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by Proudrooster (#47151375) Attached to: Apple Announces New Programming Language Called Swift

Really, it is not the fault of MS, Google, or Apple but of academia. In the CS curriculum they still teach the "compiler" class and as long as you keep teaching kids how to write compilers, they will keep writing languages. SWIFT is definitely a variation on a C theme, but much better than the Objective-C (superset of C) syntax, at least at first glance.

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Ok, you guys are too slow, I RTFA and downloaded the iBook. So far, I am very much liking the SYNTAX, especially OBJECTS and FUNCTIONS, they even brought the LET keyword in from BASIC. SWIFT will make programming Apple products much easier for the C loving syntax crowd, from what I can see. Ahhh... what a breath of fresh air. Code snippet below of creating an object and exercising it. I feel bad for those that suffered through Objective-C.

“class Square: NamedShape {
        var sideLength: Double

        init(sideLength: Double, name: String) {
                self.sideLength = sideLength
                super.init(name: name)
                numberOfSides = 4

        func area() -> Double {
                return sideLength * sideLength

        override func simpleDescription() -> String {
                return "A square with sides of length \(sideLength)."
let test = Square(sideLength: 5.2, name: "my test square")

Excerpt From: Apple Inc. “The Swift Programming Language.” iBooks.

Comment: Somebody post a SWIFT example PLEASE! (Score 2) 636

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I wanted to write apps and tried to learn Objective-C, but as a coder that started with C and then moved on to C++ and PERL (the swiss army chainsaw), the language syntax hurt my ability to read it. In case you don't know what I am talking about, here are some of my learning notes

        myObject.someMethod(); // old school
        [myObject someMethod]; // send a message or call a method

        result = myObject.someMethod(); // old school
        result = [myObject someMethod]; // method returns a result

        result = myObject.someMethod(arg); // old school
        result = [myObject someMethod:arg]; // pass an argument

You can see the Old School syntax above (which works in Objective-C) and the Objective-C standard syntax below. The square brackets [ ] and colons : just hurt my mental debugger... [ ] and yes I know Objective-C is a Superset of C, so they had to steer clear of the C-Syntax but it just looks wrong. Further, I know that I could write my own style of Objective-C but I wouldn't be able to read the code of others. Apple had to start somewhere and Steve had the NeXT languages ready to go but to me the syntax is ugly and offensive. However, I am ready for a better Apple language.

I can't wait to see a SWIFT code example, if it gets rid of the NeXT Objective-C Superset Syntax, I might be coding for iPad and Mac sooner than I thought. If anyone has a code example, please share it, I would like to see what a function, method, or message call looks like. Hoping for parenthesis and a Standford iTunesU class. Guardedly excited!

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It has to do with Apple owning the culture of "cool" in the USA.

Just ask yourself, would a teenager rather have a closet full of trendy clothes or an gold iPhone 5?

Yes, the gold iPhone 5 wins everytime....

Apple gets Dr. Dre out of this deal, thus Dr. Dre will now be an Apple employee/aquihire.

Apple needs to transition from selling tracks on iTunes to getting people to pay for streaming without destroying the music business. Dr. Dre is the man for the job.

Apple has watched the decline of facebook as the young-ins are a leaving because it just ain't cool anymore and they do not want this to happen to their brand, which is really, really smart.

When Apple lost Jobs, they really lost the reality distortion field and it is going to take about 5 amazing icons working together to regenerate the reality distortion field and this purchase move them toward that goal.

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How about only take the top 10% of people who enter the college of education and pay them like similarly degreed professionals. This will get performance. The teaching field needs to attract talent not push it away, otherwise we could use a similar argument for CEO pay or whatever it is you do.

Our country seems to be at war with teachers and primary care physicians. Teachers are burning out an leaving in droves and primary care docs are committing suicide at the rate of 1 per day in the USA. Soon we will have a shortage of both. I am not convinced these folks are our enemies.

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It is no secret that our technology has expanded faster than our species is able to adapt to it. I do not agree with the premise that the Internet makes people atheists. I believe the Internet makes people busy, distracted, and unhappy similar to a person who watches cable news 24x7.

