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Comment Re:What About Nutrition? (Score 1) 55

Except this very local, which is the whole point.

Except that's not the whole point of organic agriculture. Organic farming has a number of points, some of which are valid, some of which are not.

Now the locality issue has to do with the sustainability arguments of organic advocates, which I consider generally more plausible than their ideas about nutrition or toxins. Centralizing agriculture far away and transporting pesticides and fertilizers to that site and then transporting the produce, sometimes half-way across the globe, represents a huge waste of energy, with the pollution that goes along with that.

That said, growing crops indoors with electricity derived from, say, a coal-fired power plant is hardly "sustainable agriculture". If you're growing those crops with solar or wind power from your roof that's possibly a different story.

In any case I'd regard a food system that was more local than what we have in the US to be a good thing. However I don't think that an *entirely* local food system would be a good idea. Yes, local agriculture has sustained human populations for thousands of years, but for thousands of years local famines were common too. So why I purchase locally grown produce, including excellent pasture-raised pork and beef, when it is in season, I don't feel guilty about purchasing Californian or Chilean produce when local produce is out of season, although I'd welcome some kind of "green seal" of sustainability, which would not necessarily be as stringent as, or necessarily a subset of the requirements for the "organic" label.

Comment Re: Sounds like (Score 2) 52

And as an old acquaintance of men did, he gave his wife controlling interest of his company so that he could bid as a minority owned business. Coupled with his political connections - it's good to donate to polÃftical candidates - he's doing quite well.

Yep, that's how it works.

Basically, "Two White Guys, Inc" will not be even considered for a federal govt contract, and really most state and local ones either.

So, what you do is partner with (and giving 51%) an established minority owned company (if it is a female minority owner, you have hit the jackpot)...or you do like you suggested and make your own company in your wife's'd just better trust her.

But anyway, you submit as a female/minority owned contractor, and with the larger contracts you are basically just the front end for a larger company that wouldn't qualify, like Lockheed or that level....and apply for the contract.

Once the contract is awarded, you usually go through a couple of cycles of the losers suing to block it and the govt has to review its proceedings, etc...and finally it gets awarded....lather, rinse repeat.

And there you have it..that is how things are done in the Fed Govt. contracting world.

Comment Re:How is this legal? (Score 1) 302

I think it was in "Good omens" where Crawly [the demon that was the snake seducing Eve] sends back to hell EULA from HP to the department that crafts the agreements between the devil and mortals [think Faust] with a small note attached "Read and learn!"......nuff said

Comment Why? Mainly the hours but... (Score 1) 395

1) many states forbid protection from overtime for tech workers
2) forced holiday work
3) low company status
4) forced weekend work
5) forced night work
6) Sales force gets the glory even when tech does something tremendous to make the sale possible in the first place.
7) Told they are "not core business" and replaced by offshore workers (often doing tremendous damage to the business when all the business knowledge is shown out the door and people with no clue about the business replace them.
8) No training ("would make them leave")

But mainly it's the hours worked.

Comment Re:no purpose left (Score 1) 169

This may be the popular opinion, but it's simply not true. Anybody who has developed in flash/Actionscript and also HTML5 knows that the difference between the two as a developer is stark.

HTML5/javascript is a series of layered hacks on hacks on the foundation of a script thrown together by Netscape in a few weeks. There are loads of browser-specific behaviors to be aware of, and the core functionality that there is a plethora of javascript libraries (jquery, prototype, and too many others to name) that try to create the semblance of continuity across all the different, slightly incompatible browsers.

I really, truly don't understand why Adobe has chosen to just sit on their fingers with flash rather than deal with its issues. Either Adobe is almost criminally stipid in their handling of Flash, or the actual Flash source code must be unbelievably awful.

Comment Re:Heh (Score 4, Insightful) 395

One thing I've noticed is someone who is very good at a tech job isn't just twice as productive as someone who is lousy at it; the discrepancy could easily be 10x; or it could be that he produces positive progress and the lousy guy produces anti-progress. This is clearly true for software developers, but I've seen it happen with network administrators too: small cadres of happy, super-productive admins outperforming armies of miserable tech drones.

But the thing is if you don't understand anything about (a) the technology or (b) human beings, how do you get a worker to be more productive? You make him work longer.

I'm not talking about striking while the iron is hot. When opportunity produces the occasional 80 hour work week, that's a totally different matter than having no better idea of what to do than setting unrealistic goals and leaving it to workers to make it up through sheer, unsustainable effort. Too often in the latter case you end up producing the semblance of progress. Yeah, I finished the module but someone's going to have to throw it out and rewrite when it blows up in the customer's face.

Comment Re:Wait for the results. (Score 1) 133

Well he *is* going to test the hypothesis. But he has to test the *procedure* as well on a smaller scale before he uses it on his research subjects.

People underestimate how much of science is like this. Advancing science isn't just a matter of creating more theoretical knowledge; a lot of the time it's about advancing know-how.

Comment Re:In other news (Score 1) 417

If you see this sign and the lane to the right of you is clear enough for people to pass you on the right, then you're not legally in the right by being in the left lane.

Quit bitching and whining about the dangerous behavior of others while you're actively breaking the law and needlessly adding to the hazard of the whole situation. Talk about "zero self awareness of your unaccommodating behavior".

What is now proved was once only imagin'd. -- William Blake