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by Ol Olsoc (#47528499) Attached to: Chromebooks Are Outselling iPads In Schools

It isn't exactly trivial, you have to essentially unlock it and then click through an annoying prompt on every single boot. Even a PC with Secure Boot has better support for Linux than that.

Oh please. Nothing in the world is as difficult as hitting either Control +D to boot into Chrome, or Control +l to boot into Linux? Even switching between the two is simple and quick.

If you think that installing and using Linux on a Chromebook is not trivial, then perhaps computers are not for you?

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by Ol Olsoc (#47528449) Attached to: Chromebooks Are Outselling iPads In Schools

After all why would you buy a Chromebook that ONLY works on the net when you could have a netbook that runs all the apps a Chromebook can run AND run offline as well?

Chromebooks are "net only" just like Apples only use 1 button mice. My Chromebook reuns just fine off the network. The main issue is storage.

Oh and the Linux guys should love 'em as both Intel and AMD have been pretty good about opening up the APUs so it should be a dirt cheap way to have a pocket Linux lappy.

And the Linux fans already like the Chromebooks. I dual boot mine into either Chrome or Linux. They make a lightning fast Linux machine.Is there some reason you think that you can't install linux on a Chromebook?

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by Ol Olsoc (#47523775) Attached to: Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities Increase 100%

Have you considered reading the article before criticizing someone else's analysis of it?

Apparently not.

Have you considered WHOOSH?

But since you didn't quite get it.....

Do you think that IE going from 1 Vulnerability to 2 vulnerabilities is someonhow, in some way, anywhere even close to the dog's breakfast that IE is? Seriously?

Have you considered that using a quick patch as indication of the security is ever to be considered a good thing, an excellent ecample of just how darn secure a browser is? If they made a patch every 15 seconds from here to eternity, if would be proof of the best darn browser, most secure experience on earth?

Sorry, m'Lord. I gave that "analysis" every bit of respect it deserved.

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by Ol Olsoc (#47521751) Attached to: Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities Increase 100%

Even after looking at the full report, I see no actual numbers for how many vulnerabilities there were. Going from 1 vulnerability to 2 vulnerabilities would have been a 100% increase


Is time to first patch really a bad thing? It really means that vulnabilities were found, and that they were fixed quickly. As opposed to vulnerabilities found and not fixed quickly. I suppose it's worse than "no vulnerabilities found" but even if none are found, it doesn't mean they don't exist. Fixing things quickly is about the best thing you can do.

You have convinced me sir. I'm switching to Internet Explorer, the safest most secure browser ever made, with possib;y only 1 vulnerability. Have you considered running damage control for disgraced politicians?

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by Ol Olsoc (#47520215) Attached to: Verizon's Offer: Let Us Track You, Get Free Stuff

Wow, conspiracy nut..... whats next, the pin prick they give each child at birth for blood typing etc is actually inserting a miniature tracing beacon.

They start even sooner than that. Those sonograms expectant mothers get are actually hypnotoc coded instructions to the fetus that will turn them into jack booted thugs when they hear the keyword "Limbaugh" pronounced backwards. Then the Illuminati and Beyonce will implement the final portions of the new world order.

The clue is in the rainbows we can now see because of the essential fluid weakening chemicals and flourine they have been putting in our water.

Here is the incontrovertble proof. Stop those damn liberals NOW!

Wake UP America!!

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by Ol Olsoc (#47509269) Attached to: AirMagnet Wi-Fi Security Tool Takes Aim At Drones

Well, I live in the country. If a wifi-controlled drone gets within signal range of my house, the owner is very likely trespassing and almost certainly snooping on my property in particular.

Um, sure. Most of us drone users stay well away from houses. The whole "drone spying on your teenage daughter as she lovingly caresses her nubile body in the shower", and on and on and on, is something straight out of Law and Order, or porn movies. Or that packs of parrot users are going to break into your wifi network, or sit in smoke filled rooms, coming up with new ways to violate your civil rights.

Everyone I know just enjoys the little bit of flight time, for the few minutes the batteries allow, and making videos to share on youtube. They are toys.

Probably the most subversive thing we do is put leds on them and play "pretend UFO".

But as I said, I gave you the info to down one over your property. Use that info as you will.

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by Ol Olsoc (#47508969) Attached to: AirMagnet Wi-Fi Security Tool Takes Aim At Drones

I want to see a security tool which hijacks the drone control connection, lands it on my roof, and shuts it down so it won't leave.

I can't quite decide if the followup should be "call the police", "hold drone ransom" or "just keep it", but I'm sure I'd think of something.

Just wait until it comes into the airspace above your roof, then blast it with a wideband signal around 2.4 GHz. It will screw the wifi connection to the phone or tablet controlling it, and the drone, now goes into landing mode, looking for a safe place to land. It will slowly descend onto your roof.

The owner will see all this, and might take umbrage at your stealing their drone. Which almost certainly wouldn't be flying over your roof anyhow.

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by Ol Olsoc (#47508943) Attached to: AirMagnet Wi-Fi Security Tool Takes Aim At Drones
These drones get their control via wifi.

Wouldn't this mean that the person controlling the drone would have to be on the wifi system already?

It isn't just going to stay there without any control. On my parrot, the drone will ease on down if it loses contact with the controller. Kind of keeps it from flying on til hte batteries drop if you lose contact. So it would need multiple wifi's. Oh, and then it wouldn't be recognizable as a parrot drone. And....

Even if you could rig it to attack another wifi, it would have to have that second wireless adapter, and you'd need a second computer to do the hacking, and you'd need to get all this done in the precious few minutes of flight time. And the flight time would be even less because of the second wifi weight and battery drain. And....

Oh, and you'd need to be standing right outside the place you were hacking into. The wireless range of these things is really short. And...

This is FUD, plain and simple. Tring to break into a wireless system with a parrot would be like driving from Philadelphia to New Jersey by way of Australia, with stops in Anarctica, and the moon beforehand.

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by Ol Olsoc (#47507195) Attached to: Predicting a Future Free of Dollar Bills

Explain how those were the result of fiat currency.

Every single fiat currency since the dawn of time has failed, without exception, and with terrible results. In between, every thirty or forty years or so we get a slightly different currency, some partly 'backed' by gold, some completely fiat, but they all fail in the end.

Every single Government since the dawn of time has failed. Probably not a good argument for Anarchy.

And gold based systems have likewise failed. Senescence is hardly a good reason to abandon something.

But those several failures while we were on the Gold standard - no explanation?

We've heard all the arguments for the gold standard, and the proponents will simply have to accept that there just isn't enough Gold in the world to run the world any more. I did the math a year or so ago. It won't work. There is a reason that no country uses the gold standard any more, and it's not subjugation of the masses or whatever odd reason the gold standarders give, it's just that the world's economies have so far outpaced the amount of gold that we can put our hands on. This has been known for a long time, which was why we and some other nations tried a bimetallic standard for a while. Which didn't work because the two metals always fluctuated value when compared with each other. Maybe even that should be a clue.

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No, they value the fact that you just can't stay in business when your out of pocket cost is $28/hour for a $10/hour job that earns the business maybe $15/hour in billable labor (and remember, there's also overhead to pay before you can even think about profit)..

Pretty bad business model. If you have to rely on illegal labor, then you not only have a bad business model, but you are a criminal to boot.

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