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Comment: Re:White House... (Score 0) 1350

by will_die (#48758023) Attached to: Gunmen Kill 12, Wound 7 At French Magazine HQ
What a bunch of historic garbage.
There are are couple of reason for the why there were laws against images of animals or human.
The first was a law against idolatry.
Then you have had an edict that came out later that drawings where a challenge to allah and that creation was unique to him. There is also some text dealing with artists breathing life into their creations and have to deal with that at the end days. This came out after mohammad death so you find artwork in building, books, statues,etc that was produced between that time.
Some additional restriction have come out just because of tradition.

Comment: Re:Antique laws are to blame (Score 1) 484

by will_die (#48632967) Attached to: Colorado Sued By Neighboring States Over Legal Pot
Not this garbage again.
If this is true please answer this.
Where are Hearst vast forests? Plesae give coordinates so far there is more proof of the elephant graveyard. However you can easily find receipts of his newspaper companies purchasing large quantities of paper and of the paper companies purchasing wood.
Since there are no vast Hearst forests he then had to be the stupidest business man in history since he was throwing away a resource that would of resulted in cheaper production costs for him.
The reason later laws, the 1937 was a taxation law, passed was not some mythical Hearst stopping it but that the public got upset with the stories and effect on people it was causing.

+ - Steam adding PC games region locking.->

Submitted by will_die
will_die (586523) writes "Because of the recent currency devaluation Steam has now added region locking for games sold in Russia and CIS. Brazil and local area and Indonesia and local area are also being locked.
Where the locking affects you is if you purchase a game from one of those regions you cannot gift it to somone outside of the area. So someone from Russia can gift a game to someone to Georgia but not to someone in the USA.
You want to see the prices in the Russia store and compare them to the Steam Christmas Sale which should be starting in a few hours."

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Comment: Re:I'd expect Fawkes masks to start making stateme (Score 1) 218

If what the OP said is correct I would be paying $150+, depending on the exchange rate, in the states for 2MB access, is that so?
The only place you get cheap internet access over here in Europe are places that are subsidised or in large cities. I can also get internet access for around $30 US but that is for ADSL

Comment: Re:Parent is Backasswords (Score 1) 266

by will_die (#48598983) Attached to: Judge Rules Drug Maker Cannot Halt Sales of Alzheimer's Medicine
Actually you are wrong.
Fascism has some components of corporatism but is not corporatism.
Under corporatism the organization of the work is done by groups or organizations that work together,usually, for the bettering of all.
Fascism, not the modern definition that liberals currently user where if you are opposed to communism and love your country you are a fascist, would do the same thing but this would be directed by the government for the bettering of all. In very simplistic term.

Comment: Yes (Score 1) 317

by will_die (#48553299) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are Any Certifications Worth Going For?
I try to take two certs or something of a similar level every year.
The reasons are:
1) Management likes them. Having certs increases your chance of getting that interview.
2) They force you to learn parts of the product you normally don't use. This is the main thing for me, it gets me out of the items I normally admin and that the users primarily use and forces me to learn parts of the product I would not.

The saying goes certs will get you interviewed, experience will get you the job.

"This isn't brain surgery; it's just television." - David Letterman