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Comment Re:Yes - known for years. (Score 1) 434

If you sit and put the computer on your lap, you will feel every ounce after a while. Extra 4 pounds and extra heat is not something great. Also when the computer is this heavy, it slides in your lap constantly. It is completely distracting. So you pretty much need to be chained to a desk. Why have a laptop at all then?

Comment Re:Yes - known for years. (Score 1) 434

Your comment is saying essentially... there is a one person who does not care about some of the specs of the computer. What does such comment bring to the discussion?

And it's nice that you only use laptop as a desktop, but there are other people, who use them as laptops. For those batter time is important. I like being able to take my computer to a design meeting that can last hours without worrying about the charger. I like to go to a park to work. tether my computer to internet through phone and don't need any wires. And I'd prefer not to lug it behind me on a cart :) I care about the fact that my computer doesn't start to immediately overheat, as soon as I put it on my lap. Just .. you know... the things that you actually get a laptop for.

Comment All phone calls are processed by computer... (Score 1) 124

My mother worked on the last analog telephone central in Czech Republic, which was put out of commission before the end of last century. Since then every single phone call has been processed by a computer. I doubt there are any analog telephone centrals left anywhere, because at the time you had one floor of entire building replaced by a machine that fit in a broom closet.

So this argument could be applied to every single service that is actually regulated by title II and so is moot.

Comment Two factories (Score 5, Insightful) 391

Two factories make toilet paper, one introduces robots and doubles its production and also profit margins, the number of employees stays the same. There is no impact to those employees, but the other factory goes out of business. That is where the jobs get lost and that is what the study does not measure. Same amount of toilet paper is produced at twice efficiency and half of the jobs get lost in the overall economy.

Comment Re:Depends on your perspective and tastes (Score 1) 410

Bay Area has shit public transport and highways that only work at times you don't need them. (Outside of 6am to 9am and 4pm to 7pm) So you always end up being stuck somewhere. And everything is too far. People from San Francisco will almost never travel out of the city, for example. You almost have to blackmail them to do it. You might be 20 minutes away from open country, but if you would actually leave work hour early and go there, its 2 hours to get from work to home and 2 hours to get from home to anywhere outside Bay Area. So its dark before you get anywhere.

Comment Re:Proof (Score 1) 546

Joking aside. Actually yes. It would absolutely surprise me. For the following two reasons:

1) British have lost all spine in 2003 with Iraq. Since then UK is a colony of US and nobody even protests or dares to. If the British do a single act of defiance to the US government that does not actually prove to be a result of infighting within the US government, then we can talk. Until then, no.

2) The paper is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who is one of the owners of US. A group of wealthy people who control both the US government actions and the media, sidestepping the pesky 1st amendment. But he does not, in fact, directly control UK government, except as a proxy through the US government.

I hope this explanation helps you to understand the situation better and addresses your "no insight" comment.

Comment Re:How is this relevant? (Score 3, Interesting) 204

When you hold the Surface 3, in both hands, you are blocking half of the air flow, I am wondering how fast is the speed going to be after an hour with partially blocked air flow. Because if I need to have it set on a table, it is not a tablet, but a laptop.

"More software projects have gone awry for lack of calendar time than for all other causes combined." -- Fred Brooks, Jr., _The Mythical Man Month_