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Comment Re: Feel-Good News For Nerds. (Score 1) 146

You are talking about yourself right? That's how I read that. Because you just explained yourself perfectly. Thanks for finally admitting you are a nut job.

serviscope_minor makes a telling example of exactly why there cannot be an frank and open discussion.

I go to the trouble of presenting a fairly in-depth and detailed post giving first hand experience, and the knee jerk reaction is "BOOM! calling me a nutcase and of lying.

Thank you serviscope_minor, for proving my point exactly and in only one sentence.

Comment Re:Why is this a bad thing???? (Score 1) 97

Then just don't buy it... That's some crazy hate for crap out there.

Of course I won't buy it. But just like I'm going to warn people against timeshare condos, I'll warn them against the IoT.

It could save thier lives, because someone so stupid as to need a glowing light on their water bottle connected to teh intertoobz to remind them to drink water, could be killed by water intoxication when it gets hacked, id glows steadily.

That was a joke son.... at least I hope it was.

Comment Re:No work = Good (Score 1) 363

I don't know about the rest of the world, but my version of utopia doesn't have everybody working 80-hour weeks. I might feel less accomplished having no work to do, but as long as I can enjoy the same quality of life, I would appreciate the extra free time.

Having retired from a career where I worked those long weeks, I gotta say it ain't too bad. I keep myself very busy, but it's what I want to do.

Comment Re:Its always been like this (Score 1) 363

If the CEO is making 10 million, and there are 10,000 employees, then he is only making $1000 per employee. Even if you paid the CEO nothing, it wouldn't make a huge difference to the employees. Also, assuming the employees made $40,000 each a tear, decreasing the CEOs salary to zero would only allow 250 more employees, or 2.5% more employees. And that's a pretty low salary for skilled workers. At $60,000 salaries, that's only 166 more workers, or 1.66% more employees.

So if the CEO can reduce the number of employees and expenditures to zero, the company would be much better off. They could pay the CEO 40 million a year, and realize better profit.

Comment Re:Just like Mozilla and Firefox OS. (Score 2) 83

It turned out that they could get cheap used Android and iOS phones that, although a few years behind what first-worlders were using, could still run old versions of Android and iOS that were far superior to even the latest versions of Firefox OS.

The people giving you crap are missing the point. Where do they think those old phones and computers are going? As noted in TFA, Data is cheap in India, so an old bit of kit that isn't restricted is much preferable to a ecosystem that Kim Jung Il would approve of.

Comment Re:Feel-Good News For Nerds. (Score 1) 146

If the geek can't accept an open and frank discussion of gender issues in tech, then Slashdot has no future.

An open and frank discussion is very very welcome.

Where do we get one?

Because the framework of teh discussion, the one we are presented with, is me in IT are sexist pigs.

It's the equivalent of going up to someonje and calling them a vile name, and then when they get angry, saying "See? See? All the proof you need that I am right!"

There is no frank and open discussion because the problem is already "solved" no other possibility is allowed.

So here is the problem as I have read it.

Young girls have the eexact same passion for STEM careers as young boys.

But society forces young girls into other careers by abusing them with things like Barbie dolls, Dongle jokes, fat shaming, and using a playmate model's face as a subject for image processing. Now re-read that and see if it makes any sense to you. If it wasn't given as exact examples of why women don't go into STEM.

And the men are terrible sexist, harassing pigs.

Okay - there is the framework Those are what chase women who have a passion for STEM away from it. And it is the fault of males 100 percent.

Now if we were having an open and frank discussion, I would be allowed to ask questions.

Here they are.

Does none of these issues exist outside of STEM?

Many young women go into business. If those issues I stated keep women out of STEM - how does the fact that many business employ escorts, women whose job it is to entertain out of town guests. And when I mean entertain, I mean go to dinner, have a nice evening and then hop between the sheets, for some in-depth entertainment.

Having worked in IT, I know of no women who are employed to have sex with men. I know if I was female, I'd go apeshit crazy over that. I know my wife who worked in the business world, encountered some very personal and very intensively real sexual harassment. Oddly enough, instead of running away, she ended up destroying the guy in question.

Next question is - have these career choices that women are not chased away from not ever have any situation in which the woman or young lady was made uncomfortable? That would be a pretty charmed existence indeed. If the worst thing I ever had to listen to was two women telling dongle jokes, well first I'd laughh - I cannot imagine I would ever try to get them fired.

Now I would like to ask a positive question - Why now are fields such as veterinarian rapidly becoming the sole province of women? Is there something that can be learned from the overwhelming success the field has had in attracting women that can be learned?

Next in this discussion, I wouldn't even be considered competent to address these issues, but I have a long history of working to recruit young ladies into STEM careers. We did a lot of recruiting, and a lot of work with young ladies to try to get them interested. The results? almost zero. Most young ladies wanted to be lawyers, next up was vets. More girls wanted to be pop singers than STEM workers.

In addition We were doing as much as we could to hire and retain women. We even fast tracked them for promotions. I gave up several promotions for that purpose.

And experience wise, when I started there in the mid-70's, there were more women working in the STEM positions. Some retired, some left over time, some switched careers.

In the end, I developed an opinion that runs contrary to what we are told is the problem.

Young ladies as a demographic are simply not interested in STEM. The first wave of women who graduated college in the early 70's tried out many careers. After the initial experimentation, they settled on careers they liked. Business, medical, financial (for careers considered professional.

That being said, there are also women who are interested in STEM. I've worked with a number of them, and tthey do just fine. Interestingly enough, they share something with their male counterparts. A passion for the work. Probably pretty important.

Now here is one thing they have in common, interestingly enough, my wife has also noted the phenomenon - the biggest resistance they have received has been from other women

Do you even remotely think that the present shakers and movers of the "men are pigs" explanation for the number of women in STEM would ever allow such heresy to be heard in a frank and honest discussion

I only have 30 some years of experience, and quite a few of trying to recruit women into STEM, and have formed an opinion based on history.

Comment Sx robots? Oh, oh.... (Score 1) 363

Just from my experiences in life, I suspect that Modern day sex negative feminists will get what they want. No men.

There are some aspects to sex robots that are interesting:

No Sexually transmitted diseases

No child support because you don't have children.

No splitting your wealth upon divorce or a vindictive ex coming after you.

Now of course, the human race might disappear.

Comment Re:Just remember (Score 1) 72

hmmm... did ethics testing get automated here?

{ assert true : "Danger Will Robinson, Danger! Unethical program."; }

When I was originally invited to join Linkedin, it was through an invite from a colleague. I went through the steps, then figuratively shit myself. They just outright asked for the password. The putative reason was to let them data mine my address file.

But I kinda wanted to keep my job at the time. Ethical? Hell no.

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