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Comment Deviating slightly (Score 1) 220

During an language course I proudly showed my teacher that I'd programmed my new Psion Organiser to display conjugations of all the verbs and adjectives we'd covered. His reply was swift: "Very Interesting" - "It's obviously cleverer that you are"/

Comment Re:Cloak and dagger (Score 1) 289

I'm trying to decide why Russia is so eager to say it wasn't a bomb.

Because the Russians are very cautious people and have more subtleties in their language than English. Even if they know for sure what caused it, they'll wait and watch for the most advantageous moment to announce it.

They're a bit angry today because the UK had beaten them to it.

Comment It's all a con in the UK (Score 1) 113

For a while I ran our network out of 2 business standard ADSL lines from a reputable ISP. I could click on any speed test site and it would show me the speed almost meeting the "up to" level. But if you want to download something large (from far away or close by) the rate would start good, then drop and drop, and then just pulse along at an average of one fifth of the "up to" rate. That's 2 separate systems on 2 phone lines.

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