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Comment C'mon, guys (Score 1) 127

I work for Drew Curtis. So I am really getting a kick out of most of these replies. Some of you guys are very good at making it sound like you know what you are talking about. But trust me.... You don't. I think you just want to make yourself sound smart, when in reality you dont know what you are talking about. This is how bad info gets passed around. If you dont know about the topic....Dont make yourself sound like you do. Cuz some Farkers belive anything they hear.

Comment Re:640k isn't enough for everybody (Score 1) 522

That's how it used to be.

And it's how it still is, except the memory manager handles it all transparently for you in the background, so you can simply mmap() in a file, which can even exceed your total physical RAM many times over, and the system takes care of reading / writing & mapping the pages to / from disk as necessary. All that's changed is transparent support for it in hardware and the amount of memory involved.

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