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Comment: Re:If I use an IDE, does it mean I'm a bad program (Score 1) 432

by serviscope_minor (#49754923) Attached to: Choosing the Right IDE

You really are an incompetent. Your entire argument is based on a misquote.


Do you deny you actually said precisely this:

No, using an IDE means you are a productive programmer

Because the meaning is entirely clear. I like how you have now admitted that you've lost (by claiming I've "misquoted" you even though the quote is entirely clear). Well done. Nice to see you admit defeat with honour and good grace.

Comment: Re:Any materialized predictions? (Re:Sudden?) (Score 1) 245

You are specifying an entirely arbitrary condition.

The link I gave you gives sources for the predictions and sources for the data. The earliest prediction was made in 1990. The data is from 2013.

It's pretty hilarious that in order to "prove" that you are right, you have to impose arbitrary conditions that are of no relation to the topic and then jump up and down squealing about how those conditions haven't been met.

So far the only thing you've proven is that you're not interested in the truth. But since you're intent on digging a huge hole for yourself.

There's the first of the pair of links.

You now have two links, one from 1990 and one from 2013. The 1990 link has predictions of future temperature, the latter has measurements. The measurements lie within the predicted error.

Since this is obviously an emotional point for you and not a rational one, I look forwards for you rationalising reasons why thos doesn't count for some reason.

Comment: Re:Any materialized predictions? (Re:Sudden?) (Score 1) 245

I'd be happy to - could you post any? Being as "intellectually honest" as you are?

I don't know why you put "intellectually honest" in quotes. I suspect you're accusing me of dishonesty because for some reason pointing out blatant flaws in your reasoning is dishonest.

Well, it's easier to attack the person than it is to attack the argument.

So, since you're happy to be intellectually honest will you go ahead and retract all your claims measured against media pundits rather than scientists?

If you want predictions by actual scientists, you should look at some actual scientific papers or reports.

Of course this is all moving the goal posts, which is another intellectually dishonest tactic. Nonetheless, I'll play ball.

Go to Figure 1.4.

You can see predictions from 1990, 1996 and if you like more recent plotted alongside the actual temperature measurements. As you will see, the predictions match the observations.

Comment: Re:Any materialized predictions? (Re:Sudden?) (Score 2) 245

predictions made over these years by the "alarmists"

Wow, score 1 for intellectual dishonesty. How about you look at the predictions made by the scientists rather than random pundits in the media. You don't expect the media to accurately report tech news, so the fact that you refer to predictions from "alarmists" rather than scientists implies that you are intentionally going for bad reporting rather than trying to find out what is actually going to happen.

Comment: Re:If I use an IDE, does it mean I'm a bad program (Score 1) 432

by serviscope_minor (#49749129) Attached to: Choosing the Right IDE

Your comments are as foolish as a carpenter saying he only ever uses hand tools.

Oh analogy time. Firstly, my comments are nothing like that. If you think so then your reading comprehension is so low then there's little chance of you ever understanding this post. But whatever, I'll use your analogy, because bits of it work (also carpentry is a hobby of mine as it happens---though I'm not especially good).

Your original claim is like saying that sticking anyone in front of power tools will make them a productive carpenter.

But professional carpenters in this day and age are using power tools for most of their work.

This is hilarious. Remember your claim that "anyone in front of an IDE is productive", translates to "anyone in front of power tools is productive". If you let someone completely incompetent into a good woodworking shop with actual proper power tools, you're more likely to end up with a pile of fingers on the floor and broken machines than anything coherent made out of wood.

Because tools alone are not sufficient to make someone productive.

That last line is really the crux. The fact that you appear to not understand it is quite frankly astonishing. I do hope you're not in charge of any hiring decisions. Because according to what you're espousing here, you can hire literally anyone, stick them in front of an IDE (or powerful woodworking tools---why not) and have a productive member of the work force.

Anyway your analogy still sucks, because all of the IDE related tools are available with equal or more power outside the IDE.

Comment: Re:If I use an IDE, does it mean I'm a bad program (Score 1) 432

by serviscope_minor (#49742435) Attached to: Choosing the Right IDE

You're obviously an amateur, or someone who works on very small projects.

And you obviously lack a basic understanding of logic. Let's say we accept your absurd premise that one needs an IDE to be productive.

That makes an IDE necessary but not sufficient to be productive. If you put a monkey in front of an IDE, you wouldn't have a productive programmer.

The fact that you seem to think an IDE makes even very bad people productive is a strong indication that you either don't work in programming at all or you only ever work with the bottom 20% so you don't know what a productive programmer actually looks like.

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