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Comment Re:Don't take yours in. (Score 1) 411

I was told to be prepared for this this when I purchased a new (petrol/gas) VW Golf in May this year. In 4000 miles I haven't seen the oil level drop at all. Perhaps it's a worst case scenario. I chose the petrol version because the diesel engine seemed gutless, compared with my previous diesel car. I wonder if that was due to emission controls...

Comment The inexact science of medicine (Score 1) 237

My doctor positively recommends a medication siting clinical tails and studies. I look at him and think "he really believes that will suit me" - strange for an intelligent person.. While I, working in electronics, know I can be sure that our measurements (when interpreted correctly) can lead to truly accurate conclusions.

Comment Corporate Japan (Score 2) 85

Accounting coverups will become more common in future as more transparency is forced upon them. The Japanese corporations still live in the old world, and in that world rising sales and profits was the norm where future figures could be almost plucked from the air. How things have changed. They now struggle with a deflating economy and competition from China and Korea that is impossible to beat.

I really don't know where Japan is heading. Although it has little foreign debt the government is heavily in monetary debt to the people. The future is bleak.

Comment Re:Don't worry (Score 1) 294

Card payments can be accepted without power — that's what the raised numbers printed on the card are for!


Just as I'd finished filling up there was a power cut. I presented my card - as I had no cash - and the clerk fished out a dusty old manual machine form under the counter. After being shown how to use it by her supervisor, she checked that my signature matched my card, and it was done. Yes my chip and pin contact-less card is backwards compatible for all occasions. Lucky really as I would not have been able to draw cash from an ATM.

A rock store eventually closed down; they were taking too much for granite.