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Comment: Re:Not a great loss... (Score 3, Informative) 108

by will_die (#48148089) Attached to: Oracle Database Certifications Are No Longer Permanent
Oracle already has the version in the name of the certificaton.
That certification is good for the lifeof the product what is changed with the time limit is that with an active Oracle certification you get access to software and some other services. If you don't keep the certification active you lose that access.
So my old Oracle DBA certification of Oracle 7 (15+ years old???) will no longer give me access to the web site and software unless I upgrade the cert however I am still certificated as an Oracle 7 DBA for as long as I want to claim it.

+ - Flight Attendants Want Stricter Gadget Rules Reinstated

Submitted by stephendavion
stephendavion (2872091) writes "You might be super happy to toil away on your phone or tablet the entire time you're on a plane, but not everyone is pleased to see your face buried in your device during takeoff and landing. The Federal Aviation Administration's new, more relaxed rules on gadget use aren't sitting well with one group — flight attendants. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, the nation's largest flight attendant union is now suing the FAA to have the ban on gadget use during takeoff and landing reinstated. The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA argues that the change has caused many passengers to ignore flight attendants' emergency announcements, and that the new rules violate federal regulations requiring passengers to stow all items during takeoff and landing."

Comment: Re:It's like the metric system... (Score 3, Insightful) 276

by will_die (#48071875) Attached to: Maps Suggest Marco Polo May Have "Discovered" America
You can always find a few flat world, even today, however the widespread myth of the Christians believing the earth was flat is a creation of two atheists (White and Draper) who pushed this.
Easy way to see that Christians did not believe this is look at the art they created, from the 300s, you will find various art works of the Christ where he is holding a representation of the earth with a cross over it and that representation is a round sphere.

Comment: Re:Native Americans anyone? (Score 3, Insightful) 276

by will_die (#48071435) Attached to: Maps Suggest Marco Polo May Have "Discovered" America
If from that persons discovery set in motion a long string of event eventually ending with the people that the uneducated man informed, and if they did not know about America, being the predominate civilization then yes he would have a right to be proclaimed the discoverer.

Comment: Re:Fracking takes water out of action (Score 4, Informative) 191

by will_die (#47862165) Attached to: US Rust Belt Manufacturing Rebounds Via Fracking Boom

That you cannot get the recipes is a big lie propagated by the gasland film.

You can do a google search and find the generic recipes. The problem is those recipes are generic and depending on the soil the proportions of different chemicals change. The big problem and why various companies have been fighting the various anti-frackers is that as you use the water it picks up chemicals from the ground, the various anti-fracker groups want companies to do a constant scan for those picked up chemicals and track all of them and report all of them.

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