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Comment: Re:central storage or n^x security guard costs / s (Score 1) 74

by Ralph Wiggam (#47772427) Attached to: New NRC Rule Supports Indefinite Storage of Nuclear Waste

Ronald Reagan's NRC appointees approved zero new reactors. George HW Bush's NRC approved zero. Clinton's NRC approved zero. George W Bush's NRC approved zero new nuclear reactors.

Obama's NRC has approved 4 new reactors. They can't be all that anti-nuclear.

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by Austerity Empowers (#47771819) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What To Do About Repeated Internet Overbilling?

AT&T did not have to use ATM for DSL, that was a bad choice made by some telecom equipment vendors back in the late 90s, as part of an attempt to create a centralized AOL-like internet for the monopolies, rather than succumb to what was already inevitable at that time and force the monopolies to be common carrier bandwidth providers.

The idiotic, long lost battle rages on. Bottom line is that ATM is dead outside the central office, it's not the only way to do this, but it's the one they've chosen to invest in. We should not be paying for it, and in a competitive market it'd have been gone 10 years ago.

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by Yaztromo (#47771747) Attached to: A Horrifying Interactive Map of Global Internet Censorship

For example, this week I saw a video of a beheading. Now after watching it I probably wish that somebody had filtered that for me.

If it makes you feel any better, unless you watched a completely different video than I did (something other the what has been in the news recently), you didn't see a beheading. Did you see the blood spurt/drain out as the carotid/jugular were severed? Did you see the disarticulation of the spine? Those weren't in any version of the video I saw. It moves from a guy making a sawing motion with a knife in front of a guy throat, to a picture of the disembodied head sitting atop the body.

That's not to say that the guy is any less dead, or that it was any less horrific. But there was a lot of somewhat creative editing going on in that video. Shadows seem to shift at different points relative to the background, indicating that some of the later parts may have been recorded an hour or two after the earlier parts. There is some analysis that seems to indicate the "terrorist" may have been two different people at different points in the video. There are a lot of cuts, and quite a bit you don't see.

I'm not saying the video is a complete fake. The guy obviously suffered a horrific death, and the perpetrators need the full weight of the western worlds power brought down upon them. But don't beat yourself up about watching a beheading -- what was shown was both sad and shocking, but it left out the actual beheading part (again, unless there is some special uncut version out there I haven't heard about).


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by sillybilly (#47771557) Attached to: New NRC Rule Supports Indefinite Storage of Nuclear Waste

There is a youtube channel i watch called We eat the weeds. I'm like yeah right, but if you think of it, somewhere down the road all veggies started out with we eat the weeds, and learn. Even lillies, you could ingest 1 flower, and wait and see, then ingest 5 flowers, and wait and see, etc. In fact those toxins might be helpful as medicine when you're sick with an infection for instance, at the proper dose. That's how rats treat everything they eat, as they are scavangers and a lot of things are rotten and toxic from the bacteria, fungi and yeasts on them, so they take a bite, then come back later to eat it if they don't get sick. Which is why rat poison has to be tricky. Presently they have vitamin K antagonists, that create no pain, but prevent blood clotting, so if a vessel ruptures in their brain or muscles, they get anyeurism, or if they get hurt and start bleeding, they bleed to death, but they eat it no problem because they don't sense feeling bad from taking a bite. And unless they do bleed in someway, like an external scrape or internal blood vessel rupture, they survive it OK. Sometimes when they try to make me work hard physically I think of rat poison and blood vessel rupture, and try to moderate the level of exertion. I also refuse to get a flat stomach and muscles there, because that's a great way to get a hernia. When it's all soft and muscle-less, there is nothing that really puts a great force on your intestines to exit your abdominal cavity. And hernia operations are expensive, and I refuse to buy health insurance on matters of conscience and principle.

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by sillybilly (#47771529) Attached to: Seagate Ships First 8 Terabyte Hard Drive

Also, can I run my chemical factory controls on the cloud? What if my Internet connection goes down, or there is a power outage. Locally I could have battery backups, or redundant equipment, but now you're telling me I need redundant network wires going to the cloud? That's a lot of fucking copper or fiber, and they have to go through the same fucking street and light poles, and gets smashed down by the same idiot truck driver who got lost with his oversize cargo, because his GPS device was acting up. Oh how many times my Magellan GPS has told me to go in a loop, then back to the same place where I am, and continue. I swear its got a remote in it, where they can take me through a neighborhood and show me some pretty houses, like, wouldn't you wanna live here? And pay $200,000 for a house? Yeah right.

