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Comment: Magical Program that can cure cancer & warts! (Score 1) 69

by Nyder (#49053803) Attached to: 'Google Search On Steroids' Brings Dark Web To Light

Sounds like this search engine runs on magic dust and could not only find the cure for cancer, but finally get rid of those facial warts that always come back! If you give us XXXX Billions of Dollars, it will keep you safe in your sleep from the bogey man, terrorists and spam!

Ya, sounds like bullshit to me.

Comment: Re:Who ISN'T on a terror watch list these days (Score 3, Insightful) 127

by Nyder (#48970155) Attached to: FBI Put Hactivist Jeremy Hammond On a Terrorist Watchlist

Say something the government doesn't like: Watch List
Participate in a protest the government doesn't like: Watch List
Buy too many guns or ammo in X period of time: Watch List
Visit some country our government doesn't like: Watch List
Donate to a charity or organization our government doesn't like: Watch List
Use VPN's or TOR or tech to try to keep some privacy: Probably on a Watch List

I'm sure I could expand this list quite a bit were I to put some effort into it. But you get the point.

Uses the Internet: Watch List.
Uses a cell phone: Watch List.
Uses a credit card: Watch List.

Comment: Colony Land grab, history repeating itself (Score 1) 283

by Nyder (#48968783) Attached to: FAA Could Extend Property Rights On the Moon Through Regulation

Providing we could actually send people & machines up to the moon to do crap, it would be just like the colonies. Remember that? Remember how all the countries left the New World alone since "Columbus" discovered it? Oh wait, I didn't get that text book, if I recall correctly, there was a lot of fighting over this new land.

So yes, let's fight over the moon also, because we have run out of things to fight over here on earth.

Comment: Re:Never finish (Score 1) 180

by Nyder (#48945355) Attached to: George R. R. Martin's "The Winds of Winter" Wiill Not Be Published In 2015

He may not finish it, but you can be damned sure the producers of the series have a solid plot line at their disposal should he kick the bucket. This is a cash cow of monumental proportions, and they won't let something as minor as the author's death get in the way of continuing production.

I'm more concerned about his book, not the HBO show. It would be very nice if he finished the series in his lifetime, let alone my lifetime.

Comment: Re:Everyone back up a step... (Score 0) 468


Ubisoft claims (for what it's worth) that the only digital keys that they revoked were those purchased fraudulently with stolen credit cards.

No one has a right to keep stolen property. If you buy a watch in a pawn shop, and the police come for it because it's stolen, you forfeit the watch. Don't get me wrong - I absolutely detest Ubisoft, ever since XIII, and will never buy another product of theirs...I hope their corporate building burns down, they lose their IP to someone, and the name Ubisoft becomes a curseword...

But at the same time, clamoring that the stolen goods you purchased on the black market were taken away from you doesn't garner sympathy.

You sound like all the losers on reddit that doesn't grasp the reality of the situation.

Comment: Re:False Advertising (Score 1) 145

by Nyder (#48896111) Attached to: NVIDIA Responds To GTX 970 Memory Bug

I'm just going to come out and say that to advertise the card with 4GB, but then disable any amount of it, is false advertising.

i agree. however in this case, all 4 Gigabytes are accessible, they simply aren't accessible at the same speed. the final 500MB is "slow" to access but it's still there and you can still access it.

So the Amiga Chip ram is back in style huh? but seriously, I have a 970 and I'm a bit miffed. Maybe it's time to see if those laser cuts can be bridged...

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