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Comment Re:What a stupid idea. (Score 1) 801

There are areas in my city where you have two choices when attempting to travel from one east-west street to a prallel east-west street a half mile north: either (a) drive a mile in either direction in heavy traffic with lights at every other block to reach the nearest "big" north-south street, or (b) take one of the two dozen minor streets in between that have all become clogged with stop signs and speed bumps. It's done nothing but made traffic worse, all because these people don't want anyone driving over 20mph on the two-lane, dotted yellow down the middle road that's near their house.
Data Storage

Submission + - Why are tape drives not scaling with hard disks? 4

An anonymous reader writes: Every 3-6 months, we see an announcement about something adding to hard disk storage. However, tape drives don't seem to be improving on anywhere near the scale of hard disks.

Why is this? Both are magnetic media, and with a tape drive, a manufacturer has far more space to put data on than the platters of a hard disk, and still leave plenty of space for error correction data. Tape drives also don't spin nearly as fast as hard disks, so tolerances involved can be less.

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