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Comment: But who will program the program..... (Score 1) 266

by Proudrooster (#49102207) Attached to: The Robots That Will Put Coders Out of Work

But who will program the program? Once the new amazing program is created, will users somehow be able to communicate requirements or will they just get a wizard?

The problem is not the lack of coders, the problem is that our species can not keep pace with our rate of technological innovation and expansion. Technology is ubiquitous as evidenced by people walking around like zombies starting at screens. Until we get a handle on technology, what it "is", where it is taking us, and how to adapt it to our species in a sane way, I doubt that programming will go away. It might morph, but it will still require advanced knowledge of business rules, databases, and processing.

As long as we are chasing the shiny ball of hardware, technology, and new functionality we will need programmers. When the ultimate platform is finally decided or all the players agree to use a platform neutral architecture, then we can run code generators. Oh wait, I think we tried that with JAVA and .NET.

Comment: Building a good team is all about people (Score 1) 101

by Proudrooster (#48963589) Attached to: Building a Good Engineering Team In a Competitive Market

What are you hiring? Are you hiring a resume or are you hiring a person? In order to get a good team, you need to start with good people and let them carefully add who they think will mesh with the team. This usually results in long term team stability since the team gets along with each other and works well together. If you have a good team core in place and try to force the rockstar that HR found onto the team or alternately the low waged, inexperienced H1-B without input it could end badly. This could result in team dissatisfaction and abandonment.

What is a good team?

A good team eats lunch together, more often than not.
A good team protects each other and shoulders the work load together.
A good team plays together, voluntarily, not the BS team building stuff the companies artificially put together.
A good team builds bonds which leads to everyone be honest and open about problems, skillets, and new ideas.

Not every person on a good team has to be a rockstar but a team should have base talent, be willing to learn, and of course be willing to be part of the team.

A team is like a little family you spend 8-10 hours a day with.

And... it is nice to say thank you to your TEAM. TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves Money

Good luck building your TEAM.

Comment: Re:where did Amazon service suffer as a result? (Score 3, Insightful) 155

by Proudrooster (#48751577) Attached to: The Fire Phone Debacle and What It Means For Amazon's Future

So don't buy Amazon shares. Jeff Bezos is an innovative maniac always looking for the next hit and willing to gamble big. Amazon is down $100 since 2013, but if you are longer term (multi-year investor) that bought in Dec 2012 you are still up $50 a share or you still made 15% or 7.5% per year. Sounds pretty good to me. Seriously, if you want to cry go look at energy companies right now.

It is just whining from people who want more, more, more. We hear it time and time again: Apple isn't giving us important shareholders enough money, Jeff Bezos isn't giving us investors enough money. We want more, we're important, we're shareholders. Go buy a dividend stock and be quiet. It is a stock, there is no such thing as a sure thing. Just ask everyone who lost 10-years of retirement savings as the banks crashed the world economy and then were bailed out by the US Government. So much for the invisible hand of the market.

Comment: Re:And people over 40 don't know how to reinstall (Score 1) 840

I used to think the same thing, until I learned you can get a NEW Toshiba laptop regular price at Best Buy for $300. I can't believe how inexpensive new machines have become. I can't even buy a Windows 7 license for less than $100, yet somehow I can get a whole laptop for $300.

The savings in buying something old, putting money into it and fixing it up, especially in computer hardware just doesn't make sense anymore. Unless you just have to reflow the solder in your trusty toaster oven, it is probably easier to buy a new one than fix up an old one.

Comment: Re:The devices have changed, not just the users (Score 1) 840

I can agree with you and can verify this as someone is a maker. I decided that with the help you a YouTube video could change out the battery in an iPhone 4s. No problem, just watch the video then do the same. I totally miscalculated the fragility of the battery connector and pried it right off the board with solder traces and all. The new modern electronics are very, very fragile, especially the connectors.

So, I looked on Ebay for someone who specialized in the type damage repair that I had done and shipped the phone off to have a new connector soldered to the motherboard.

The second phone I repaired was a success now that I knew about the delicacies of the insides and how careful you had to be when wiggling off connectors.

We also recently used a toaster oven to reflow the solder on a failed HP motherboard, 384-degrees for 8 minutes and wow did it smell, but fixed the problem.

So yes, things can be fixed, but it is a whole new world of repair. New pentalobe screwdrivers, new spoogers and prytools, toaster ovens for reflowing solder, and of course guidance from YouTube on how to fix anything.

Comment: Six Sigma / Lean / PMM (Score 2) 317

by Proudrooster (#48552275) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are Any Certifications Worth Going For?

It doesn't sound like you are a in the trenches programmer / admin so, why not take the strengths that you have (higher level technical ability and management) and work toward becoming a business process person. Being able to speak tech and business is quite valuable. Six Sigma / Lean are quite popular these days in organizations looking to become more efficient in their process then support the process with technology systems if appropriate. PMM is some sort of Project Management Methodology Certification, don't know much about it, but it seems popular in tech management circles.

