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Comment In an attempt? Look again (Score 0) 127

(Had to repost. For some silly stupid reason the new slashdot logs you in, but posts your comments as ac. stupid untested beta creeps)

You think it is too late? Late for poseurs and wannabees. Too late for them.

I have been surrounded by iphoneatics and people with bigger and larger tablets you need two pairs of cargo pants to wear them, the second one for your brain in case it ever needs to multitask. Sure it'll fit, if you don't drop it on the floor.

You'll be like the rest of the phoneatics, mesmerized by the glow, which you will need since it's too dark where the sun don't shine. And guess where your head is at.

So please BB, make a phone for the rest of us that aren't thrown by the shiny shiny or the price. Or the long lines. Because WE know who Big Brother really is. He's up there in the icloud.

Go ahead and buy the new model, with the gorilla glass and chinese-made parts. But don't forget to sign up and have an account. You know resistance is futile. But not smexi.

Comment There are other things wrong with her argument (Score 1) 536

Sure let's make a million of them. For testing. Now drop them in the Middle East, the terrorist training areas. Before they are taught how to have sex with their camels. Or make homemade bombs out of fertilizer, and other household goods. Hey guys, the virgins we were promised are here, early delivery! Everybody would be trying to get these bots in unusual contortions before the bots suddenly explode, nuking the desert back to the stone age.

Comment Re:makes no sense to me (Score 2) 536

Do Androids dream of electric sheep
Will I dream
How does choosing to have sex with a robot reinforce stereotypes about women? ...and other unanswered questions were racing through my sci-fi addled mind, as I slowly undressed the Kardashian sexbot I had recharged for the weekend. Only 46 hours of pleasure till Monday, beer stocked in the fridge, pizza to be delivered is good.

Comment I tend to avoid using that word (Score 0) 45


The word tends to resurface in those critical review meetings. You know which ones: the disaster recovery meeting, the war room meetings, congressional hearings, investigative meetings--in short, those blamestorming meetings, and you know you've reached a certain milestone in your career when you are always kept in the loop. In fact, you know you're approaching that red zone when you happen to be wearing the beeper that causes those ripples that are felt by Everyone That Matters at 2 in the morning. And the One In the Hot Seat will make a statement that would sound something like this:

Well we made that choice because it seamless trouble at the time.

I took a fish head to the movies and I didn't have to pay. -- Fish Heads, Saturday Night Live, 1977.