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Comment No sympaty for slef-inflicted problems (Score 2) 211

Seriously I have no sympathy for people that allow themselves to be walked all over, then complain about how their employer destroyed their life.

Y'all just need to grow a pair and remember that employment is a business contract between equals. Next time your employer asks you to do something unfair such as donate a bunch of unpaid overtime or work extremely excessive hours, just fucking say NO. Otherwise just shut up and take it like the bitches you have actively chosen to turn yourselves into.

Comment Re:Chris Christie (Score 2) 494

When Bin Laudin knocked down the towers he also scared the country so much that the bill of rights is totally, permanently doomed.

By voting for people like Jeb Bush or any other person that uses fearmongering as a justification to dilute and remove constitutional rights, you're directly making Bin Laden's actions even more successful.

Comment Re:I'm not even torn any more. Windows 10 is a NOO (Score 1) 96

I'm VERY interested in Vulkan but my fear is that all the AAA developers other than Valve will just keep assuming DirectX-only even for new games development, mostly through an incorrect belief that they're not loosing sales by failing to support Linux.

I find it very frustrating that Bethesda especially keep plodding along on their own tired old windows-only engine instead of switching to, say UT4. Apart from the Linux-support-for-free that would bring, judging from what they showed at IGN the upcoming Fallout 4 would have looked graphically a whole lot better, instead of like a DLC pack for Fallout 3 (from 2008).

Comment Re:I'm not even torn any more. Windows 10 is a NOO (Score 1) 96

>> DX12 is all hype.

Not according to this:

The big issue seems to be whether the benchmark is synthetic/representative or not, but since it is really just an early version of a real game that will be released next year I tend towards believing it is legit.

Comment Re:I'm not even torn any more. Windows 10 is a NOO (Score 1) 96

I REALLY don't like the UI of Windows 8.1. I think its completely unworkable.
I use Linux for anything other than gaming, so I also don't care about Win7 EOL since it doesn't seem to stop you actually using the OS, just no more annoying alerts about ambiguous security patches that ususally don't actually anything relevant/significant anyway.

Would there be any noticeable benefit of WDDM1.3 over WDDM 1.1 if when just using Windows for gaming?

Comment I'm not even torn any more. Windows 10 is a NOOP (Score 0, Troll) 96

As a fairly hardcore gamer, DirectX 12 is the only reason I have (but its quite a big one) that i would switch to Windows 10, but reading over and over how badly Win 10 stomps all over users rights has me thinking even I can't justify selling out that much just for better graphics.

After reading even more today about exactly how shitty Windows 10 is, I've decided when I get home tonight I'm just going to delete the free Win 10 update iso I've already downloaded, and stick with Windows 7/DX11 and Linux for gaming from now on.

Microsofts greed and stupidity with Windows 10 has crossed the line, so there's even more of a reason now for the big PC game developers like Bethesda to finally get a clue and start making Linux versions of their games.

Comment Re:comparing overall unemployment rate (Score 4, Interesting) 142

>> People who are still in their early careers don't realize how vulnerable they become when they get older.

As a 52 year old software developer I get what you are saying. The trick is to be in the right industry. All the young guns are mostly doing only web and web-related stuff because they think its cool. Just avoid that whole thing.

What helps is that those guys seem to be pretty much clueless when it comes to bare metal stuff like embedded systems and device drivers etc because it seems even in CS degrees these days they don't teach anything as low-level as C, let alone assembler or how computers actually work any more. It seems most of those guys are completely out of their comfort zone around any language/environment that doesn't have a garbage collector, isn't in a VM or container, can't be scripted and doesn't come with a massive app framework that includes giant libraries of helper functions to do all the actual heavy lifting.

Comment Re:My Solution (Score 1) 142

OK some questions:
What is the quality of the software and documentation they delivered like compared to what you would have gotten if it had been done in-house?
What about the ongoing availability and cost of support for their software now it has been delivered?
Is the cost of all the extra time, support, education/training, project management, trips etc that you/your company had to do because they are external/remote also factored into your total cost?
Did you also calculate the cost of doing it in-house? If so how did that estimate compare to the actual total cost?

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