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Comment Re:Celebrate? (Score 1) 153


The anti-social network I have celebrates tomorrow. Celebrate! Your invitation never made it to the mailbox. But have a drink to commemorate the occasion, and have your dinner (for two-one now the other later) delivered to your door. Come on, do *I* have to think of everything?


Comment Re:Better than POWERBALL (Score 1) 232

Correct, Mr. Griffin, but I hastily typed out that comment but what I meant was, If you were related to him, say, as a brother and wanted to claim "wrongful death" or medical malpractice, and demanded compensation for either one. The fact that his last name was Hearst or Hughes or even Getty or Gates or Hilton is irrelevant.

Comment Better than POWERBALL (Score 1) 232

OK, here's an idea that's slashdot-worthy: Hire your Bill-Murray-in-Wild-Things-type shyster lawyer, sue the company on behalf of the braindead guy for millions (francs though, take it or leave it) and spend the rest of your life touring your bucket list (although your master lying down in the back of the stretch limo won't be the whiner/complaining type simply because he's dead. I hope I wasn't going too fast for you...

Remember kids: There is no OFF position on the genius switch

Comment Re: no one cares (Score 1) 314

In some countries the EULA would be thrown out and burned if ever tried in court
That's funny. If I recall correctly, they did that with Miss Of Arc, you remember St.Joan, don't you, I believe she was a fair, fragile, yet fierce knight? She was burned at the stake, accused of witchcraft.
Coincidentally, the EULA should be accorded the same treatment: After all, the latest iteration of Windows, Windows X--I've lost track--is Minecraft, with a free OS thrown in, for good measure. The game itself is quite addictive; the bundled wannabe OS, however, is not.

Comment "We"?? (Score 1) 148

I, for one, still prefer hardbound dead tree versions.

So you can join the rest of the oh-honey-look-it's-the-new-shiny-shiny-64G-Orgasmatron-from-Cupertino-that-I-traded-for-Princess-Leia-in-a-slave-girl-outfit-worshipping crowd.

In other words, the rest of your attention deficit is stuck back there with your gadget.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 36

As in, Gentlemen, start your SPINengines

But if it's not spin, at least we know where smarter heads prevailed. Their leaders knew it was a slippery slope to begin with: we have access. Can the other player/terrorist/competing regime/other country gain that same access, with enough dollars or gold to throw at that server?

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