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Comment Re:So don't put it in backwards? (Score 1) 157

Good job, Samsung fanboy.

This is clearly a design flaw that didn't even exist on previous models. But it must be the users' fault that they can completely damage the one feature that sets this device apart from many others with one second of inattentiveness that none of the competitors, or even previous models, are susceptible to.

Yep, totally the users' fault that Samsung made completely unnecessary changes for the sake of change.

Comment Re:You're not logged in as a super user (Score 1) 686

Again, none of that matters in a statewide popular election, which most Gubernatorial contests are. I don't know if Wisconsin is or not - I've not lived there.

Gerrymandering doesn't do anything if there are no arbitrarily drawn district borders involved in an election. It's strictly an issue of legislative makeup at both state and federal level, but cannot possibly play into statewide or federal elections if they are a popular vote, and straight-up voter suppression is a federal crime.

Comment Re:You're not logged in as a super user (Score 1) 686

How does one Gerrymander a state border, exactly? Or, does Wisconsin's gubernatorial elections use some kind of screwy electoral college? I honestly don't know.

If it's like any other state I've seen, it's a statewide popular vote where districting is only used to determine what physical location people go to vote at.

Comment Re:dump trump (Score 3, Interesting) 686

I had the "political spectrum" once explained to me in a rather fascinating way - it's really an almost-circle where the extreme ends are very close to touching. Extreme left starts to look a whole lot like extreme right, but the way you got there is rather different.

Hitler and Stalin had incredibly different viewpoints and vastly different philosophies, but their actions were almost identical.

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