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Comment: Re:Does it also apply to homes? (Score 1) 68

by Ol Olsoc (#46822965) Attached to: Supreme Court OKs Stop and Search Based On Anonymous 911 Tips

If someone who doesn't like me makes an "anonymous" call to 911 to report that I'm running meth lab in my garage, does that also give the cops the right to ransack my house looking for a meth lab?

While the short answer might be yes, the officers will know pretty quickly, without ransacking your house, that you don't have a meth lab. At that point, the not really anonymous caller will be arrested and charged with filing a false report. You will also have civil actions against the perp. Their life has for all practical purposes been destroyed, and the evidence is solid.

Making false reports has been around forever. Using a modern phone to do that will document your crime, and will probably be the first piece of evidence

It's sad that "probable cause" has been diluted to the point that it has.

So what you are saying is that you do not think it should be legal to report drunk drivers? For Christ's sakes, this guy ran the woman off the road, was under the influence, and on slashdot - she is the bad guy. Now I want you to defend your statement. No one is anonymous on the phone, and your proposition that people shouldn't be allowed to call in crimes is only valid in slashdot world, where I swear half the posters need to stop watching the History2 channel for a few weeks.

Comment: Re:The term "Sexual Harassment" is very misleading (Score 4, Interesting) 164

by Ol Olsoc (#46814831) Attached to: GitHub Founder Resigns Following Harassment Investigation

The term "Sexual Harassment", - with the word "Sex" followed by another word "Harass", - sounds awfully serious.

But, like all other liberal creation (social welfare, for example) "Sexual Harassment" itself has been abused.

Fortunately no conservative constructs have ever been abused... couldn't resist - back to the topic

Nowadays you can be slapped with a "Sexual Harassment" lawsuit if you comment on the way someone dress herself or "itself".

In some cases, it was much worse before. In the 1980's, at the place where I worked, we had our first gender harassment seminars.

It quickly turned surreal. Your example of how the woman dresses was spot-on. The gender harassment rep told us that it was very dangerous to compliment a woman regarding any physical matter. That telling her "Those earrings are nice" was okay, but saying you look great in those earrings was skirting the edges of harassment.

Then when a man asked what the definition of sexual harassment was, she said "Sexual harassment is whatever a woman says it is". You could have heard the proverbial pin drop.

This draconian interpretation started a years long mess, where the men actively avoided all the women. Male supervisors would not engage 1 on 1 with female staff - there would always be at least one other person. Men quit talking to or socializing with women.

And the women absolutely hated it. Some of the ladies I worked with were dirty minded and flirtacious enough to make me blush some times, and the men were avoiding them like the plague.

One of the machinists had a nice photo of a young lady in a cheerleader outfit on his toolbox. A woman took offense to it, and he was told to take it down. It was his daughter. The pathetic part was this estrangement only alienated normal guys. The men who were actually harassing women still did all the same things, blocking doorways so the woman had to brush up against them, "accidentally" touching them in the places you might expect, they just kept on keepin' on.

Fortunately, calmer, more rational heads saw what had been created, and modified the rules. Instead of treating all men as rapists who just hadn't been caught yet, they focused on the guys - and women who were the real problem.

In the end, it did help, although a lot of the older guys were pretty set in their ways, and never did socilize much with the female staff.

In fact, I can be charged for "Sexual Harassment" right now, because of the term "itself" that I've used to describe people whom I do not know how to describe (they are not male, nor female).

I brought up the question one time, if a man avoids all contact with women in the workplace - except for the minimum to get work done - in order to not be accused of harassment, and the women know he avoids them because of that, is his avoidance sexual harassment?

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by Ol Olsoc (#46812309) Attached to: The Science Behind Powdered Alcohol

Maybe this is how Jesus originally did it. If God's been around forever, He knows all sorts of cool stuff that we don't. The next question is whether or not alcohol could be powdered by someone with the proper knowledge, but only primitive technology.

This is beginning to sound like a job for Powdered Toast Man.

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by Ol Olsoc (#46812245) Attached to: Women Increasingly Freezing Their Eggs To Pursue Their Careers

Kids aren't something to "get out of the way" - they're the most important thing in your life (if you choose to have them). I've already lived a great life with my spouse kid free, when I was young enough to enjoy it (and could focus what spare income we had on us) and now I'm ready to have a family. And now I have plenty of money and time to make the family the most important thing, not just something to get over with already.

Are you ready for your children to not have living Grandparents? Are you ready to be in your declining years, dependent upon them when they are trying to raise their own families.

And finally, if there is one thing that I have discovered about those who delay - Money is number one. Your self centeredness is number two. Children alomst never think of money. Yours will probably find it to be the metric of your love.

Then again, you might be the exception.

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1) Live near family (ie, grandparents) that can care for your kids and assist with transportation

This will bite you in the ass... just as soon as your kids are ready to start college (probably at your expense) your parents will be calling dibs on their bedrooms so that you can support them in return... while keeping your kids' tuition paid. It might be worth it, or might not.

You sound like my sisters, and my wife's brothers and sister.

In both cases, they tossed off any responsibility for any of our parents, who managed to all die off within 7 years. So it was my wife and I who cared for them.

