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Comment Re:Apple is doomed (Score 1) 428

The game is about to change again. The device isn't going to be as important was what is behind the device and the Human Machine Interface. Everyone knows this which is why the valley is pushing into machine learning, autonomous system, big data, and thinking/learning machines. This is where the next trillion will come from unless someone can engineer a phone that thought controlled.

Other big money areas are battery technology. Imagine if Apple could put out a smartphone with a patented battery technology that lasted 1 month between chargers, that would be a game changer and everyone would flock to it. Material science, vehicle engineering, and embedded medical devices will also be other larger growth areas.

We now have the power, silicon, and networks for some amazing technology to blossom, but it is handwork and will take dedicated teams working together over many years. Google, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, and even Amazon all have a shot at making this a reality. Anyone can make a flat thin square with a touch screen and voice recognition that talks to a cloud backend. Now it is time to see how far we can go with this new platform and how it can benefit humanity or at least make money.

Comment Re:Always used to use Newegg (Score 1) 172

I agree....

You have to spread your business around so that you have multiple vendors from which to chose. Because one day, that big vendor that gave you the good price will screw you and everyone else.

Just like Wal*Mart taught these town folks a lesson. This town let their local mom and pop grocery store go out of business in favor of shopping at Wal*Mart express. Now Wal*Mart is closing and leaving town leaving them with no food, or a food desert as it is called in the article.


Spread your shopping around, keep everyone in business or else one day your options may be limited to zero or one.

Comment Re:How to deal (Score 1) 197

Then take all of of your glorious abstraction and stuff it into a FRAMEWORK that is so simple, anyone could effortlessly use as soon as they learn all the rules of using the framework properly.

Then have different programming teams start stuffing stuff into different frameworks and this famous quote comes to mind,

"Frameworks that Eat Frameworks don’t like it when you Customize the Frameworks they Eat"

When you get to this point, large modular software starts looking very supportable.

Comment Re:You might as well put a question mark at the en (Score 1) 287

Discovery BOTS are coming. In addition to BOTS that stitch together contracts and amended laws like this reducing research time, DIFF is such a handy tool.

(1) Paragraph (Insert paragraph number) of the above identified letter agreement is hereby amended as follows:
(Delineate language in this paragraph that is to be deleted and the language that is to be added in lieu thereof).
(2) Paragraph (Insert paragraph number) of the above identified letter agreement is hereby amended as follows:
(Delineate language in this paragraph that is to be deleted and the language that is to be added in lieu thereof).
With the exception of the abovestated amendments paragraphs (Insert paragraph number) and (Insert paragraph number), it is understood and agreed that all other terms and conditions forming a part of the original Agreement, (Insert the words "as previously amended" and/or "renewed" without the quotations if the agreement has been previously amended or renewed), shall remain in full force and effect.
Please indicate your approval of the abovestated amendments by signing below and returning one fullyexecuted original of this letter agreement to (Insert Name and address). You may retain the other fullyexecuted original for your files.

Comment Re: Duh (Score 1) 242

This is absolutely false. This was true 10-years ago, but not anymore. In fact in Michigan, a large unionized state, teachers no longer enjoy tenure or seniority. Teachers keep their jobs based solely on performance, student achievement, and student growth on an annual high stakes standardized tests. This was enacted by the state legislature 2 years ago. Further Michigan is a right-to-work state for teachers, which means that teachers need pay union dues and schools districts do not need to autodeduct the dues. Only police have mandatory unions in Michigan.

The legislature is putting the beat down on teachers and unions. Soon there will be no teachers or teacher unions and we will live in a charter school utopia where schools are run like businesses and have CEO's instead of superintendents.

So join the bash-wagon. Attack teachers and primary care physicians. This makes total sense

Comment Re:Oh the Irony..... (Score 1) 735

I disagree, the Internet does not DE-RADICALIZE anyone. The Internet is a giant echo chamber with predictive search results that tell you exactly what you want to hear.

For example, in Google right now using "Why are black people" as the stem of my query, I get returned:

"Why are black people black"
"Why are black people so loud"
"Why are black people so mean"
"Why are black people so fast"

So tell me again how the Internet is de-radicalizing or de-racistizing or de-anything-izing people.

Google is the front door of the Internet and Reddit is the front page. YouTube is the video library and features great videos like "How to join ISIS" and Facebook let's everyone organize.

Without the Internet the echo chamber would not exist and self-radicalizing would not occur.

Take San Bernardino California, with a stay at home mom alone at home with a baby, computer, and cell phone. She didn't get de-radicalizing. Not even a baby could compete with the Internet echo chamber of ISIS.

On a side note, with our massive NSA data warehouse and parallel construction, how did this even happen? Ammo, Guns, Pipes, Gunpowder paid for by credit card and shipped to an apartment with people who have visited countries with ties to terrorism. This should have been caught and through parallel construction a fake 911 call should have been used a pre-text to search the apartment. Either someone dropped the ball or this was allowed this to happen. I am not sure which is worse. Thoughts?

Comment Re:Typical of those poorly trained... (Score 5, Informative) 226

  • From the Official Report

During the interview with the Indonesia AirAsia management, one of the discussion topics was related to upset recovery training. The approved Operation Training Manual covers the upset recovery training in Chapter 8. The module consisted of ground and simulator training. The ground training provides the flight crew with the background, definition, cause of aircraft upset, aerodynamic and aircraft systems in relation with aircraft upset. Recovery methods consider various aircraft attitude and speed including post upset conditions.

The upset recovery training had not been implemented on Airbus A320 training, since it is not required according to the Flight Crew Training Manual and has not been mandated by the DGCA.


The Airbus A320 QRH chapter Computer Reset stated that: In flight, as a general rule, the crew must restrict computer resets to those listed in the table, or to those in applicable TDUs or OEBs. Before taking any action on other computers, the flight crew must consider and fully understand the consequences. The consequences of resetting FAC CBs in flight are not described in Airbus documents. It requires good understanding of the aircraft system to be aware of the consequences.

So we have a case of...
1. Alarm keeps going off
2. Reboot computer, hoping it will shutoff pesky alarm, but instead we don't understand consequences and knock out autopilot.
3. Without autopilot plane rolls and stalls, both human pilots do opposite things and make condition uncoverable.

Training issue....

Planes break, computers fail, and humans spill coffee. Pilots need the training to respond with automaticity when bad things happen We see this time and time again.

Comment Re:Novel Idea (Score 2) 365

Top 20 Burdensome Regulations on Business According to Heritage Foundation

It looks pretty horrific. It has terrible things in it like providing healthcare and taking care of the environment.

  • Healthcare for employees
    Bank Fees on Debit cards
    Credit Card Regulation
    Mandated Energy Efficiency (No more incandescent light bulbs)
    CAFE Standards
    EPA Environmental Standards
    Climate Change CO2 Legislation
    Community Reinvestment Mandates
    Financial Transparency Sarbanes-Oxley
    Network Neutrality

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