The Internet is open for business, shopping, facebook, research, slashdot, entertainment, YouTube videos, porn, gambling, gaming, ebay, amazon, netflix, and on and on and on. There is never a lack of services to capture your attention.

My premise would be this, since people are always busy consuming from the Internet, there is very little time for reflection. Since when most people put their smart phones down for the day and send that last text message, they pass out dead tired. Without reflection or examination of your life, you are just busy and tired. You have no time to take stock of yourself as a man/woman. Further, you have less time to be empathetic and/or meditate/pray.

I know older Americans that turn off their Internet for awhile because it becomes and addiction and affects how the live and behave.

Additionally, since 1990 the "Divorce and Marriage" data has shown a much different historic picture. Marriage rates are down, kids are getting married later and later (sometimes due to Internet, XBOX, and PlayStation). There is now a much larger pool of mates to chose from using the Internet causing people to shop and shop and shop. And again, I would say there is very little reflection as to what are the top 10 things I am looking for in a mate, what am I bringing to a marriage etc...

Humanities ability to adapt to the always on technology is a problem. Additionally, the ability to moderate the technology use is a problem. We need time to reflect, meditate, pray, sleep, socialize instead of spending every waking moment tied to a smart device on the Internet. The distraction of always on technology is a huge problem. Research show that limiting screen time for kids is very important.

Maybe we need a law that says the Internet is going down at 10pm to 6am to give humans a chance to sleep and be human.

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You can also have employees sign non-compete agreements which limits their right to work for a competitor for X years. However, in California (where the movie industry lives) these agreements are NOT LEGAL. Because of this, the tech giants had to find another way to limit employee mobility and this was it.

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It all depends on how much lawyer you can afford. This agreement is "likely illegal" and definitely shady. I would say this classifies as a cartel since 7 major tech companies are involved. An anti-poach agreement might be legal between two companies like Ford and GM, but not an seven. There are also possible federal anti-trust, anti-competition, anti-labor, and collusion charges which could be brought as well, but that won't happen since none of these companies did anything nearly as (sic) horrible as Aaron Swartz.

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This is just the tip of the iceberg in Silicon Valley wage fixing, discriminatory hiring, and age/gender discrimination. I would like to see the tech workers walk away with some big bags of cash since most of these companies are paying federal/state taxes in the USA. At least when the employees get paid it will benefit their local countries, states, and communities by re-patrioting some cash through taxation.

To me this is just further proof that large companies can do whatever they want, ignore any laws they want, not pay taxes/wages, and ignore the "invisible hand of the market" any time they wish. The lawsuit will probably be dismissed on Tuesday when the court opens, I am sure someone is writing the check as you read this.

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How many Apple products do you have in your house? More to the point, looking backward to Opensource projects trying to produce a desktop/laptop replacement and comparing those projects to proprietary like Apple, does it change your perspective or thinking in any way? Oh and currently, what is your favorite handgun?

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If I try to view slashdot on my iPad (non Air) it switches me to the mobile version and takes 30 seconds to render. What are you thinking? Slashdot is a message board for nerds and geeks. We submit news, you green light it, and then we comment (all the while generating ad revenue). So why on earth would you decide to screw up the web version? Let's review some history that possibly you can learn from......

The CEO of Coke decided that #1 selling cola in the world needed an update and launched NEW COKE. I am still not sure if they recovered the market share.

Northern Reflections a clothing mall store for older women (mostly selling fancy sweatshirts) decided they would switch to trendy teen clothes. They ended up closing all their US stores. since the alienated their existing base without attracting new customers.

Ford motor company discontinued the top selling car in America (The Ford Taurus) and replaced it with a Ford 500. People came in wanting a new Taurus, Ford said check out this Ford 500, the customers left and bought a Subaru. Ford got smart and renamed the 500 to the Taurus.

It is best to learn from the mistakes of others, since you will not live long enough to make them all yourself.

Answer the following question, "What are we changing and why are we changing it?" and if you don't have a good answer STOP before you destroy your business unless of course you are shorting the stock, hate your management, and are planning to bring the place down in flaming ruins.

You can't push a product that no one wants.

The sooner you fall behind, the more time you have to catch up.