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Comment Weight? Really? (Score 2) 192

Weight is pretty much the most clueless measurement to use.
You could build something really big, put helium balloons inside it and have it sit on a scale and still weigh less than 9 oz.
Any of Physical size, maximum range, maximum speed, maximum altitude, any of those would have been much less clueless.

Comment Re:Comedy of errors (Score 1) 806

>> Right because somone who does not possess electronics knowledge can tell the difference between a PCB for a cheap electronic clock and one that is some kind of detonator.

Even assuming your point is completely true, you're still making the same dumb mistake that the school did.
Do you REALLY believe that a timer alone can explode? It requires just basic common sense to spot the complete lack of explosive material, such as a blob of grey putty or a jar of liquid with a detonator cap or a couple of wires sticking out of it.

Apprently even basic common sense is an unrealistic expectation let alone requirement for your average US public school staff and principal these days.

Comment Comedy of errors (Score 1) 806

The school district were clearly beyond clueless, I mean anyone with less half a clue can see it couldn't have been a bomb. I mean the lack of any explosive would be the first clue. But it seems to me that the larger fault here was the president's.
He clearly tried to politically capitalize on an unfortunate local event by blowing it out of all proportion and turning it into a country-wide sensationalist media circus. So now of course the money-grubbing parents are going to try for all they can get in the best of capitalist traditions, That doesn't make any of this right though.

Comment Re:and a wart (Score 1) 486

An example of actual government logic (admittedly from a few hundred years ago): Witches cause warts so Snowden must be a witch. You don't hang witches you burn them. They burn because they must be made of wood, so lets tie Snowden up and throw him in a lake to see if he floats or drowns. If he floats he is made of wood so therefore a witch. If he drowns he was innocent.

Comment I agree with Trump (Score -1, Troll) 591

The Qu'uran contains 164 different verses that preach Jihad. All the tree-hugging liberals out there that think all religions are nice and fluffy like Christianity need to understand that not all religions are like that. Islam is to its very core based on violence and subjugation intentionally, to spread itself virally. The Qu'ran doesn't say muslims should practice Jihad, it says they MUST. There is no "moderate interpretation" to be made here.
Call me strange but I think that anyone that admits they belong to any group (muslim or anything else) who's core tenets are that their members are required to murder innocent civilians absolutely deserves to be on some watch database.
So heck yeah, I completely agree with Trump about the creation of a muslim database.

Comment Has this actually affected anyone here? (Score 0) 143

Call me strange but I find it hard to imagine that a computer clock being a second off for a moment is anything but invisible to your average software developer/IT worker/server farm.
I mean if your computer's clock is set up to sync with an NTP server every now and again, your system is probably already seeing corrections of that scale and more.

It is easier to change the specification to fit the program than vice versa.