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Comment I've been waaiting for this! (Score 1) 113

When I was a kid, I would normally miss the blockbuster movies because they would be rated either PG or R. Then I would wait for the cheap Italian version featuring rather well known actors who looked like they could pull off the lead, and maybe make it a considerable hit in 3rd World countries. Up to know I still find myself commenting poor man's Jason Statham or poor man's Bruce Willis

The hunt is on for Poor man's Ben Affleck!

Comment The ONLY manual I've read: Pay attention (Score 1) 464

The only manual that I've read from cover to cover when I decided to make a career of using computers was the one that came with the very first desktop PC I bought, how to set it up for daily use, and it had tips on ergonomic positioning and monitor height (angle maybe, and distance) to avoid RSA and vision problems later on.
It was well worth the 15 minutes, because many career changes later on, with each new computer I've remembered those tips and the optimal setup. BTW, GOML!

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