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Comment Re:Where is deniability? (Score 1) 391

why would anyone NOT want to report it?

I respect the privacy of peoples computers I am working on. I am not a law enforcement officer, nor do I care to play one as I fix peoples computers. I do not look thru their photos or videos, nor should I, since that is an invasion of privacy, and I don't need to look thru their stuff to fix their computer.

Comment 2 Evil Forces against the good (Score 4, Insightful) 150

On one hand you have the Copyright Cartel, I mean, the Entertainment Industry buying laws to give them more rights, so they can abuse more ways to make money off content that will NEVER go into the public domain. And on the other hand you have the Government, who gladly accepts money to make laws that benefits their Movie & Music Mafia pals. On top of that, they want to overreach by collecting all the data America makes to make us safer, yet not catching home terrorist acts. Then claiming they need backdoors and no encryption to make us safer.

Our government has failed the people.

Comment Guess you old UID's don't understand (Score 2) 103

I see a lot of people with low UID asking why, and insulting these script kiddies for what they are planning on doing, giving exactly the sort of reaction these script kiddies are looking for. Haven't you learned by now? When peeps going trolling, you go ignoring. Never feed the trolls. Yet all I see is crying and whining and insults getting flung around. You keep feeding the trolls. You are giving them the reaction they are looking for, and they haven't done shit yet.

Guess what? If they do DDOS the various game networks, so fucking what? You going to cry in front of your kids about how these script kiddies are ruining Xmas for everyone? You going to throw a temper tantrum like a kid? Grow the fuck up. So what if they want to ruin Xmas for people who get new video games? Why are you letting them ruin your xmas? And why you giving them what they want, attention?

If you are smart (which by posts I am guessing you aren't), you will either give your kids the video games early so they can get them activated (so lame you need to activate games online before you can play them) so they can at least play single player mode if the networks go down. Or just tell your kids to enjoy the holidays doing something other then play video games.

Whatever you do, quit getting mad at the script kiddies, quit insulting them, quit asking fucking why and just accept that giving attention to trolls just makes them do other things for attention. Ignore them.

Comment Re:cracked in about two years. (Score 1) 133

and the Xbox360 was never completely cracked - there were optical drive exploits (for pirating games, but those were detectable by the OS), and odd versions of software could run Linux, but that's about it.

Not even true. I guess if you are looking for a software hack, then ya, the xbox 360 never got hacked, but there is a couple different hardware hacks that gives you complete control over the Xbox 360. Actually, I'm not sure how you can have not known that when you posted this considering that is what comes up if you google xbox 360 hacks.

Comment Re:15 years old? (Score 1) 475

If he's 15 years old there hasn't been any statistically significant temperature increase in his lifetime. What is he complaining about?

Maybe he doesn't want the environment to be even more fucked up when he's 50. Maybe he wants his kids to be able to enjoy a better earth. Maybe the kid is concerned about the future.

Comment Re:The submitter is obnoxious (Score 1) 243

If you're considering putting "dude" in your submission, turn off your internet and go live in a hole instead. Though you may already have done that if you think you can go to Radio Shack to get anything you can solder on, to, or with.

Whoa, back up dude. Nothing wrong with using the term of endearment "dude". It's a time honored way of addressing someone politely. For example, if I didn't use the term "dude" I might say things like "cumquat, shit for brains, twat, fucker, shithead, dumbfuck or the time honored "cunt". Instead I and others use the term "dude" because we are either in front of children or just being polite.

Remember that next time you complain about someone calling you dude, dude.

Comment Re:No surprise... (Score 2) 406

When I worked at the college bookstore warehouse in the early 1990's, we had an ancient IBM XT computer with dual 5.25" drives, an amber monitor and a dot matrix printer for printing shipping labels. It did that one job exceptionally well. I wouldn't be surprised if it still working there today.

IBM XT computers were not ancient in the early 1990's.

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