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Comment Re:Schooling, perhaps? (Score 3, Insightful) 519

I'm not sure European unions operate the same way American ones do. For one thing much of Europe doesn't have a political system where influence is correlated to forking over cash to politicians. Not nearly to the same extent anyway. Meaning they get to spend contributions toward collective bargaining.

Having said that, I guess some of the above posts are just reflexive "unions baad" bleats.

Comment Re:Star Trek not so much (Score 3, Interesting) 99

I am not liking Capaldi or the new writing though, it just tries too hard to be deep and avant garde anymore.

Have to disagree about Capaldi. Tennant got the right balance of dark and light, but I thought Smith was just all fluff, so I like that Capaldi's Doctor is rougher, grizzly even. But then I was a huge fan of The Thick of It.

The writing, yeah I miss Russell T. Davies. Moffat is clearly a talented writer (I love what he did with Sherlock) but the best episodes of the Who reboot, for me, are basically all Russell. And Torchwood doesn't look like coming back either, I'd probably rate seasons 3 and 4 over all of Who.

Shame Neil Gaiman didn't do more.

Comment Re:National level? (Score 2) 171

A couple of billionaires are exploring that issue right now. The quantities of precious and heavy metals contained in some asteroids is valued in the trillions.

The preciousness of those materials is in its rarity. If the amount of gold on earth suddenly triples, it'll presumably affect its value. Well, unless we make some arbitrary distinction like the one that attaches different value to artificial vs natural diamond, which everybody accepts for romantic reasons (and to keep De Beers filthy rich).

Comment Re:National level? (Score 2) 171

Other space-faring nations are unlikely to challenge America on this issue, because they have an interest in staking their own claims. (...) Space is big, and there is plenty of stuff out there.

I'm not sure they wouldn't challenge this. While it may only apply to companies in its jurisdiction, what gives US congress the authority to decide about ownership of stuff in space?

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 418

The existing UK laws assume guilty if you do not hand over your key when law enforcement ask for it. It's been like this since the late 1980s.

I was wondering about that... Doesn't this kind of prove that this latest offensive against privacy is not aimed at individual investigations, for which cases as you point out they have long had options? So this is about mass-surveillance.

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