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Comment Before anyone bangs on about bedallions and so on (Score 3, Interesting) 112

Before anyone starts with the whole "medallion" thing, that's not a thing in London. If you want to publicly tout for business (i.e a black caps), you have to do "the knowledge" which is a very extensive and tough test for knowing your way around without a stanav. And no: having a sat nav is not remotely equivalent to actually knowing your way around

To be a vehicle hired otherwise (phone, internet), anyone can set up with the appropriate insurance and a few other bits and bobs. It's not hard and uber is not in any way "sticking it to the man". But surprise, surpirse, the other cabbies get pissed off when, despite the rather liberal regulations which never blocked uber from existing in London, uber still likes it's old unfair competition things like flat-out doing illegal stuff and avoiding tax.

At this point, it's known that uber will do anything for a buck, illegal or otherwise. If you use uber especially somewhere like London, you're part of the problem.

Comment Re:Were GNOME 3 and Firefox 4+ conspiracies? (Score 2) 140

That's why Firefox is now at only about 7% to 8% of the browser market, when it used to be above 30%.

I think that's laying it on a little thick. You're completely ignoring a concerted and aggressive advertising campaign from the world's largest advertiser for its largest competitor.

Comment Re: Limits of Moor's law?? (Score 2) 98

Nice job on selling the business and making a huge pile of cash.

However, I pay a much lower percentage than you do.

Haha not likely! Normally you'd be right for any random poster. However, you see I invested(?) almost all of my saving in a house to live in in London (so the growth isn't taxable) and I started a company this year. Since we don't yet have significant income, I'm earning little enough that I'm in the 0% tax bracket... But trust me when I say that situation can't persist much longer.

They, the citizens, helped to pay me to be where I am today via their taxes.

I get increasingly annoyed at the "self made man" idea. Yeah sure, self made, in a country with excellent infrastructure, education and legal system all supported by other people's taxes. I know I like to gripe about all 3 of those, but being realistic, there's much worse places in the world.

I want to carry those who can not because it's cheaper than dealing with the troubles down the road.

That is what a lot of people don't seem to get. Solving social problems before they happen is cheaper than policing them after they have happened. Even as a rampant anarcho capitalist it makes no sense to put yourself in a situation where you have to spend more for a less efficient outcome due to short sighted thinking.

I don't care who you sleep with. I don't care about marriage. Marriage is a ceremony. Leave it to the churches. Make civil unions and be done with it.

I agree with this too. Sadly it's unlikely to fly. It's also tricky to explain to some people as they instantly seem to get the wrong end of the stick and assume you're against gay marriage. Probably because that's the UKIP excuse: they can't re-ban gay marriage but they are at their hearts a party of bigots so they come out against all marriage. So I happen to agree with them, but for other reasons. Stopped clock etc...

You might be closer to being a Libertarian than you might think. ;)

Apparently so. I'd never encountered the idea of socialist libertarians before. Ever other self-professed libertarian has been the "smallest government possible then a good deal smaller" type with overlays of "get yer hands off my guns" and "taxes are theft".

Comment Re:vs TIFF files? (Score 2) 295

How well does it work relative to TIFF files?

Exactly the same: just use TIFFTAG_COMPRESSION with the value COMPRESSION_FLIF.

Facetious of course, but TIFF is more of an archive format which is somewhat good at storing image data, than an actual image file format. Less facetiously still, TIFF allows you to specify horizontal differencing and deflate compression which makes it quite similar to PNG. PNG has 4 modes: horizontal, vertical, square and none. So, you can get TIFF to be about as good as PNG without PNGCRUSH on many images.

For pure B&W images, I've rarely ever seen anything beat TIFF if you specify the G4 FAX compression method.

So there you go: it's probably better than what TIFF currently offers except for B&W images of text.

