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Comment Re:How much is an AG these days? (Score 1) 246 246

Yes, but we ain't living in a perfect world and politicians as well as officials who should work for taxes deliberately choose to be whores and sell themselves to the highest bidder. So ok, I can't change the game so I want in. How much? How much is the whore? How much for a law? How much to actually get it executed? How much to get a law bent and turned inside out to use it against its intent?

Apparently these hoes are for sale, so what's left to be determined is the price.

I think we can start a Kickstarter for this.

Comment Mishandling Sensitive Material? (Score 1) 425 425

Let's be honest here, the only people mishandling sensitive material is the current government. Clinton wasn't hacked, but our Governments has been. She hasn't leaked any info out while our current government has. While what she did might of been wrong, it seems her stuff was in better hand then others. Not to mention the CIA spying on the Senate and other members of our Government.

If you want a safe mail server, you have to host it yourself.

Comment Re:A story of how women were (Score 1) 191 191

No he isn't, because if you think a group so fucking hate filled that you can play Stormfront or SJW and have a seriously hard time telling an SJW post from the Neo-Nazi thinks they are "doing good" instead of just picking a group to hate? Well then I have a bridge you might be interested in. I used to think the stereotype of SJWs being self hating beta CIS males was likewise bullshit until we had article after article like this one where a white male liberal professor calls for the extermination of all white males. BTW notice how he doesn't say white females, that is because to bigoted fucks like him white females are to be given as prizes to black males for "historical oppression". He even says "At least a white woman can have sex with a black man and make a brown baby but what can a white male do? He's good for nothing. "
So...yeah, sometimes stereotypes are true and SJWs being whipped, self hating, prideless, spineless little bigots as pointed out by many gamergate supporters? Kinda on the nose.

As for TFA? No wonder this company didn't survive, not when the women were writing ads like "Altair and Imsai mothers deserve beautiful 8K babies" and picking caps based on whether or not they would clash with the board...DaFuq? Its a 1970s chipboard going in a big fugly white box, why not tell me what its gonna do for my system instead of me thinking about babies for no damned reason, and why would I give a wet fart about whether the caps clash or not when its going in a big fugly box with no windows? From the sounds of it they were trying for a "form over function" a good 25 years before PCs would have glass sides so anybody would care about that shit. Hell look at their "PC" design, green or orange with a fricking racing stripe and only a power and reset at a time when nearly everything was done with dip switches....why would somebody in the late 70s want to severely limit their inputs (and from the looks of the prices pay a good 20%+ extra) just to get a system with a racing stripe and color coordinated motherboards? Remember at the time the PC buyers were tinkerers with soldering irons, personal computers weren't even in your average office at that time.

If I took anything away from TFA its not that IBM killed 'em, it was that they were trying to be hipster a good 30 years before that was a thing and without Steve Jobs ability to get people pumped about buying extremely limited systems compared to the competition. And before any Apple fans breakout the pitchforks? Woz has written several times about how many times he was frustrated over hardware design choices being made NOT for what would be the best choice for the user but by Jobs pursuit of style, the most memorable was the Apple you had to drop on the table to reseat the chips because Jobs didn't like fans. of course Jobs had his incredible salesmanship to keep him going until tech caught up with his taste in design, this bunch had "8K babies"...groan.

Weird, I read the same article and what I saw was the same mistakes other companies at the time made. Didn't get in bed with IBM.

Your view seems to be colored by your hatred of women.

Comment Sling me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast (Score 5, Interesting) 111 111

Guess it's going to be interesting to see if the court allows Sling box to insert advertising on streams it doesn't actually own or pay to have rebroadcast rights.

If they are not broadcasting the original commercials and are adding their own into them, then it's sounds to me like that would be illegal. Wonder if this decision will have ramifications on how advertising is handled via hardware makers that are not content producers.

Comment It's not about cost, it's about convenience (Score 1) 654 654

They are fools if they thought by offering free public transportation that Public Transpo would increase by 20%. The people that are worried about the cost of driving to work already take the public transportation. The rest of the people don't care about the cost of public transportation because they are already paying more money to drive. They care about the convenience.

Make it so public transportation is more convenient for everyone and you'll have an increase in usage.

Comment Re:A telling line (Score 2) 431 431

"He does do a lot of experiments. A lot of them I don't fully understand, but I'm certain he's not making bombs," said the suspect's father, Allen Mason"

Oh? How are you so certain? You just said you don't know what he's doing. Ergo, you don't know what he's doing.

I know, I know... Slashdotters will all side with the "experimenter", because geek. But it sounds like the police are acting based on evidence, while the defense is acting based on blind faith. In such cases, I side with evidence.

As a parent, it's possible that the father actually pays attention to what his kid does with his time. And of course the kid & father can easily have an open relationship, which could mean the kid doesn't hide what he does from his dad. While his dad may not understand the what the kid is doing, but understand the kid enough to know that it's harmless.

Comment Re:The fickle finger of fate..... (Score 1) 95 95

Boys and girls there is a lesson in this story. Each of us has a karma bucket. When that karma bucket is depleted the "fickle finger of fate" may reach and touch us causing untold calamity. Hacking Team's karma bucket has a giant hole in the bottom and can never be refilled. All of their tricks and source code have been laid bare, and are now in full view of the Internet.

If someone has a link the to torrent, please post it.

Karma applies to your next life, not this one.

Comment Re:Ultimate Fate? (Score 1) 92 92

Except the expansion of the universe is accelerating, which makes the big crunch impossible. At least from our universe.

That is because there is a super huge giant big super super super black hole pulling rest of the universe towards it, and the closer you are, the faster it pulls you.

Comment Re:Why nobody cares about Zune (Score 1) 300 300

I can't figure out how people use a phone for music; my phone has 16 GB capacity, and I have 105 GB of music. Constantly re-syncing my phone based on what I feel like listening too gets to be very tiring. I'd rather just carry my iPod (160 GB capacity) and not worry about changing what songs I have with me and I can always listen to what I want.

Well fuck dude, I have over 1TB of music on my computer and my iPod is only 120GB, so I feel your pain.

Actually I don't, because anyone with half a brain knows they do not need their full music collection, and not only that, they can only listen to so much time of music per day. So you figure out how much time a day you need music, convert the music to a format size that will fit what you need, and boom, you have enough music every day.

I don't put all my music on my iPod, I only put songs that I like, because when I'm out and about, I like rocking to familiar good stuff, when at home, I'm more down to listen to new stuff.

Shit, my first mp3 had 128 MB (yes, that is MegaBytes) space on it. I survived.

Comment Re:Why nobody cares about Zune (Score 1) 300 300

No, he's exactly right. Who actually listens to music on a Zune or an iPod now? Smartphones have made standalone MP3 players completely obsolete.

I used to have not an iPod nor a Zune, but an iRiver H320 (which I upgraded to a 30GB hard drive). I haven't used it in years; I just use my phone for that stuff now. Any smartphone these days will hold my entire music collection easily.

I listen to music on my iPod and I happened to own a dumb phone. And while a new phone would be great, not only can I not afford it, the amount of eavesdropping that can be done on a smart phone really makes it a stupid purchase this day & age. The convenience of a smartphone, does it really outweigh the negative aspects of having a device that records everything you do?

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