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Comment So far (Score 2) 448 448

I've upgraded to windows ten on a sacrificial computer.........


so far......

I'm not hating it. Holy shit - I'm not hating it! I have been able to find my way around, the whack-a-mole Windows 8 system controls are gone, and I haven't had to go to the internet once to find out how to do something, also a W8 SOP.

But I set up and used some programs I expected might have trouble, and did a remote cotrol session across the country training a person, and it all worked. I'll note that there are a few things yet I'm really concerned about, like the update process, and Wi-fi sense.

And lest anyone call me a shill, I'm an old school Microsoft basher.

But I could actually use this damn thing. sheesh, I need a beer now, I'm all shook up....

Comment Sheesh (Score 1) 1163 1163

As much as it's oh so fashionalbe to break into hysteria "Them Drowne ownas iz flaan ovah MA Prawperdy, and iz lookin at my loveley teenage dawder!" and rabid slashdotters are at the ready to go apeshit about it - it might be handy to watch the drone owner's video of the tracking of the drone.

At that height, I doubt the drone owner would be able to have seen the shooter's lovely teenage daughter. It was certainly interesting to see how the tracker folloed the drone as it lost altitude and crashed.

So I suspect in the end, I think the Shooter was just trying to prove his point and have something to talk about at the local bar. He'll be a legend to the terminally fearful, protecting hiz dawder from drowne flyin' preverts. At around 200 feet. I have a drone, and they just aren't designed to spy on people like that.

It's a good thing he didn't shoot down that pistol packin' drone we heard about the other day - that would have violated someone's second amendment rights, and started a 21st century Hatfield/McCoy war.

Comment Re:Right to Privacy in One's Backyard? (Score 1) 1163 1163

I'm not sure what sort of shot the accused used, but if it was your typical bird shot or target load, shooting into the air is hardly more dangerous than being outside when it's hailing. Very different from, say, firing a 9mm up in the air.

Those would probably not have taken down the drone, except by a very lucky hit.

Comment Re:I found this bit quite funny (Score 1) 254 254

I'm humourless, but not a prick.

oh what the hell.

Asshole :-p

Phew that does feel good. I think I need professional help.

That's what I'm here for! And you have a better sense of humor than you think, it would appear. Oh well, that's about enough for this agitation engineer.

Comment Re:I found this bit quite funny (Score 1) 254 254

Yeah, I guess they called it 'Windows' for a reason, and there is a reason so many people like it so much better than they liked the command prompt. I mean, why do so many of these guys think saying "Here's your Graphical User Interface, now type with you keyboard here.." makes sense to anyone?

I never looked at it that way - but you are right - Thanks for the insight.

As for the folks yapping about typing in the search box, I wonder if that didn't get started with Windows 8, when people complained about Metro, and the faithful had to come up with some reason it was the complainers fault. I don't recall seeing much about opening programs from search before then.

I like the multiple ways of opening programs myself, because not everyone uses the same working style. It's just a pity that Microsoft picked the worst one to shove in your face with Metro.

As for me, I pin the applications I use most to the taskbar - SmartSDR, SDRCat, Firefox, Thunderbird, OO, and command prompt. Acts much like OSX's Dock.

But that's just me. I certainly don't use it as bragging rights.

Comment Re:aaaaaaannd.... (Score 1) 218 218

Wait, are you a Republicrat angry because you think he's a Democan, or a Democan angry because you think he's a Republicrat?

Who's angry? I'm just being an agitation engineer.

p.s. to answer your question, I'm a pragmatic. I believe in what actually works, as opposed to ideology. Wildly reviled if the liberal or conservative can expand their mind enough to even acknowledge my existence, I'm the turd in the punchbowl of politics.

Comment Re:I found this bit quite funny (Score 2) 254 254

Jesus get over yourself man.

I can't, because the search panel program starters have made me feel inadequate and robbed me of my self esteem.

We have a real old fashioned donnybrook going on here where peopel are asserting superiority over how thy start programs. I got involved, because it's a riot as well as ridiculous. And yeah, your's is one of the funny ones.

Tell ya what sparky, Get a sense of humor, and I promise to get over myself.

Kiss kiss, and you can have the last post to call me an asshole. It's the least I can do.

Comment Re:I found this bit quite funny (Score 0) 254 254

Honestly, search has been here since Vista and was refined in Windows 7. The only time in the past 7 years I've actually dug through a menu was when I forgot what a program was called but I could remember what the icon looked like.

Want to start Handbrake? Tap start > Type "han" > Hit enter. Want to start Word? Tap start > type "wo" > hit enter.

I can do most of these faster than anyone can even take their hand off the keyboard and move it to the mouse.

So? do women stand in line to have your babies? You get to have a couple extra cups of coffee with teh time you save? Different people like doing it differently.

That's why they have different ways to do it. Your way is just fine, Slash dotter uber program-openers need to get a gnarly tat of thier superior program opening method to rep their street cred.

Okay, back to normal now. Lets get to arguing something important, like emacs vs vim.

Comment Re:I found this bit quite funny (Score 1) 254 254

Speed. You can dig through the start menu or tap the first two letters of the program's name.

Presuming that the first two letters correctly identify the program you want to run. And then there are the dead ends when you mistype a letter....


While we can all argue about the milliseconds saved by.......

The right way to open programs

What Winws 8 got so wrong was that people wanted to open their programs the way that wanted to open programs. And a lot of people like shortcuts on the desktop One of the biggest complaints I got was that some of the programs (desktop apps) coulld be placed on the desktop, many couldn't (metro apps)

Not everyone is a fine typist, and we look pretty stupid trying to explain why the customer cannot have what they want, And that they have to either use both the desktop and Metro, or modern or whatever they call it at any given time.

So if a person likes search and type - fine, but least time I cehcked, there was no war declared on people who liked otherwise.

Comment Re:aaaaaaannd.... (Score 0) 218 218

Republicans are outraged!

Even thought they have no idea of what on earth an exascale computer is.

Probably has something to do with healthcare or activist judges..

Keep people busy with the Republican/Democrat battle so no one ever realizes that they both suck balls.

Outraged you too, I see.

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