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Comment: Re:Waiving data charges is fine with net neutralit (Score 2) 108

by erikkemperman (#48473575) Attached to: Wikipedia's "Complicated" Relationship With Net Neutrality

Exactly. But they don't.

The problem is that what FB, Google are currently presenting as "aid" or "development" for underprivileged regions is 1) restricted to their own services and 2) likely to be shut down in the near future on their whim.

If they are serious about development, that's great, but it seems to me there are far less self-interested avenues for them to do so.

Meanwhile these zero-rate programs are just another attempt at re-defining The Internet to be what they have on offer, and probably end up getting in the way of more general availability of the web.

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by roman_mir (#48467383) Attached to: Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting

Machismo has nothing to do with it, a person has the right to protect himself with deadly force when attacked and should not hesitate once it's a full frontal attack, do not leave the attacker capable of returning, coming from behind, coming after you later, take care of it once and for all right there and then and be done with it. Yes, taking another man's life is better than losing your own.

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by roman_mir (#48455529) Attached to: Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting

Quite the opposite, the evidence is overwhelming that the cop acted correctly and shot Brown in self defence as Brown charged at him and wouldn't be stopped by the first few rounds shot at his torso, which hit his hands first as he was running to the cop. The cop was attacked, beaten, Brown tried taking his weapon away from the cop and then the cop came after Brown. Brown turned around and charged at the cop. Multiple witnesses who were scared to come forward due to overwhelming pressure by the black leadership, Obama himself no less was on TV about this (and today as well), and everybody was ready to rip the cop apart. The 7 black witnesses who actually confirmed what the cop was saying saw Brown charging at the cop, he didn't have his hands up, he didn't yell 'don't shoot', all of this 'evidence' came out of the Brown's accomplice, who was with Brown in the store they robbed together just before this incident. In fact this cop was on the way to the store to respond to the emergency call and stopped Brown correctly. He was then attacked, beaten, weapon was almost taken away from him and then he was charged at.

That is what the jury in this case saw and that is why the cop will not go to trial, since there is no reason for it, it's a self defence case like many others that are obvious and there is nothing to charge the guy with.

Comment: Re:Flip Argument (Score 5, Insightful) 1087

by roman_mir (#48455501) Attached to: Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting

7 witnesses (black) collaborated cop's story. Brown was running at the cop, after beating him and pulling his gun, which then went off in the car. The cop did the correct thing by trying to stop the offender and as the offender charged at him, the cop fired multiple rounds, hitting Brown in the hands and torso, which didn't stop the charge and so the cop finished off the offender by firing into his head. If somebody attacked me (and I am not a cop and never will be) and tried taking my gun away and tried beating me and then charged at me from a distance, I would have shot him as well, would have emptied the entire clip and the colour is absolutely irrelevant.

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by roman_mir (#48455481) Attached to: Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting

In this case Brown was shot by the cop for attacking the cop, beating the cop, pulling on his gun, which went off in the car, running away, being called to stop and then turning around and charging at the cop with the intent to kill him.

Any normal person would have shot Brown was he black or white or beige.

Comment: The wars of the future (Score 2) 115

by roman_mir (#48454391) Attached to: How the Pentagon's Robots Would Automate War

"The wars of the future will not be fought on the battlefield or at sea. They will be fought in space, or possibly on top of a very tall mountain. In either case, most of the actual fighting will be done by small robots. And as you go forth today remember always your duty is clear: To build and maintain those robots."

Comment: Could have been just trolled (Score 1) 188

Doesn't have to be Facebook/Zoosk's or her fault. Well not completely anyway. Could be another party doing this just to troll, maybe someone who doesn't like her.

Think about it, why would Facebook/Zoosk create a profile of her with her real contact info? It's not uncommon for shady dating sites to use someone's pic and some info to create fake profiles, but they do it for the pretty pics and are gambling that the owner of those pics doesn't find out about it. It would be really stupid to give out the owner's real email address, since would be instantly notifying them that you are committing fraud. Companies that want to stay in business generally avoid that.

On the other hand, third party, doing it either just for lolz or to do something bad to a specific person could easily do it. Facebook pics are out there, so is some basic profile info to make it look more legit, real email isn't hard to get especially if you know the person. I'd say they knew it would put this woman in hot water. Hell, maybe give her husband's email as backup contact.

It's like an hour worth of work to do this to someone who is stupid enough to have their info and pic plastered all over a public web-site like Facebook. That's the part where it's her own fault, though not completely, since there are plenty of other uses for Facebook and this kind of thing doesn't happen to everyone.

Comment: Have standards and force them (Score 1) 176

by roman_mir (#48442911) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Practices For Starting and Running a Software Shop?

I started this way as well, here is an advice: have strict standards and do not let anybody violate them. You will have plenty of work to do, do not make mistakes of allowing standards to slip from the start.

Get fresh out of school people, maybe even people without full degree, pay as little as possible, you have no money to throw around, but make sure there is always coffee and food in the house, besg way to keep morale up is to have people who are not feeling hungry.

Get cheap or free stuff from craigs list, you will need computers, monitors, switches, cables, test servers, desks, chairs, some plates, forks, spoons, cups, a microwave, a kettle, a coffee maker, fridge, paper towels, bathroom tissue, buy in bulk from costco.

You need to be proficient enough to write/read code, who else is going to do it at first if not you? You do need standards, would be nice to pick a technology and stick to it, so make your picks. Some code generators would be nice too.

  Prepare some document templates for proposals, design docs, business docs, release docs. It is very useful to have an accountant that knows you and can deal with the payroll,source deductions, etc.

Find clients outside of your country, but if you are an American you will have tough time opening an offshore bank account, which you need...

Good luck, you will need plenty.

PS. May want to consider a couch in the office.
PPS. May want to consider renting a house instead of an office, you can live there and have enough space for work.

Comment: Re: Socialism / fascism at its finest (Score 0) 67

by roman_mir (#48440069) Attached to: Judge Approves $450M Settlement For Apple's Ebook Price Fixing

Wrong. Apple is not hurting anybody and this is a power grub by government. AFAIC the only people that actually hurt consumers reside in government and the central banks. By the way, governments like to tout inflation as the means to a good economy, for them destruction of money value is never enough, they 'care' about your prices? No, this is socialism/fascism out of control and in a decent society such governments that usurped power to meddle in markets would be summarily dismissed. The fact that it is not happening shows complete disregard to individual rights by the society that is not actually decent.

Comment: Re: Socialism / fascism at its finest (Score 1) 67

by roman_mir (#48440049) Attached to: Judge Approves $450M Settlement For Apple's Ebook Price Fixing

I don't own a single Apple product could not care less. There is no such thing as being 'guilty' of something that is an illegal and an immoral power grab by the government.

AFAIC this is no different than government throwing people to jail for drug use or sale, prohibition, concentration and labour camps and any other violence governments perpetrate upon people.

It's a naive, domestic operating system without any breeding, but I think you'll be amused by its presumption.