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by sillybilly (#47771507) Attached to: Seagate Ships First 8 Terabyte Hard Drive

The ext2 filesystem is only designed to a max of 32 Tera Bytes. And I'll be stuck using that for a long time, unless the unix and windows camp cleans up their act, but all I see is smart phones with ridiculously small screens all over the place, and cloud cloud cloud IBM wants your data on the cloud cloud cloud. Can I format my harddrive to fat32 on the cloud please. Nope, but you gotta pay monthly rent, on the cloud. Rent? Dude!....

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by sillybilly (#47771489) Attached to: Seagate Ships First 8 Terabyte Hard Drive

Yeah, because it's like jazz, the thoughts just keep on surfacing and rolling nonstop. It all starts with a quantum fluctuation deep inside my brain that gets filtered and shaped by past memories, plus the parasites that possess me and interface with my nerve synapses pitch in too, and it all gets spilled over here like mental vomit.. I could clean it up but then it would lose the element of spontaneity to it, which is the key thing in jazz.. In fact Gauss and Euler used to present their findings in inhuman ways, that were rigorous, but obviously not the way their mind discovered it, and through that they withheld from others how they thinked.

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by sillybilly (#47771371) Attached to: New NRC Rule Supports Indefinite Storage of Nuclear Waste

I hope Dice holdings censors and blocks access to such discussion topics from certain areas of the world. Even if they don't, it's OK though. I mean it's hard to block it from Australia, or even in America there are many foreign nationals and sympathizers. Especially India with rolling blackouts through their electric grid, exploding population levels, and sitting on top of all that Thorium, got to be interested in nuclear technology. But if they hold the cow sacred, and tell you why should I kill the cow, I love the cow, it gives me milk, cheese, I don't want to hurt it, maybe they won't use nuclear weapons on you. But don't bet on it. As they disrespect international treaties and do blasts like smiling Buddha, and some people, who are not very Hindu, and cow loving, like it used to be in the South, but live in the North of Muslim invasion land, they eat rats and mice no problem and are not vegetarian at all. In fact Pakistan and Bangladesh are India, per se, except they were excised from the rest because of the dominating muslim population, and out of those Pakistan also has nukes, but they haven't used it on each other yeat, in disputes like Kashmir, but there have been verbal threats alluding to no weapon is excluded from retaliation if this continues, kinda way, coming from Pakistan. In Bangladesh you have 155 million people stuck in an area of 57 thousand sq miles, while the great state of Texas is 269 thousand square miles, and has 26 million people only, and the whole US is 314 million, and the area is 3,794 thousand square miles. And the people in Bangladesh are not gonna stop fucking, or in the rest of India, and they need lots and lots of electric.

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Graphite also has low cross section, but it has to be boron free, which was the key part of how Szilard and Fermi could build the first nuclear pile in the world in Chicago back in the day, but the Germans, not aware of the boron impurity being a neutron poison, did not succeed. Had they known about it, Hiroshima may not have been the first place in the world to learn about the devastation of nuclear weapons, but it might have been something like London or Glasgow, or St, Petersburg, or Moscow.

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by sillybilly (#47771281) Attached to: New NRC Rule Supports Indefinite Storage of Nuclear Waste

And none of the other fast neutron coolant alternatives are better - noble gases like helium, or all gases, have issues with localized velocity distribution and meltdown, and shift in the bulk packing, and lead-bismuth eutectic alloy that the Russians are such a great fan of, melts at too high a temperature, where unfreezing stuck or plugged 10 inch lines of bulk lead solder, analogous to a plumbers solder, with an external torch, is just a pain in the ass. Sodium melts very low, (NaK melts below the freezing point of water), and has a low cross section for neutron absorption, meaning they bounce them back and stay unaffected, which is essential for a coolant. Helium, Lead, Bismuth, Sodium, Zirconium, etc, all have low cross section, Boron, Cadmium, Hafnium, etc, are neutron poisons, and get destructed into some other element, like carbon, when absorbing neutrons.

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