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Comment Re:Its laugh track is a crime against humanity (Score 1) 384

Define "modern"? I stopped watching sitcoms a long time ago. In fact, the last sitcom I watched on a regular basis was probably filmed in the 90s. I want to say "perfect strangers" or "whose the boss" but, I probably have watched something regularly since then.

If thats true, then why is it that shows with real live audiences, never have such clean laughter that ends so abruptlly and lasts for uniform amount of time.

Comment Re:Just (Score 1) 181

And when the federal ITC expires in January (should Congress do nothing, which is what they do best) it will still be break-even (or better) with grid power in 25 of 50 states. And with a huge manufacturing plant opening in New York next year that is mass-producing modular panels with 22% efficiency, the cost will dive further.

Sure, it's not the absolute most efficient panel out there, but the design is ready to manufacture, doesn't use stupidly expensive materials (GaAs), and isn't subject to stiff import tariffs.

Comment Re:I'm curious (Score -1) 276

Politicians, who are government pass laws that put people into prisons. 'Privatezed Prisons' in USA are not actually private, otherwise there would be no government money in it. I am all for private prisons, private criminal system, I am against government money involved in any of it.

Koch Brothers? The people who are paying the taxes that the mob lives off of.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 581

This makes sense though. The average programmer is.. well, average. Programmers aren't only the best, but there are a lot of average and mediocre and even awfuls in there. But there are few barriers to men becoming programmers; maybe a few parents out there discourage little Jimmy from being an engineer because they want him to be a doctor. But no one ever had their masculinity questioned for considering computing as a career. So the average Joe who can't really decide on a major may choose computer science, why not? They graduate with mediocre grades, then get a mediocre job programming or in IT. But the guy who's really great at computing, who really loves the whole concept, gets a better job.

But then with girls there are a lot more barriers. In the last few decades computing has become stereotyped as a job for men (it wasn't always this way). Parents tell their girls that there are more appropriate jobs for women, why not consider being a nurse, or secretary/admin, or if you seem to like computers then maybe the help desk. The average girl takes the hints. In college deciding upon a major all the peers repeat the message; computers are for boys, and the boys in that department are dorks anyway. So the average girl decides on a different major. So the girl already has to be well above average to go into computing to start with. And they do exist.

So what you end up with is a few good men in computing, a few good women, a whole lot of mediocre men, and very few mediocre women. So yes, the crappy coders are going to predominantly be men.

Now this is where it may sound strange - I think we need more mediocre women in computing! People make arguments all over in slashdot about "let women be accepted into the community by the quality of their code". But I think this is incorrect. We already accept men with shitty code into computing. You know this because you work with them, you've done the code reviews. There are people in every field that seem to have chosen the wrong career path. If you look at the accounting or HR departments, you see a mixture of average men and average women both. So if men can be slackers in computing then women should be able to be slackers in computing too!

Comment Re:Maybe it's just who we are... (Score 1) 581

"Like to see"? You've never worked with females programmers or engineers? Females used to fill a sizeable chunk of the computing support and programming positions. They occupied a lot of the seats in the CS classes. It was not at all rare. They did NOT gravitate to different professions. I am utterly amazed that someone today has never worked with women in these professions. And amazed that people do not think this is a problem and that it's natural. This is not about girls playing with dolls and boys playing with guns (stupid stereotypes that they are) but about a damn job. The majority of world deals with jobs they don't like; most male IT staff seem to hate their job and many male programmers treat it as just a 9 to 5 job.

I remember going through a long spell of not finding any competent programmers who could do more than just tie together libraries, and then finally a candidate came along that was not only good but really great. And she was female, and continued to do great. I do think when there's a barrier that people who overcome that tend to be much more motivated than average. So if there are barriers or speed bumps or even subtle discouragement for women that those who really want to be in the field do end up being better than the average guy whose parents pushed him into the field. There are subtle signals to girls starting from a very young age; not just the dolls vs guns thing, but that girls should be social but boys should be aggressive, that "math is hard" according to Barbie, think about a husband first and job second, it's not ladylike to tell boys that they're wrong, etc. In other words, the barriers aren't HR departments refusing to hire a certain type of person, but instead a lot of subtle nudges as one grows up.

Consider why more men aren't nurses. It's because as boys grow up they are told what's manly and what isn't, and if you're not manly you must be queer (and you're told this years before you even know what the word even means and you learn to fear it anyway). If you say you want to help sick people when you grow up, they parents say "oh good, my son wants to be a doctor" and "oh good, my daughter wants to be a nurse". The same subtle nudges that move boys one way and girls the other. When we did have more women in computing it was before computing got stereotyped as a job for men.

So why when someone talks about getting more women into open source coding - a *voluntary* hobby - people start thinking it's about a quota system or forcing people to do something they don't like doing? What is this fear these people have against women? Why would anyone be opposed to encouraging girls in school to consider computer science or other technical fields when they get to college?

Comment Re: FUCK OFF DICE (Score 0) 581

There are no quotas. No jobs are being lost. This is not about getting unqualified people into coding, but qualified people of all types. It's the same old story, people see someone of a different race in college and their first thought was "must be affirmative action, since my C+ cousin was denied his first choice of schools". Now it's just about women. People bitch and whine "it shouldn't matter what their gender is as long as they're competent", but that is *exactly* what is being asked. No one is asking for unqualified women to get into coding, but that is the myth being put forward by the anti-SJW people. We know women are as good as men in this field, so what is wrong with encouraging them to go back into it. No one is keeping a quota except for the misogynists, and no one is being kicked out of their jobs or hobbies. But apparently to you people an encouragement to voluntarily take up open source coding is supposed to be some over-the-top feminism run amuck.

Seriously, what scares you people that you would lie like this? You make the 60s era segregationist jerks look mature in comparison.

Comment Re:Who? (Score 1) 635

But every time someone says "I've had it with Linus", the fans come out and accuse them of being in the wrong instead of Linus. Plus the stupid notion that you have to grow a thick skin in order to be a programmer with open source..

Comment Re:The best summation I've seen (Score 1) 97

They know, but the people paying their bills don't care, so the "don't care" trickles down through the ad networks.

Brand X wants an in your face ad. Ad company Y can persuade brand X with common sense, but then Brand X isn't filled with marketers full of common sense, just avarice. So Ad company Y sells Brand X's "vision" of an ad because Ad Company Y's employees need to eat.

The only way to fix this is to do a eugenics program on marketers.


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