Anyhow, the siblings were surprised when my wife and I got the lion's share of all the inheritances.

The irony is that I'd told all the parents that I didn't like dead people's money, and our siblings are all about money.

Perhaps your parents will end up feeling the same about you.

Comment: Re:Making a Safer World... (Score 1) 327

by Ol Olsoc (#46812161) Attached to: Women Increasingly Freezing Their Eggs To Pursue Their Careers
Are your children going to be taking care of you and their children at the same time?

For some years now, way too many people are adopting the concept that they will live forever. Just about the time that my son got out of high school, my parents and my wife's parents started downhill, and needed a lot of help. If we were still raising our child, especially if he were pretty young at the time, it would have been a nightmare, and it was bad enough as it was.

We see this staying around forever disorder in wide ranging areas, from the old parenting trend, to people figuring they'll start saving for retirement tomorrow. Always tomorrow. But we should be out of that stage about the time we graduate from college.

I was a lot poorer when we started our family. Doing okay, but still a lot less money. My son has never once mentioned about how much he appreciated the financial security I provided. He often talks about how much he enjoyed when we both played on the same hockey team together.

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Not sure if joking or trolling, but you're an asshole either way. Attending to career so they can provide well for the child doesn't seem like procrastinating to me. It sounds like good and reasonable planning.

Yes, because providing well is the only metric in raising children

Let us say, the woman makes the choice to delay having her children until age 50.

So when the child is in college, she is 70. Since their seems to be a 5-10 year difference in age between wives and husbands, daddy might be in his 80's or even dead by that time. Of course this might not matter if the woman does not need a man.

So here we have an 80 year old woman, with 30 year old children.

They might visit you in the nursing home. Maybe. and when your femal child makes your smart choice, you figure you will be around at 100 when she decides the time is right to have children.

That won't be the only thing your well provided for children will miss out on. Their grandparents stand a pretty good chance of being dead. You will not have the energy to interact with them in the way you would if you had them at a more normal time. There is joy in having still vital parents, and even grandparents. I would not have given that up for anything. Your well provided for children will not have this joy. I played on the same adult hockey team as my son.

And your well provided for children are probably going to be burdened with taking care of you in your decline, while trying to raise families of their own. Perhaps changing their child's huggies, then your depends. You are doing your well provided for children no favors. I think having children very late on purpose is subtle cruelty, the sort of "smart idea" that only the most self centered are capable of doing.

Beware of calling people assholes when you are being a smug, pretentious "The world orbit around me" person.

Comment: Re:do they have a progressive view? (Score 1) 336

by Ol Olsoc (#46807075) Attached to: Detroit: America's Next Tech Boomtown
You do not know me, and yet you call me a bigot. I therfore call you a bigot. Only because you are exactly that - a bigot.

Stupid argument, and your quickness to accuse tells me more about you than you know about me. But it does show that you use one attack vector of bigots, which is to hurry up and accuse the other person of bigotry. Just like when a person says, "I would never lie tyo you, the next words coming out of their moths are likely lies.

That's okay - some of my best friends are bigots.

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It's a pity that joining a country club, paying the greens fees, and the expense of the clubs is the only possible way to do that.

Yes, some things in life cost money. It is unfortunate if you live in an area without a cheap public course, or if your circumstances don't let you buy less than $100 of used equipment and pay $10-20 a week to play a game with friends.


We really do need a sarcasm tag donchya think?

Comment: Re:Nothing to do with hole size (Score 1) 396

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Since I don't like to play computer games, it must be true that anyone who does is a time-wasting loser. Seriously? You're 'refuting' that this guy likes to play golf with this friends?

Seriously? you only read the last sentence that I wrote? Even then, show me where I refuted his enjoyment of the sport. Declaring enjoyment of golf as needing a high threshold for boredom is not refutation of it. I get bored very quickly, so it isn't for me.

And my exclusivity statement still holds. If he feels exclusive, and wants to be with others of similar exclusivity, then that is is right. But likewise, I find that boring.

Comment: Re:Not a fan, but... (Score 1) 396

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Rather than a lack of cursive writing, I'd say the main problems are rote memorization, useless standardized tests, and one-size-fits-all schools. Cursive is just another way of writing; inconsequential.

There are some things that are rote, spelling, basic math. Other stuff, let the creativity fly.

As for standardized tests, what they do is select for proficient test takers. I forsee the day when third graders are pulling all nighters, juicing up on the red bull and Rock Star, to prepare for the tests. Just like in college.

Comment: Re:Not a fan, but... (Score 1) 396

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Yeah, pizza-hole golf is the equivalent to dumbing down school kids by eliminating cursive writing (common core). Birdies are going to become very common. A whole bunch of (possibly evil) idiots are ruining everything out there.

Yeah, abandoning cursive writing will doom this country. Cursive has been dead for years. In my own case, the last time I wrote cursive was in 4th grade back in the 1960's, when I took my last test in penmanship. Might as well say that no one can write any more since we abandoned typewriters. But your ability to equate cursive writing with 15 inch golf holes does show creativity on your part.

You can do better with that than make false equivalences.

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