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Comment Re:Silliness (Score 3, Informative) 252

They weren't. The survival chance of a man first class was lower than a woman third class. Most of the crew behaved properly on that occasion [women and children first]. And I have the feeling that back then the rich and powerful men [while still being guilty of greed and malice] had bigger balls than those of today...

Comment Wife??? (Score 2) 228

So, you say that women do not cheat? I wonder all those cheating man [according to feminist 90 % at least] - with who are they cheating? Goats? Or are there 1000 super women on earth that can have 100 000 000 lovers each? Remember, when the scandal came out it was shown that 90 or more percent of the users of the site are men and everyone was like "see how terrible men are, bloody cheaters" , was I the only one that asked the question above?

I am so fed up with this crap!!! And your user name suggest you are a man! WTF? Get a grip of reality MAN!

Comment Re:Free speech is anonymous speech (Score 3, Interesting) 532

Joke from communists times:

An American goes to Moscow and eventually gets into discussion with a commoner about human rights and free speech. The American says "Look, I can go in front of the White House and shout that the American president is shit and nothing will happen to me". The Russian guy thinks a bit and says "Well, I can too go in front of Kremlin and shout that the American president is shit and nothing will happen to me".

Here comes the depressing part. Today I think the American will be arrested for shouting in front of the White House and charged for terrorism. And this post of mine is already recorded as it contains the T word and also has "American president is shit" phrase. Welcome to Guantanamo...

Comment Re:Ouch! (Score 1) 467

Thank you for making the point perfectly clear! Everyone who disagrees is hater....listen dude, I spent the time because I CARE! Don't you care when something good is being demolished? When something that you held dear was bastardized, twisted and perverted....no really I think someone else needs a wank here...

Comment Re:Ouch! (Score 1) 467

Not anymore +5......see, even here the distorted reality filed works...I guess the guys above missed the part about "brushing my action figures and posters"...one of IMDB reviewers said "see how every negative reviewer is called hater; that should tell you something..." - point confirmed!

Comment The social engeneering (Score 1, Insightful) 467

Forgot to expand that part....so the message to the new generation is that if you are born proper (jedi) no training or effort is needed to master anything. The girl in the movie did not require any mentoring and in a few hours learned how to beat a Sith and knew better the Millennium Falcon than Han Solo! This drivel is a very poor and damaging attempt of PC girl-power shit. Listen, idiots, the female lead of all time and space is Ellen Ripley! We have done it many years ago, why is everyone hailing TFA for it?! Breaking such major Star Wars universe rule [you need to learn to use the Force and light-sabres] for the sake of PC points (but also financially rewarding, get it;) is...cynical to the extreme.

And I thought Lucas went senile with the whole "Han shot first" stuff...telling the kids that they should let hired assassin kill them for the sake of not appearing...what...bad?!? Who in their right mind would blame someone in this situation for taking a chance at Greedo?!

JJ outdid all this easily...I have the nagging feeling that a large group of marketeers was set to work and they scrambled "action points" - stuff that needs to be in to please this group or the other. At the end all the points were ushered in the script and the plot was twisted to accommodate them regardless of what it did to consistency with the SW universe rules...give it to bean counters to make...well...anything and watch the world burn!

Comment Ouch! (Score 2, Insightful) 467

Don't want to sound....whatever.....put any qualifier that comes to mind here....but I am done with cinema going in general and Star Wars in particular!!

I see now that the whole idea of what movie and movie going is, has changed. It is a much larger "consumer experience" that involves merchandizing, social media, a plethora of buttons being pushed cleverly on kids and their parents, social engineering, social media, stiffing political correctness.......and the quality of the actual film is not significant anymore! It is a product, not a movie!

The actual movie [only a part of the product]....ouch! Let's not bother repeating the obvious - just go to IMDB and read the top 50 "non-professional" reviews. 47 are negative and the points why TFA sucks tremendously are explained eloquently and in detail. The official reviews are an insult to our intelligence....my the gods even the guy who [hilariously] destroyed Ep 1-3 (red letter media) is buying the crap...I cannot continue...only curses come to mind :(

But man, the product worked like a charm! I watched it on 25th at 11:00 AM in the one of the only two places in NL where you get the 3D IMAX stuff. I had the best seat in the whole theater and was prepared to love the film. I did Ep.4-6 marathon the previous day, brushed my figures (R2D2, Imperial walkers) and posters - we are talking about a boy who saw the originals at age of 7 - a life time devoted fan!

Every family took a picture of their kids next to the model of BB-8! Merchandizing was everywhere....Every family kept on taking pictures inside the theater and sharing them in the last few minutes before the show. The cinema cleverly had a gallery of images form the trailers flashing on the screen starting from 10 minutes before 11. Guess what - everyone took a snapshot the moment they appeared like they'd been force mind tricked - I am sure that was the intention of showing the images. I honestly felt alien, like being surrounded by a herd of strange animals and you are not sure what they'd do next...

