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Comment This would seem obvious (Score 1) 73

There are several things that affect the latency. You will get about 200us latency on program on a die, but that can be reduced by using some caching and acknowledging the writes before the program finishes, but that cache can be saturated by sustained writes. Especially with random writes that get high level of map updates. As that fills the write latency on sustained random writes will eventually climb to the 2 program instructions latency, which is 400us. With multiple controllers, only every third write is going to a specific controller. The latency will go down as you don't sustain writes to each controllers at the level to flood the caching.

Comment How about we disrupt the government instead? (Score 1) 452

Government seems to be old technology poised for disruption. We could do that. It would give people more control and once that would happen, we wouldn't get into these useless wars that create terrorist organizations in the first place. Maybe a bit of direct democracy would be helpful? We can tally votes in real time. It would be so easy to have a system where someone says something stupid on the floor of congress, in the next minute everyone knows about it and before his ass hits the seat, he is already fired. How do you like that, Hillary?

Comment Re:The man is a marketing genius (Score 1) 207

I can confirm this, my wife T-boned a Volvo that run a red light in front of her. Our Honda Civic was totaled, the Volvo went into 540 degree spin. I've seen the Volvo and I could not tell where it was hit. Under very close inspection I found one place with slightly scratched paint. In contrast the whole front of the Civic was crumbled, the engine shifted, it was an unrepairable mess.

Comment Who cares? (Score 3, Insightful) 486

Why are we discussing the accusations thrown about by war criminals? Every director of CIA since at least Nixon's presidency has been responsible for war crimes. So why are we still listening to them? After all it is the CIA who is directly arming and training people who then immediately deflect to ISIS. That sounds like much more direct responsibility than anything Snowden might have done.

Comment Re:I remember a time... (Score 2, Informative) 478

This post, to an old timer like me is absolutely excellent source of entertainment. Do you know the origin of the term FUD? I'd like to refer you to wikipedia, which has it more or less right.

As for the G3,G4 and even G5, they were faster, in some case more than twice as fast even on Intel's own benchmark than contemporary Intel chips. But they were expensive and the economy of scale was in favor of Intel. If Apple wanted to ever compete on cost with comparable high end Wintel systems, they had to make the switch to Intel chips.

Please, learn your history, young one.

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