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Comment Re:US does this too, but badly (Score 1) 337 337

Really get over your hate. There only concern in that article come from a few groups having problems with the regulation, and the article is providing both sides, and if you look up those groups you find they are liberal. They even quote a Democrat on how the program is good.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 37 37

There is no defined definition of what SPAM is for EU countries, it varies on the country.

Vicky Ford, a MEP and part of Parliamentâ(TM)s ECR Group negotiating team has twittered about it and said various new releases that say ISP SPAM and content filtering is allowed are based on old versions.
If you go read the latest EC press release it mentions right in there that member states can set their own filtering, which is an exception to the non-filtering rule.
So maybe a MEP and the EC sites are both wrong in which case please give a site which has correct info.

Comment Re:Coming to a neck near you ... (Score 1) 71 71

Not that good of a location, hard to see and easy to be covered.
A better place would be the forehead, would probably be those that are really going with the whole thing. Another good location the top of the hand which is most commonly used by the majority of the population. That way as you reach for stuff you can be verified. Does cause problems for those that don't use that hand so the forehead for them.

Comment Re:Consulting (Score 1) 203 203

I did get called once and they contracted out with my current employer for a week of training.
Went back did a look and check of the system and then asked for where they put all the documentation and notes I had left. They spend a few days digging those up and then we went through them showing them the steps to follow to correct what they wanted done.

Comment Re:This is one of those moments ... (Score 2) 1032 1032

Even if not a German citizen you can make use of this, there is around a 400 euro fee for school and transportation costs, depends on school.
Now for the reality of it, from what people who have gone to USA schools and German schools they compare the German ones to community colleges in the USA.
So look at your local community college and find out how much that actually costs, some states are free for a few years or will give grants to almost any one going to a community college.

Comment Re:Evil? (Score 1) 234 234

In cases like this where there is a partnership between companies for a project it is common for the companies to put language in contracts that they will not actively seek to hire the others employees working on that project, for the length of the project. Even then there are exception that if you did want to move to one of the other companies you might not be allow to work on the same project and other such things. This is generally called a no poaching clause, and before working on projects with them I have always had to sign a letter stating I understand it was in effect before allowed in.
With apple and the other techs they just had a blanket, hidden agreement between each other that they would not hire people from other companies.

Comment Re:Who are the fascists?? (Score 1) 500 500

He is using the modern definition of fascism.
In addition to what was brought up the two main aspects of it are:
1) Are against communism, ok this is somewhat historical.
2) You love the country you are a citizen of.
3) You believe that people should have the rights to join together and petition their government.
Bring up 2 or more of those in a conversation and you will be labeled a fascist. Just visit various kook sites like dailykos, huffington post, or similar and try it.

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