The show started at 11:00. Sorry , wrong, wrong , wrong....there were ....wait for it....25 minutes of ads of which only 3 for movies the rest was beer, the cinema chain, Coca Cola.....I got crazy!!! You pay premium for this and they give you half an hour of ads!!! Also - politically correct BS as beer ad that says to drink responsibly and that women do not like drunken men (fuck you, you are a beer manufacturer!).

And then the show starts and I realize that I cannot bare the loudness of the sound. Surely I am partially to blame - for some inexplicable reason my hearing has grown more acute in the last year or so (go figure!) but still I am sure it was already at the the very edge of what is tolerable...I though why are not the parents worried about the kid's ears?!? So I watched the show with my in-ear headphones plugged in and the sound was just loud enough (no kidding).

Shame on JJ, shame on the official reviewers for buying this (hey, Empire magazine, do you remember your wall of shame, giving Attack of the clones 5/5 (WTF!!) - you are about to repeat that if you are not honest), shame on the whole industry for turning movie going into this....I don't know what this is..., shame on all of us for still supporting this, shame , shame, shame...

I am so sorry that one of my most precious dreams is being destroyed....the kid from the former communist state walking with his father in the streets of Sofia in 1980 (that's the delay you got back then) and we see a poster with stormtrooper firing the rifle and the title Star Wars. My father goes "this seems like a movie in space, you like this kind of things, what with reading Jules Verne and such...shall we try" [no ads back then, no reviews - you go "blind" to a movie unless someone has seen it and tells you]. ....we watched it sitting on the stairs between the rows - there were no chairs left. We went out and I said "again"...and we went on the other side of the cinema to join the line for the next performance...RIP!

Comment Re:Missing a target with a laser weapon (Score 1) 508

I have always considered that the blaster rifles are firing some "plasma pack bullet" which travels rather slowly. Slower than a metal bullet anyway. Why would you use it then? Because the armor is too good for a simple metal bullet to pierce it so you are forced to "go plasma", sacrificing speed.

Why all the above? Because Force or no Force noone would be able to deflect blaster shot with lighsabre if it traveled with c. Sorry jedi! Even if the Force can move your body parts with appropriate speed the jedi will turn into plasma when doing so...

Comment Another quote from T.Pratchett (Score 1) 378

In "The Last Hero", Leonard has to build the first Discworld spaceship. When he lists what he needs to Vetinary he asks for hundred journeyman craftsmen. After Vetinary exclaims "But I can provide you with the best masters", Leonard replies "No masters my lord! I have no use for people who have learned the limits of the possible!"

Now, of course I also realize that the opposite stance [everything is possible; there are no boundaries of human ingenuity] can also be quite misleading and potentially very dangerous. Like the idea that we can screw this planet as much as we want because we WILL colonize space.....well, careful there, I always say....maybe we will need a few millennia of technological advancements to colonize. Or perhaps we can never circumvent c so then the best we can hope for is terraform Mars and Venus which is also a project that goes for 500 years or more [saw a rough calculation once about terraforming Mars with bacteria], whereas most of the problems we created for ourselves on Earth will hit us way sooner than that [and some already have hit with full force]...

Comment RIP (Score 3, Informative) 31

If you browse around you'll find substantial criticisms of his work by his colleagues. I for one was quite surprise about it for I did not see in his books any disrespect to his patients [one of the accusations] nor did I detect that he had twisted the stories or made them Hollywood-style to sell more [another accusation]. SO I don't know.....

What I do know is that his books opened a world for me so fascinating [and at the same time terrifying] that it changed my general perception about neurophysiology and the many bizarre illnesses that can suddenly manifest themselves due to dysfunction of a few hundred nerve cells. It also thought me compassion and understanding of people like this. For instance I used to look at Turrets as "crazy people", shy away from them, even be scared of them....not any more. I understand now and understanding heals fear and distrusts [and disgusts].

Moreover, it was simply unbelievably interesting to learn about those illnesses and people. Some of the stories made me think about profound philosophy questions. Like the one about the lady without a sense of body, the first recorded by medicine "zombi". And yes, she started doubting her own existence [the question here being can you have a sense of self if you are just a thought without a "carrier"].

Or that incredibly funny and insightful story about the patients that have no concept of words and speech while being so attuned to body language, melody of the speech and so on that many people would think they are mute, but understand everything you say to them. The story is about those people listening to president Regan's speech and how they laugh their asses off [probably] because they sense the discrepancy between his body language and the melody, tone and so on of his speech. In the same ward there were patients with the exact opposite issue - they understand only pure sense in speech, so tone, inflection, exaggeration, slang and so on - all of it is lost in them. One such patient said [for Regan] - "he is either sick or he is lying. he does not speak good prose; he does not make sense". So the conclusion was that so good was the speech as a combination between words and the rest of human expression that everyone got fooled except people who are not susceptible to one of those aspects [words or everything else]. Only the ill could see through him, us "normal" people were thoroughly deceived....brilliant!

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