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Comment Re:It's not only GMO (Score 1) 513

First it is not a paint, it is a carotenoid if you want to be scientifically correct. However in not manner is it a paint.
Color in salmon is also based on species, a lot of farm salmon don't use species that turn a less red shade after eating the appropriate carotenoids. In addition depending on the species you have a percentage of wild fish that not affected by carotenoids. Finally the time of the year the wild fish was harvested will dictate the color.
As for marketing that info on the red color is really old. For the past couple of years the white salmon have been the most prized. You will find it marketed as ivory or other names.

Comment Re:Chuckle (Score 1) 309

Or check the various key sell sites. Got Batman with the season pass for around $30 during the time they were fixing it.
Besides those rare times I am of the same mind. Let other pay for the game I'll pick it up in the next holiday sale. Until then I am playing all the games I got during the last holiday sale.

Comment Re:General Security (Score 1) 70

The major security one that wants you to have years of experience is CISSP however that is easy to get signed off on go to any security group and ask for someone to sign off and you will get a copy of people that will.
That said I have worked with a bunch of CISSP certified people and as a collective skill group they are some of dumbest technical people around, for example I had to repeatly explain to them how to get a computer name when the logs only showed IP addresses for a computer.

Comment Just look at your own lives. (Score 1) 444

Since this is a tech site and people work or have worked in that field I would say that everyone here is in the top 1%. Congratulations BTW.
So how many of the people here regularly deal with people in the bottom 70% on a regular basis. Unless traveling to remote parts of the world not that often.
So why would you expect America's or Europe's 1% from doing the same thing?

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