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Comment: Sense of Humor lacking (Score 1) 190

I don't like the idea of DDOS being legitimized in any way, so I'm not going to address that aspect.

Why piss in the figurative lemonade by using an empty file for the mislabeled torrent?

Remember me during the old Limewire/Napster days, anyone?
File Titled: Something new and legit like "Track 01 Elton John --Rocketman-- 2014 Digitally Remastered Release.mp3".
Actual file: William Shatner spoken word version

+ - Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting-> 3

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "A grand jury in Missouri has decided there is no probable cause to charge police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. "A grand jury of nine whites and three blacks had been meeting weekly since Aug. 20 to consider evidence. At least nine votes would have been required to indict Wilson. The Justice Department is conducting an investigation into possible civil rights violations that could result in federal charges." Government officials and Brown's family are urging calm in Ferguson after the contentious protests that followed Brown's death."
Link to Original Source

Comment: Carbon restoration (Score 1) 695

What we're doing is taking carbon that was once living matter that was folded into the earth and restoring it to its rightful place in the above ground environment.
It's not man's fault. It's to man's credit that we are doing this.
We are restoring Carbon to its rightful place. It is our duty to continue doing so and adapt to the changes that happen afterwards.

No more Mr. Nice Gaius.

+ - Space Tourism Isn't Worth Dying For

Submitted by theodp
theodp (442580) writes "Over at Wired, spaceship fan Adam Rogers casts a critical eye on the fatal SpaceShipTwo crash, arguing that Space Tourism Isn’t Worth Dying For. "SpaceShipTwo — at least, the version that has the Virgin Galactic livery painted on its tail — is not a Federation starship," Rogers writes. "It’s not a vehicle for the exploration of frontiers. This would be true even if Virgin Galactic did more than barely brush up against the bottom of space. Virgin Galactic is building the world’s most expensive roller coaster, the aerospace version of Beluga caviar. It’s a thing for rich people to do: pay $250,000 to not feel the weight of the world." He closes, "When various corporate representatives eulogize those two pilots as pioneers who were helping to cross the Final Frontier, that should make you angry. That pilot died not for space but for a luxury service provider. His death doesn’t get us closer to Mars; it keeps rich people further away from weightlessness and a beautiful view." By the way, a Slashdot commenter expressed similar thoughts a few hours earlier, but got modded to Troll (and an AC defender was modded to Flamebait). Tough crowd, as Rodney Dangerfield used to say."

You know you've landed gear-up when it takes full power to taxi.