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Comment $20? (Score 1) 199

You are bitching about $20 a year for a $200 device that does 24/7 monitoring of a million dollar asset?

I'm curious: do you turn off your water heater between showers? Do you power your phone down at night? Do you unplug your TV and microwave between uses? Do you manually power down your wifi router and modem when you're not actively on the internet? Do you unplug all the ac/dc converters when you're not using them? Do you disconnect the positive terminal of your car battery when you're not driving?

All these things take power. All are wasteful. And yet we leave them on because it is inconvenient not to. I realize that you, personally, may be rationing your power in your off-grid bunker, keeping time by counting your prepper stores of jerky and ammo, but the rest of us in the civilized world waste $1.60 a month on far less useful things than keeping a home security camera running 24/7.

Comment Re:FUD at least sort of. (Score 1) 199

Even more appropriate might be the hot water recirculating loops you can create with a small pump. The hot water is off, but the pump continuously circulates water through the system so that as soon as you turn the water on, the water out of the tap is hot. It's a convenience for which you pay an energy penalty, and the flip side is almost zero startup time.

Comment Re:Legality? (Score 1) 323

Yahoo EULA under section 2:

You also understand and agree that the Service may include advertisements and that these advertisements are necessary for Yahoo to provide the Service.

Yahoo EULA under section 16:

You agree that Yahoo shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred as the result of any such dealings or as the result of the presence of such advertisers on the Service.

Ruling in favor of EULAs: Vernor v. Autodesk

Comment Weight? Really? (Score 2) 192

Weight is pretty much the most clueless measurement to use.
You could build something really big, put helium balloons inside it and have it sit on a scale and still weigh less than 9 oz.
Any of Physical size, maximum range, maximum speed, maximum altitude, any of those would have been much less clueless.

Comment Re:Comedy of errors (Score 1) 806

>> Right because somone who does not possess electronics knowledge can tell the difference between a PCB for a cheap electronic clock and one that is some kind of detonator.

Even assuming your point is completely true, you're still making the same dumb mistake that the school did.
Do you REALLY believe that a timer alone can explode? It requires just basic common sense to spot the complete lack of explosive material, such as a blob of grey putty or a jar of liquid with a detonator cap or a couple of wires sticking out of it.

Apprently even basic common sense is an unrealistic expectation let alone requirement for your average US public school staff and principal these days.

Comment Comedy of errors (Score 1) 806

The school district were clearly beyond clueless, I mean anyone with less half a clue can see it couldn't have been a bomb. I mean the lack of any explosive would be the first clue. But it seems to me that the larger fault here was the president's.
He clearly tried to politically capitalize on an unfortunate local event by blowing it out of all proportion and turning it into a country-wide sensationalist media circus. So now of course the money-grubbing parents are going to try for all they can get in the best of capitalist traditions, That doesn't make any of this right though.

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