Comment Re:GPLv3 - the kiss of death (Score 5, Informative) 295

Note that in the case of Vorbis Stallman actually endorsed the BSD license

It's actually part of their general policy. For implementing things like reference implementations of unencumbered protocols and file formats, they recommend a permissive license to aid adoption:


Comment Re: Limits of Moor's law?? (Score 3, Insightful) 98

An you sound fairly similar to my philisophy. I'm far in the direction of letting people do whatever the hell they want if they're not harming anyone else. I also support a rather stronger right to self defence and related things than many people do: while there's a line somewhere between self defense and manslaughter, I don't thing that one should have to rationally exercise measured restraint against someone who's just thrown you into a potentially life or death situation against your will.

I support socialistic things like a decent welfare state, and therefore the taxes required to run it. I also support the government stepping in when the free market is doing a poor job. Anything that's too big to fail should be run by the government because the government has to take the risk of propping it up anyway. That includes things like infrastructure.

Comment Re: Limits of Moor's law?? (Score 1) 98

Libertarianism is a political ideology and not an economic model

The two are not as disconnected as you make out. The way you run a state affects its economics dramatically. Any political philosiphy implies an economic one, even if the political philosopy makes no mention of it because executing those politics will cause that economic situation to exist.

Comment Re:It's what we "do" (Score 1) 109

WTF? Do you watch Rocky 4 and root for Ivan Drago?

WTF? Are you saying Facebook are the good guys and the US military are the bad guys?

And hey, if you're willing to make the connection between facebook and TCP/IP from 40 years ago

Well, given that facebook runs almost all of its services over TCP/IP, I think it's fair to make the connection. And you know, they almost certainly receive the SMS data via TCP/IP, so I think it's fair to say TCP/IP underlies every single one of Facebook's services.

Comment Re:It's what we "do" (Score 1) 109

The military had a thing where people drove their own personal tank but acted as a taxi, and that became Uber.

No, you're mistaken both about the military and Uber. The military already has a system where they can go to other countries and break the laws with impunity (just look up how the law applies to foreign stationed personnel). Uber are trying to do this, but they haven't managed to get themselves the immunity yet, so I'd say that the military is still far ahead of Uber in this regard.

I was just going to go and leave it as a glib post but someone on the internet is wrong, so...

Uber ride "sharing" (i.e. resource allocation) is a classic example of logistics and operations research. Some of the most important algorithms in operations research such as the simplex algorithm for linear programming were in fact developed by the military.

Right. The military had a system for distributing "ice bucket challenges," and later that became Facebook.

You're referring to the TCP/IP protocol developed by DARPA (a military organisation), right? That's perfect for distributing "ice bucket challenges" and has been used to probably transmit every single one.

Comment Re:Spaghetti sort (Score 1) 81

In your O(n) which n are you talking about?

The GP seemed to be referring to the number of strands. The minimum increase is O(n) with the number of strands.

If you're talking about volume, it gets rather trickier. A 5 mile high stack of spaghetti won't stand up under it's own weight. The trouble is the mass increases with the cube too.

Comment Re:Spaghetti sort (Score 1) 81

No, because if you double each side in a cube, you get an eight-fold increase in volume.

The area of the table you need is roughly equal to the area of the stacked bunch of spaghetti. Since each strand is an approximately fixed diameter, they're about the same area each.

If you double the number of strands, then you need a flat surface of twice the area. So, the hardware requirements are O(N).

If you want to include the *length* of spaghetti instead of just the number of strands then it gets more complex. However, eventually there's a significant mass to support which means you need a significant support structure. Once the mass increases far enough things get very tricky indeed and you need a vast amount of stuff to support it.

Comment Re:Energy density isn't the concern (Score 5, Funny) 144

That said, if something hits me hard enough to puncture my cell phone battery while I'm carrying my phone, the battery combustion is probably the least of my concerns. I'm likely much more concerned with whatever just speared or shot me.

Really? Think about it: it would really suck if you just got shot and couldn't immediately tweet about it.

just got shot lol #ouch #deadsoon

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