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Comment Re:The submitter is obnoxious (Score 1) 149

If you're considering putting "dude" in your submission, turn off your internet and go live in a hole instead. Though you may already have done that if you think you can go to Radio Shack to get anything you can solder on, to, or with.

Whoa, back up dude. Nothing wrong with using the term of endearment "dude". It's a time honored way of addressing someone politely. For example, if I didn't use the term "dude" I might say things like "cumquat, shit for brains, twat, fucker, shithead, dumbfuck or the time honored "cunt". Instead I and others use the term "dude" because we are either in front of children or just being polite.

Remember that next time you complain about someone calling you dude, dude.

Comment Re:No surprise... (Score 2) 406

When I worked at the college bookstore warehouse in the early 1990's, we had an ancient IBM XT computer with dual 5.25" drives, an amber monitor and a dot matrix printer for printing shipping labels. It did that one job exceptionally well. I wouldn't be surprised if it still working there today.

IBM XT computers were not ancient in the early 1990's.

Comment Re:More anecdotes (Score 1) 372

Tasers are part of the problem. They were introduced as a way to keep officers from having to shoot with their guns when someone was out of control, but didn't have a weapon. Instead officers think that it's okay to use it to get compliance for everything, thus abusing people while abusing the intent of tasers.

Comment Re:Cancer (Score 1) 190

Actually I'd be less worried about the spying and more worried about the radiation dosage. X-Rays are ionizing radiation and exposure to them increases the risk of cancer. I don't know what the dosage you would get from one of these things is but if it can penetrate the metal bodywork of a car to look inside it will probably be a lot more than a typical medical X-ray.

Maybe it's time to wear radiation detectors when you go outside?

Comment They are used to getting away with it. (Score 4, Insightful) 169

If you look at the fact that the USA/Obama Admin didn't care about how much they missed their target, and you look at the Doctors without Borders Hospital bombing. The USA knew, didn't care because they have been getting away with bombing the wrong targets for the last decade. Only problem now is the truth is coming out and it's looking bad for the Obama Admin.

Comment We should arrest school picture photographers also (Score 5, Insightful) 143

Those school pics you were forced to get every year? Ya, big pedophile ring right there. Forcing us to look nice for photos, so they could get off on it.

What about the DMV taking pictures of your kids? Government controlled ephebophilia ring there.

Oh shit, about what all the kids at the beaches? Wearing very little? We should outlaw that also. Maybe not let kids go outside anymore while we are at it. After all, we just think of the children, oh wait, we should outlaw that also.

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