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Comment Re:Already??? (Score 2) 266

I don't understand. First you say this:

Nothing she has ever done has qualified her to be president of the United States, not even close.

But then you contradict yourself and say this:

She's a repulsive person, an unrepentant liar, a dissembler, a demagogue, an arrogant authoritarian, a bully, a dreadful CEO, a horrible human being, and a living example of the "uncanny valley".

I don't get it. Are you trying to tell me she is or isn't qualified???

Comment Re:Self-Selection? (Score 1) 193

In my case, my professional name isn't my legal name -

That's quite an unusual case. What made you go that way?

But to your point, my professional name does indicate my sex, and if I were trying to make a living with open source it would show up in GitHub.

Same. I don't make a living with open source, but I have some open libraries related to work I do on github. They've proven moderately popular within the application domain. I mostly made money in that area consulting/contracting and it helps to be visible.

Comment Re:Self-Selection? (Score 1) 193

Never use your real name on the internet. No good can come of that.

I use my real name when doing things on the internet in a professional context. That includes github. If I'm not identifiable as me, then how will anyone know who I am, or how to tie the github account to stuff I do with my real name, such as my company and academic work? This is the case with very many professionals, such as most of the prominent linux kernel developers.

Comment Re:Just a thought... (Score 1) 193

If they knew she was a woman, it was because she told them.

Github pull requests come with the username of the requestor. Anyone who (a) has a gender specific name and (b) uses their real name on hub will have a readily apparent gender. I also notice that you ascribe the gender differences because the woman must have told them their gender. No where do you you make the same accusation at men.

Massive double standards there.

Comment Re:oh ffs already (Score 1) 193

There's a whole article on how it's real. The only reason you have for it not being real is that you really really really don't want it to be. You've provided no counter to anything in the article, no facts and no reasoning. At this point it's clear you are simply content to invent facts to fit your world view.

And your other point is just inane. There's always worse stuff going on. If that's a reason to ignore something then why are you paying attention to mere domestic violence victims when there's mass torture going in in labor camps in North Korea?

Comment Re:Self-Selection? (Score 1) 193

This is a really obnoxious post.

When a man (like me) has a git hub account under his real name he's just a man with was git hub account. Totally neutral. When a woman uses her name she's "making a point to draw attention to get gender".

That's a colossal case of double standards that you and everyone who modded you up is guilty of.

Comment Re:Dear Mr Whiplash (Score 1) 363

At least drop that abomination ViewCSV and re-write it so it looks pretty.

I'm not sure there's much point in that. Few projects use CVS any more, and essentially no new projects use it. I don't think improving a workable-but-ugly CVS viewer will help all that much.

I honestly think there are bigger fish to fry.

Automatic migrations to other version control systems and possibly dual access where that's possible would be a better bet.

Comment Re:Now if you would just bring Fresh Meat back (Score 1) 363

Yes that's a good idea

I always liked freshmeat. If you do bring it back, a nice modernisation would be some API hooks so that when one pushes or marks or tags a release in a repository, the freshmeat page will get updated.

Obviously integration with sourceforge would be nice since you're trying to relaunch that, but making it integrate as easily as possible with github would help since that's where the majority of projects currently are.


How come sometimes I have to wait 5 minutes between posts and sometimes I don't. It's kinda annoying having to wait especially in theads where I have a bunch of replies and want to address several of them.

What's odd is it seems completely inconsistent when I have to wait and when I can just post away. What gives?

Comment Re:Too late (Score 3, Insightful) 363

I think most people just ignore any SJW/whatever/controversy issues, but it's things like this. You can see that Github is becoming an unpleasant place to work, and focusing on hiring salespeople instead of programmers

And this is why I think anyone who uses the phrase "SJW" without irony is a complete and utter idiot. Seriously? Growing companies hiring a sales team is now an SJW issue? You have described every medium to large sized business ever.

The argument goes like this:

SJWs are resonsible for traffic calming/sales teams/dystopia in scifi/buffer overflows in C/being worse than the Nazis[*] and are the ultimate evil becuase they're responsible for everything wrong. You/him/$COMPANY is SJW so they are EVIILLL!!!

You of course have to provide no rational argumet or reasoning, you just compare them to the biggest evil and hope to shut down the conversation.

A clue for you: companies need sales teams.

I mean you could have focused on a real problem like the blatantly racist and sexist "diversity" team. But no, instead you go off on paedoterrorsbogeymen (i.e. SJW) and sales teams for some reason.

WTF, dude, WTF?

[*] Those are all insane things I've seen SJWs blamed for on slashdot.

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