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Comment: Lets talk about actual equality. (Score 1) 310

by JustNiz (#49569273) Attached to: How To Increase the Number of Female Engineers

>> She notes Princeton, the student chapter of Engineers Without Borders has an executive board that is nearly 70 percent female,

I trust that she is equally concerned about that gender bias and getting more men into that board then? No? Funny how she suddenly gives equality a hall pass when it happens to be women that dominate something.

Comment: Why? (Score 1) 310

by JustNiz (#49569161) Attached to: How To Increase the Number of Female Engineers

I'm sorry but the argument that there *needs* to be more women in computing just because vagina makes no sense to me.

Why does she just blindly assume that we all see the relative low percentage of women in the field as a problem? There is already nothing inherently gender specific in the subjects that make up CS (math, AI, good algorithm design etc). Lets keep it that way.

Remember the road to equality (and freedom of choice) is to keep the opportunities equal to both genders, not make equal numbers of both genders take those opportunities. If you introduce artificial advantages that only benefit one gender, even if it is to address some perceived numerical imbalance, you're necessarily reducing ACTUAL equality.

Comment: Re:What's up with all the negativity (Score 1) 310

by JustNiz (#49569051) Attached to: How To Increase the Number of Female Engineers

>> So what is so wrong with making a curriculum more attractive to women?

It depends what you mean. I agree the learning environment should be gender neutral, and changes to make that happen are of course good. But you're talking about the curriculum itself, i.e. the subjects being taught. There is currently absolutely nothing in the subject matter itself that makes up Computer Science (math, logic, algorithm design, AI, etc etc) that is inherently gender-specific (unless you start considering the inherent gender-specific differences in mental skills between the average mens and womens brains and yes those differences really do exist).

By introducing gender-specific changes to completely gender-neutral subject matter you cannot help but make gender and sexual equality more of an issue not less.

Remember the road to equality is to keep the opportunities equal, not force equal numbers of both genders to take those opportunities. If you create additional artificial advantages that only benefit one gender, even if it is to address some perceived imbalance, you're just making the problem worse.

Comment: Re:Money (Score 3, Insightful) 109

by TubeSteak (#49566283) Attached to: New Privacy Threat: Automated Vehicle Occupancy Detection

At first glance, all of these technologies are implemented solely for the purpose for bring in more money to the government.

HOV lanes exist to encourage ride sharing and to reduce the traffic load during rush hour.
Ticketing cheaters serves that end and is not exclusively about monetary gain for the State

So yes, you are being cynical, though I wouldn't take off the tin foil hat.

Comment: Re:I'd rather see "Now - with Sucrose" (Score 1) 565

by Overzeetop (#49564107) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

Yeah, not really.

High Fructose Corn Syrup (typ when used in soda) 55% fructose and 42% glucose. Sucrose is 50% fructose and 50% glucose - that's what actually hits your system once your stomach separates the disaccaride into its constituent monosaccaride parts.

The taste is slightly different - there's no doubt - but metabolically you would have to ingest way more sugar (of any type) than you should in a decent daily routine in order to have any sort of unbalancing effect from the slightly shifted mix.

Oh, and beware of most fruits/fruit juices - they can be 80% or higher in fructose/glucose ratio.

Comment: Monocoque (Score 1) 123

by StikyPad (#49563553) Attached to: Giant Survival Ball Will Help Explorer Survive a Year On an Iceberg

Bellini plans to use a lightweight, indestructible floating capsules, or "personal safety systems" made from aircraft-grade aluminum in what's called a continuous monocoque structure

So a giant ball... made out of a monocoque? Unless I'm mistaken, the emphasis should be on the monoball, since monocoques are the most common variant, while monoballs are somewhat of an exception.

And sometimes you have bivalves or whatnot, and a monocoque just isn't sufficient. Sometimes what's required is a bicoque. I think the engineers might be relying on false information if they believe the motion of the ocean is going to compensate.

Comment: We have prototypes of these, working (Score 5, Interesting) 106

by smellsofbikes (#49563433) Attached to: Smart Headlights Adjust To Aid Drivers In Difficult Conditions

I did a bunch of work recently on a headlight that automatically dims just the area around a detected oncoming car, so you can drive with your brights on all the time and it'll automatically filter out detected oncoming traffic so they don't get blinded.
(Sucks to be a pedestrian in this world, though...)
It uses steering wheel position, input from a webcam, and gps and map data to determine where the beam distribution is directed. This specific implementation only works on red cars, but we have some good ideas about how to generalize this.
Current car lights are already optimized somewhat to illuminate further and higher on the outside side of the car compared to the inside, to reduce glare for oncoming drivers. Doing this automatically, over a wider area, will be a nice stopgap until autonomous vehicles render this whole focus irrelevant.

Comment: Sucrose question (Score 2) 565

by JustNiz (#49563195) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

I think I'm proably like a lot of (non-diabetic) Europeans in that I mentally lump aspartame, sucralose, splenda, corn syrup, saccharin, MSG and all other man-made sweeteners into the same "big money is covering these up as a direct cause of serious health issues" category, and sucrose into a "not great, but way better than anything artificial" category.

My question is: Is my paranoia scientifically justified?

"Consequences, Schmonsequences, as long as I'm rich." -- Looney Tunes, Ali Baba Bunny (1957, Chuck Jones)