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Comment Re:Novel Idea (Score 1) 359

Top 20 Burdensome Regulations on Business According to Heritage Foundation

It looks pretty horrific. It has terrible things in it like providing healthcare and taking care of the environment.

  • Healthcare for employees
    Bank Fees on Debit cards
    Credit Card Regulation
    Mandated Energy Efficiency (No more incandescent light bulbs)
    CAFE Standards
    EPA Environmental Standards
    Climate Change CO2 Legislation
    Community Reinvestment Mandates
    Financial Transparency Sarbanes-Oxley
    Network Neutrality

Comment f.lux on all screens, end blue light at night (Score 1) 491

I've started using f.lux and on my iPad and Computers. I feel it makes a huge difference at the end of the day plus it visually alerts me to bedtime.

f.lux® software to make your life better

Some initial studies has shown that using f.lux on your screens at night is equivalent to getting extra sleep.

Apple claimed f.lux violated the developer agreement and made them take down the source, but you can still get it here:

Git Hub for f.lux

Just use Xcode to install and side load.

What is flux?

f.lux indicator applet
Better lighting for your computer

f.lux indicator applet is an indicator applet to control xflux, an application
that makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm
at nights and like sunlight during the day

Comment BF = Aggressive jerks (Score 1) 145

Black Friday is usually full of aggressive jerks, going to get a good deal so they can resell the item and make some cash. Instead, I sleep in on BF, wake up later in the day and check Craigslist, where the thugs are selling their bounty. If you give them $20-$50 more than they paid for it, they are happy because they made a profit. Also, CyberMonday tends to have equal or better deals. The sad fact is that inventory comes over by the container full and it has to go somewhere.

Comment Bah! GPS! Give me Astro-Inertial Navigation System (Score 1) 350

The SR-71 had astro internal navigation long before GPS. This system required quite a bit of calibration at pre-flight, but with the sensors we have available today (gyros, accelerometers), this could easily be added to ships. This system can work day or night as well. It is pretty ingenious. There are several commercially available versions which could easily be incorporated into ships or drones. CelNav is a great exercise in math, but if your ship gets hit with an EMP, knowing your location won't do much good since you won't be able to move the ship.

Comment What do we need? STEM!!! Oh and cheap. (Score 5, Insightful) 273

What do we need?
STEM Jobs!

Where do we need them?
Cheap labor cost countries!

What STEM jobs can Americans do?
Train their foreign replacements!

What can congress do!
More H1-B's, we need cheap STEM labor and we need it now.

What can you do?
Don't be a lowly middle class American, be a CEO of a STEM company and outsource your way to quarterly profits. If that doesn't work, reorganize and break up business units and sell them off. Maybe hookup with a corporate raider like Ichan and rack up a lot of debt, pay large dividends to shareholders then go bankrupt.

Comment You can't start your car, there are 33 updates.... (Score 1) 192

Oh this is going to be wonderful..... I'll be running late. When I put the key in the ignition and turn it the display will boot up it will tell me, "Please wait, GM is installing 33 critical updates." then it will want me to reboot the car.

Unless the car is a Google car and will drive itself, I really don't need a networked car. This is just going to end badly and make everyone late.

Submission + - Boeing patents laser-powered fusion-fission jet engine (

Proudrooster writes: From Ars Technica. The patent, US 9,068,562, combines inertial confinement fusion, fission, and a turbine that generates electricity. It sounds completely crazy because it is. Currently, this kind of engine is completely unrealistic given our mastery of fusion, or rather our lack thereof. Perhaps in the future (the distant, distant future that is), this could be a rather ingenious solution. For now, it's yet another patent head-scratcher. Will the patent office will demand to inspect a working device?

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