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Comment: It's not bit-rot (Score 1) 321

by dhaen (#45654373) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Practical Bitrot Detection For Backups?
If you're noticing data corruption on only 2TB it's probably not what we normally call bit-rot. A bit that changes state for no apparent reason within a very large set of data can be described as bit-rot, otherwise it's general data corruption which has many causes which all are understood: Poor media, poor transmission of data, overwriting of data etc. Once you've got the system sorted out so you don't get data corruption, start thinking about the nature of your data. How much redundancy is in it? If it's jpegs the almost none, so a single bit error could be serious to a file. If uncompressed TIFFs then there is a lot of data redundancy and the single bit error might only be an error of a single pixel, which you might not even notice. And finally, don't expect optical media to be safe from errors. Only use it as part of a DR plan.

Comment: Re:Daylight Saving Time (Score 1) 545

by dhaen (#45312435) Attached to: A Plan To Fix Daylight Savings Time By Creating Two National Time Zones
This whole clock switching thing is utter bollocks: First it was: "Our farmers need more daylight" - well just let them change THEIR hours! Next it was: "Our kids mustn't go to school in the dark" (but it's ok for them to come home in darkness) - - well just let them change THEIR hours! Next it was: "We'll save energy" - which is doubtful and unproven, but if you want to try - just change YOUR hours! There are only a given number of daylight hours in a day - you just can't have more! Since we all have biological clocks, it's difficult argue with the article that shifting hours screws with people's well being and efficiency.

Comment: Culture matters as well (Score 1) 204

by dhaen (#44778329) Attached to: Humans Choose Friends With Similar DNA

Amusingly I found that in Tokyo bars (in friendship terms) I had more in common with the locals than with caucasian Americans with whom I share the same European ancestry.

Nevertheless I am broadly drawn towards females who are similar to me. Those who look most dissimilar do not rate on my "wish to procreate with" list.

For the article's hypothesis to work, it's the second point that matters most. It means that the people who are born around you will be more like you and so are there for available friendship.

Not everyone is like me, and I'm glad of that. The more diverse the gene pool, the stronger the specie.

+ - Cryptography experts meet inunction against publishing research->

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dhaen (892570) writes "The Guardian runs a story that VW group who build Porches, Audis, Bentleys and Lamborghinis plus some lesser cars that ordinary mortals can afford, have banned publication of research that exposes security algorithms. It's becoming well known that security through obscurity is flawed and the Streisand Effect will now get to work"
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