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by StikyPad (#47712507) Attached to: Comcast Training Materials Leaked

But if you're looking for someone to subsidize basic research with little or no investment return potential, don't look to a competitive company to do it...

...or to Bell Labs. It's a common misconception that Bell Labs existed for nothing more than the pursuit of knowledge, but nothing in Bell Labs was meant for mental masturbation, or "little or no investment return potential." Discoveries were made as a consequence of trying to solve technological problems, but they weren't just standing around "doing science" for its own sake.

CMB was discovered while looking for noise sources in microwave communications. Transistors weren't patented because the lawyers thought it wasn't new. (Arguably a huge mistake.) UNIX made money by being used internally, and was marketed within a few years, both directly through AT&T as System V, as well as licensed to third parties. Every famous accomplishment was the direct result of looking for technologies to either add new commercial offerings, improve existing offerings, or reduce operating costs.

If you're looking for research for its own sake with little or no direct goals for commercialization, you'll only find it at a very small subset of colleges, universities, and government/NGO enterprises like CERN. Even then, it often becomes necessary to license inventions to stay afloat.

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by cayenne8 (#47712339) Attached to: $125,000 Settlement Given To Man Arrested for Photographing NYPD

Don't you have private prosecutions in the US? Sure, they cost money, but in cases like this there are usually plenty of interested parties willing to chip in.

No...never heard of such a thing??

Charges here are brought by the government against criminals.

In civil suits, it is private I guess, people suing each other, but not in criminal matters.

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Interesting bit of the training material I found:

"Fuck you,"-- that's my name. You know why, mister? You drove a Hyundai to get here. I drove an eighty-thousand dollar BMW. THAT'S my name. And your name is "you're wanting." You can't play in the man's game, you can't close them - go home and tell your wife your troubles. Because only one thing counts in this life: Get them to sign on the line which is dotted. You hear me, assholes? ABC. A, always. B, be. C, closing. Always Be Closing. Always Be Closing!

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The reference for the wheel design is the specifications to meet it's goals.

So, by an actual good measure, the wheel design is a good one. How can something that exceeded it's goals be considered flimsy?

If you bought 50,000 mile tires for you car, and they lasted 75,000 miles would you call them flimsy?

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