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That's exactly what I am talking about, you actually do believe the state propaganda and then even spread it around like this.

Gays in Russia face considerably less hardship than in South Carolina or Georgia. And its only couple years when it was true on Federal level as well.

But go ahead, feel proud of yourself: "Yeah, I've been a gay basher all my life, but I'm totally not anymore since yesterday. Go me! USA USA!"

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But 50% people watch and believe Fox News in US. Virtually nobody trusts the state media in Russia. That is a big difference. Every lie has two participants, the lier and the believer. And in Russia there are simply no more believers for the propaganda, unlike US, evidenced by your comments.

And we were talking about spying and privacy violations and I can assure you that US is now in fact much worse in this regard than Russia today.

Comment: Re:San Francisco is just an extreme example... (Score 1) 359

by aralin (#46764417) Attached to: San Francisco's Housing Crisis Explained

Not quite, it is just that middle class in California makes $100k a year. Look at the average salaries of BART employees for example. More than 2/3 are north of $100k. Family income of $200k a year is solid upper middle class level. You don't start to even think about the term "rich", until you make near to $500k a year per household.

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by aralin (#46698327) Attached to: Mozilla CEO Firestorm Likely Violated California Law

Your comment, dear sir, is strangely familiar. I've heard it somewhere before. Ah, I remember, the Spanish Inquisition. No, no, I think it was even earlier, yeah, the Constance Council: "John Huss remained ardent in his faith in God and in his faith in God’s Word. At his trial, he was given the opportunity to recant. He would not do so. A large procession of people led him away to the place where he would be burned at the stake."

Comment: Re:Reassembling the Soviet Union (Score 1) 309

by aralin (#46483491) Attached to: Russia Blocks Internet Sites of Putin Critics

They should learn from US that this doesn't work. Why don't they simply label them as whacko and conspiracy theorists and let them run their mouth off. It's not like they can do anything. By blocking them, they just give credibility to what they write. The freedom of speech in US is such a great tool of mass control. See, if things were bad, we wouldn't let you speak, like the Russian or Chinese do, so clearly, we are the good guys, no story here, move on. So much better approach. Same with freedom of movement. Yeah, you can go anywhere you like, but please make sure you get vaccinated for this two page long list of deadly diseases and check with the embassy for the terrorist activity in your destination. Oh, you changed your mind and will go to Hawaii? Good. Why deny issuing passports when 96% of people won't even ask for them with just a little bit of scare tactics and squeezing the extra money out of population. Then just cut back vacation days to 0 and no problem.

Russia is so backward. Freedom propagandized is the key to real enslavement.

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by aralin (#46334911) Attached to: US War Machine Downsizing?

Why not "gamify" the satelite feed and turn it into an action scene in your favorite FPS game? They can release it, on scoreboards pick the top 5% gamers and connect their consoles to the real world scenarios. Don't even need soldiers to do the work, no PTSD, nobody even knows. Next time your game is free to play, financed by DARPA grant, you know what you are doing :)

Comment: Re:When I hear "I work 60 hours a week"... (Score 0) 717

by aralin (#46256747) Attached to: Your 60-Hour Work Week Is Not a Badge of Honor

Last two years I've worked 100 hour weeks. 16 hours a day, 2 hours for commute / shower, 4-5 hours of sleep. 6 days a week, sometimes Sundays. I've counted 9000 hours in two years. Of course, now I am slowing down. But let me tell you one thing: 60 hour week is just a breeze. That would almost feel like vacation.

When people write shit like you, it is mostly just men. If you count all the things my mom had to do to take care of our family, she's worked this hard for at least 20 years of her life. It can be done and it is routinely done. Actually when I think of it, 90% of people before 1800 had worked like that. Farm life can be a bitch. So right keep whining. Don't understand how someone could call you insightful.

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