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Comment Re:Big Surprise (Score 1) 488

Keep in mind that Obama is the product of the Chicago Political Machine, where you don't succeed until you 1) prove you're dirty enough to buy into the club, 2) prove you're immoral enough to truly belong to the club. I never thought he'd be the second coming of FDR, but I never imagined he'd be Bush-lite.

Comment Re:Router Security (Score 1) 168

That's what they teach in Cisco school, that you should be able to manage your entire enterprise from your desk. An instructor told us that you should use the same logon credentials throughout your enterprise because maintaining a full list was "impossible". Even on Cisco's enterprise management software there was no provision for expiring or rotating admin credentials, and the CCNIdiots gave me a puzzled look when I asked about it because they "couldn't imagine why anyone would ever want to do that."

Comment Re:Poor protection? (Score 1) 68

I was living, well, surviving, in St. Pete when the Dali museum opened. My roommate and I took one of rare days off to make 'greenies', and go to the museum. Neither of us had ever backed with pot before, and were really disappointed half an hour later when we felt almost nothing. We left for the museum anyway, and as we were walking into the building I stopped and said to Dan, "Holy crap, I just realized how fucked up I am!" He agreed that he was every bit as toasted. It was a very interesting four hours at the museum.

Comment Re:In other words. (Score 1) 288

More often than not it's at the 'Tabulator', the computer in the precinct that sums the votes of all the machines at that location and relay it to the county seat. Interestingly, although the actual voting machines now have to pass some tests (after years of Republican obstructionism) the tabulators do not. They're all highly proprietary, closed source, not interoperable between manufacturers, and most of them use either Access or Excel for their database.

Comment Re:Oh dear (Score 1) 588

There's an antenna farm near here where we installed access control and security video. There was so much radiation that card readers couldn't work, and the weatherized piezoelectric keypads just sat there and beeped randomly. We had to dig up old-school contact-switch keypads and make a housing for them. The neighbors who lived just outside the gate were in their 80s and had lived there most of their adult lives without any issues.

My folks used to know a farming couple who lived across a small field from an inner-circle DEW Line radar station. The only problem they ever had was that they apparently had problems with color TVs failing almost immediately, so they had to stay with their old tube-based black and white set until the DEW Line was finally shut down.

Comment Re:ADA act? What's their disability (Score 1) 588

It's an elite private boarding school full of old-money snobs, "daunting and unpleasant" wouldn't begin to describe that environment. If I had been sent there I would have found pretty much any excuse possible to be sent home (or anywhere else). Reform school would probably be preferable. Fortunately my dad worked in an iron foundry so this wasn't a concern.

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