture of the software is really bad. There is absolutely no reason KDE should depend on a particular init system.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 647

All I can say is you've either never looked at the systemd code, or you don't know what monolithic is. The problem, of course, is that you can't have things like logind without using systemd init.

It is in several parts (so not monolithic)

OK, you don't know what monolithic means. The problem with systemd isn't that it adds features, features are cool. The problem with systemd is the architecture is bad. Unfortunately that isn't something I can discuss with you, because you lack expertise in the area, but if you are interested in learned more, I discussed it in depth here.

User Journal

Journal Journal: A nation of laws 1

Well, not exactly:

“In essence, if we are ever ordered by a government authority to personally violate and sin — violate God’s law and sin — if we’re ordered to stop preaching the Gospel, if we’re ordered to perform a same-sex marriage as someone presiding over it, we are called to ignore that,” Rubio said in an interview with CBN on Tuesday.

Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 1) 335

I never experienced any of that. Vista was actually quite pleasant for me and moving to Windows 7 wasn't really much of an upgrade. Maybe the laptop you tried Vista on just had poor specs.

The world disagrees with you. There were actually lawsuits over computers carrying vista-ready stickers that wouldn't run vista worth a crap... the same machines would later go on to run Windows 7 without a hitch. It's not just me, it's just you. Do you work for Microsoft, or what? Even the people I know who work there won't defend Vista, so it must be something else.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 77

Since Linux users make up 1% of the market share (I'm not sure the % for gamers, but could be lower), I'll doubt they'll lose sleep over it.

The question is, if they get really rock-solid drivers for Linux desktops, would the effort carry over towards entering the market for graphics chips in other things that run Linux like Android tablets and phones?

There is no market for graphics chips in those things, only SoCs which converge graphics with the CPU core. nVidia has an ARM SoC product like that, but AMD doesn't. AMD is sampling ARM server chips but has not even announced a mobile part. Meanwhile, nVidia is on what, their third or fourth Tegra? ATI actually used to make graphics chips for cellphones back when they did use separate GPUs; I used to find their cute little chips inside of Motorola phones, like V-series and RAZR. But now they don't, because they have nothing to offer.

I've been a proponent of AMD for many years, but what we're seeing now is the middle of the end. (The beginning was when they revealed their new architecture and it was... meh.)

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