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Comment: Re:So - who's in love with the government again? (Score 1) 353

by Ol Olsoc (#46800149) Attached to: Beer Price Crisis On the Horizon
Calm down and have a beer. I'll join ya.

This is another case of the law of unintended consequences. And as such, is certain to have a brewers exemption. I'd have to imagine that the spent grains have to be about as good and risk free a foodstuff as you can get for animals.

Which is to say that it wasn't intended to screw up things for brewers, it was intended to keep melamine out of your dog or cat's food or baby's formula, Or spinal flud from animals infected with spongiform encephalopathy diseases out of your food or other animals food. That kind of stuff.

Hard to imagine people thinking it's government over reach to keep those things out of the food chain.

So this is just how the process works. Laws are proposed, and people review them. Then if there was a bad unintended consequence, exemptions are made.

As an example, Texting while driving laws are often proposed in various state legislatures. As initially written, they often end up including trained operators, such as police, railroad engineers, and Amateur radio operators. So every time that happens, during the comment period the affected groups suggest changes, which are always made.

Another beer?

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by Ol Olsoc (#46796543) Attached to: Detroit: America's Next Tech Boomtown

Hey, and some of my best friends are black...

You need some introspection there...

Doing that right now, because your comment is a non sequitar to me.

Declaring that all People from Texas are Tea Party Republicans who want to secede from the USA is incorrect. But for crying out loud, Texans elected Rick Perry, George Bush, and Ted Cruz.

They are the people that a majority of Texans who voted, wanted in office, and they are the face oft he state.

Or are you saying that Texans elect people who's views they don't like?

Perhaps introspection on my part is not the only introspection needed.

Comment: Re:do they have a progressive view? (Score 0) 326

by Ol Olsoc (#46788815) Attached to: Detroit: America's Next Tech Boomtown

"Oh really, have you ever been there?" "No."

Pretty specious stuff there Sparky. I've never been shot, but I know darn well it's going to hurt.

The problem is, Texas has been electing politicians that while they apparently are exactly what Texas thinks is good, look to the rest of the non-red country as not so hot.

There seems to be a popular movement in Texas to not even be Americans.

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by Ol Olsoc (#46783087) Attached to: Apache OpenOffice Reaches 100 Million Downloads. Now What?
I run a number of differnet computers, and administer a small network. Some are OSX , some are Linux, and some are Microsoft OS.

I wanted compatibility. Microsoft office is availble for OSX also, but it isn't really compatible between the two. Before people jump on that, build a complex Powerpoint document, and open it in The Mac version - just as one example.

So I installed OO on all of the machines. It made them compatible. Microsoft Office is becoming the outlier now.

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So sleeping under and overpass or in the park is better for them... How honorable you are to support keeping people from at least having a roof over their head.

False Dichotomy.

If you are mentally ill, you should have a place to live in where you get treatment. And that is what most of these folks are.

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Yeah, but looking a homeless person in the eye and then giving them spare change is worse for them than donating to a charity on your computer since the spare change just goes to alcohol and drugs.

And the Charity has a lot of expenses that dilute the hell out of your "donation". I'll bet you get pissed off at the homeless people outside the McDonald's near me, and people buy them a meal. The ignorant bastards! That money could have gone to the CEO of the United Way!

Bite me, if I feel like giving the homeless dude some money, and they get their drink on, that's not what I wish, but it's their money then, not the CEO of your charity.

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Shanty towns were made illegal, the homeless would not be all over the streets if we allowed shantytowns down near the river or elsewhere.

I suppose concentration camps or snipers might fit your "I don't want to see the poor ppl." That would be kind of evil though.

Shantytowns are symbolic of failure,

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by Ol Olsoc (#46762527) Attached to: How Does Heartbleed Alter the 'Open Source Is Safer' Discussion?

Closed source was always safer.

One word for you: Microsoft. Maybe two: Adobe.

THIS! It's funny how Microsoft has all the issues that they do, and yet when a problem shows up in anything else, the fanbois instantly ejaculate LOOK!! SEE???

Sorry kids, Windows has a many year legacy of needing constant security updates, way too many for you to be braying about this, as proof of the bankruptcy of FOSS.We get it, But Redmond products have a lead that will never be equaled.

"I'm not afraid of dying, I just don't want to be there when it happens." -- Woody Allen