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Comment Re:Disposable screens for disposable products? (Score 1) 167

This is likely by intent: Planned obsolescence can simply be implemented a lot better with OLED than with LCD. LCD was designed from the start as a long-lifetime technology. OELD is now correcting that mistake.

You're missing a crucial point. The lifetime of LCDs is more or less indefinite. The lifetime of the backlight however is very much finite, and the backlights (whether LED or cold cathode) fade and dim over time.

The problem is that making light emitting things that don't dim with age is really hard, because there are almost always unpleasant interactions between the various bits. Like gas can slowly leak in/out of gas discharge things. Electromigration occurs, and so on and so forth.

The light source with the best aging properties is sulphur lamps because the sulphur gas is (a) self healing (unlike semiconductor crystals) and (b) has no metal electrodes anywhere near it. Of course, the magnetron used to drive the lamp ages...

But yeah, OLED age and LCDs don't, but LCD backlights do.

Comment Re:Err, petrol is currently cheaper that diesel (Score 1) 139

van thats been thrashed all its life it'll start belching black shit out of its exhaust on acceleration (which is barely tested in the MOT)

I always assumed white van man considered this a feature, not a bug and paid their dodgy mate to tune it up to be just-so when it comes to belching black smoke. It's like the thick yet incredibly uniform layer of grime which is so good for writing witty slogans on. I have a working theory that it's actually impossible to curate that by natural means and there's a small chain of shops operating from grimy railway arches which apply it for a small fee.

It's the only explanation that makes sense.

Comment Re:systemD (Score 2) 87

Can someone explain why ALL THE MAJOR DISTROS have switched to systemd, when all I've seen is universal hate for it?

The hate isn't universal.

It's certainly easier for distribution integrators than the old RC scripts. Also, there has been considerable external pressure because some of the major packages like Gnome more or less depended on systemd, so not having it meant no Gnone which was a showstopper. Actually you can now run Gnome without systemd but for a while that wasn't possible.

Another reason for the hate is that there are a lot of awfully obnoxious systemd fanbois out there who make claims like:
* You hate change (literally ad-homenim, attaxking the person not the message)
* Making claims about things that are only possible with systemd that demonstrably are not (I debunked a bunch of these in the last thread)

There's a lot of FUD on both sides, and frankly after the PulseAudio debacle, a lot of people have a deep distrust of Lennart Pottering (well justified IMO), and are incredibly leery of making the core of a Linux system depend on code written by a cowboy coder who doesn't seem to care about stability or quality.

Comment Re:Wut? (Score 1) 110

How can a bunch of cabbies all be running under the same banner if there isn't one?

To be able to pick up passengers by hailing, use taxi ranks and taxi lanes, a license is regarded from the local council. The council sets the rules, and that includes things like the knowledge, turning radius of vehicles, disabled access, rate per mile, and so on and so forth.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 695

Cases get logged they get fixed.

You missed the part where Lennart cheerfully refused to fix it.

That takes time and all software is vulnerable to being tricked into failing to boot properly.

Are you deliberately trying to misrepresent the arguments here? No one's saying it should have booted successfully. What me and the other guy are saying is unchecked segfaults are bad and should be fixed. Unlike Lennart's claim this is demonstrably not a problem which only affects old kernels. It affects new ones, and missing checks and refusing to fix them is just poor practice.

Seriously, why do people come up with the most lame defenses of systemd? People would rip MS a new one if such a piece of code was found in Windows.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 695

That sounds more like a kernel problem.

No, it was a failure to mount the cgroups virtual filesystem. The kernel has cgroups, but the VM was not set up to have access.

You make a config error you get a boot problem. Systemd doesn't know what you are did. Change the config outside the VM and try again. How is that any different than throwing an error?

Are you honestly saying there's no difference between throwing an error with proper logging, sensible message, error handling and etc and dereferencing a null pointer and segfaulting?

With friends like you, systemd barely needs enemies!

Comment Re:seriously? (Score 1) 82

On the other hand I would want to talk to Archimedes,

Really? You know he discovered his famous principle while working for the King? In other words it was government work funded by the hard earned tax drachmas stolen under threat of violence from the greek populace.

And you call yourself a libertarian.

Comment Re:Uh? How does the DMCA apply to an ISP? (Score 0) 100

BMG is automatically spamming all possible claims; Cox is automatically sending them all to /dev/null; Neither of those are very helpful

If BMG can't be arsed to do due dilligence I don't see why Cox should go out of their way to help them. I think Cox's attitude is completely reasonable here.

Comment Re:PMT (Score 1) 105

Not just photomultiplier tubes, but Image Intensifier tubes also - or more commonly known as "night vision goggles". These vacuum tubes have progressed so far that even the best solid-state technology doesn't come close to replacing it, and the best technology that exists still uses around 10 to 100 times the power required for the same approximate level of image.

How come all scientific imaging is done with EMCCD and now sometimes SCMOS?

Honest question: I've never encountered an image intensifier tube in a lab. You can certainly get actual individual photon counts out of an EMCCD.

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