Comment: Who likes loud PCs? Here is a solution with photos (Score 1) 720

by Proudrooster (#48487345) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Making a 'Wife Friendly' Gaming PC?

I hate loud PCs as well. Who wants to listen to fans run?

1. Find a Thermaltake case DH101 DH202, remove the bracket that runs front to back, it just gets in the way. I found mine on Craigslist.
2. Put in a quiet/silent PSU.
3. Put a short Zallman heat sink on your CPU with heat pipes with a 120mm fan on top.
4. Replace all your drives with SSDs, put noisy drives on the network, get a Western Digital My Cloud 4TB and wire it to ethernet for your PLEX library.
5. If the fan on the GPU is loud, get a bigger fan 120mm.

Here are some photos of a DH101 case and how I have it configured to be quiet.

I agree with your wife, your living room shouldn't sound like a datacenter. Women can hear better than men so it is louder to them.

Comment: Re:Who is going to get the pink slip (Score 1) 155

by Proudrooster (#48462543) Attached to: Sony Pictures Computer Sytems Shut Down After Ransomware Hack

We run with two accounts one for normal use and one for software installation (admin/root). In my opinion, it is bad practice to run any machine LINUX, MAC, or WINDOWS logged in as admin/root. Having to type a username/password into sudo or the windows/mac popup is minor compared to software "accidentally" getting installed. :)

Hey I heard from some guy that hates BYOD that SONY was taken down by an infected iPad. It had nothing to do with that last Microsoft patch that Sony didn't apply.

Comment: Re:Who is going to get the pink slip (Score 1) 155

by Proudrooster (#48457139) Attached to: Sony Pictures Computer Sytems Shut Down After Ransomware Hack

Don't you hate it when people disagree with your blind, error filled assertions? I bet you wanted to print this post off and show it to your boss and say, "SEE, LOOK, IT'S THOSE PEOPLE WITH BYOD!" when in reality YOU, Mr. Site Admin are the biggest security threat to your organization.

I was at least expecting you to lie and respond, "I am not logged in as DOMAIN ADMIN."

On a serious note, I would strongly suggest you look at your teams security practices before you end up in the same shape as SONY. Ransom ware is running wild right now. Making sure you have air-gapped backups, your servers are patched with all out of band patches, users and admins are NOT logged in as DOMAIN ADMIN, strong passwords with a password saved in a password manager like KEYPASS.

Comment: Re:Who is going to get the pink slip (Score 1) 155

by Proudrooster (#48456775) Attached to: Sony Pictures Computer Sytems Shut Down After Ransomware Hack

What if I told you this "ransom ware" attack was caused by network admins who were logged in as DOMAIN ADMINISTRATORS? Ransomware is usually the result of poor security practices by admins adding DOMAIN ADMIN to their groups in group policy. So, infect one DOMAIN ADMIN and ransomware is off and running through the entire network, encrypting and trashing as it goes. With ransomware the worst a nonadmin user can do is take out their own files, but infect an account with DOMAIN ADMIN and you can take out a network.

As for your ignorant remarks on BYOD. BYOD is a very low risk, especially if you keep them on a limited wifi then limit devices to iPhones & Windows PC with latest security updates, sorry droids.

And, I based on post with the (sic) advanced literary skills and complex reasoning ability, I bet you are an admin that logs in with DOMAIN ADMINISTRATOR credentials, because you aren't the security problem, you are an all knowing GENIUS!

"Clever is easy, simple is hard." -me

Comment: Extra Hour Each Saturday and Sunday, Here's How (Score 1) 613

by Proudrooster (#48290393) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Do You Stand on Daylight Saving Time?

Forget changing the clocks twice a year, let's do it twice a week. On Friday Night, 3pm will magically jump to 5pm, then Saturday and Sunday will both be 25 hours days where each day of the weekend gets ONE EXTRA HOUR EVERY WEEK! WHO HOO!

The stock market can just close an extra hour early on Friday.

I also have a plan for a METRIC DAY! This whole 60 seconds in a minute thing is ridiculous, it should be 100 metric seconds in a metric hour in a 20 hour metric day. Who ever came up with the stuff just wasn't thinking.

24 hours in a day... BAH!

Comment: Re:Great idea! Let's alienate Science even more! (Score 2) 937

by Proudrooster (#47899057) Attached to: Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

Bah Reason! Humans aren't capable of it. Seriously, as a race we just recently wandered in off the Sahara. Before we start down the path of reason we have to work on TRUTH and SHARING. When Mr. Reason Dawkins himself can't even tell the truth, there is no hope for reason. All of our systems are currently optimized for extraction of resources and not efficient distribution or sharing. Without TRUTH and SHARING we will not have trust, and without TRUST there can be no reason. See the endless emotional debates on energy, water, global warming, education, ideology. I appreciate and applaud you for your proposal, but it just isn't possible at this time.

In Nature there are neither rewards nor punishments, there are consequences. -- R.G. Ingersoll