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Comment Re:No mention of price points? (Score 1) 56

>> I mean, who is going to string thousands of kilometers of fiber through the outback?

Well there are plenty of big cities on both sides of Australia, and just outback in the middle. I don't know either way but I'd be *really* surprised if there is really no cables running through the outback connecting them (phone, data etc).

Comment Yeah. No. (Score 1) 321

This isn't a smart buy on any level.

Firstly its not a real SUV its a soccer moms van. There's no way this thing is of any use off road at all as the ground clearance is about the same as a family car, and anyone that takes a road car that cost $145k off of the tarmac is insane.

I can't imagine there are many families that can afford 132-144k on what amounts to a soccer mom's van. with the money it takes to buy an X you can get a practical people mover as good as this car, also buy a 2 seat sports car that would be more fun to drive, and still put maybe $75k in the bank.

There is also no way the math works out on the savings from no-need-to-ever-buy-gas. Even assuming all the electricity you use to charge your X is free, the extra cost of this car over an equivalent gasoline vehicle would get you 52631 gallons of gas, (i.e. enough free gas for the entire life of about 10 cars).

Those doors look cool but its just more expensive shit to go wrong. Having previous experience of owning a vehicle with vertical doors and looking at the videos of how the X opens its doors I can honestly imagine more problems than normal doors especially in small or low spaces such as commonly found in parking garages.

Comment Re:Source code and calibrations (Score 1) 618

woops ignore me, I just googled and saw it was both VW and Audi brands.

I realise its just on diesel engines that has been discovered, but now I'm wondering about the other car badges that VW owns and how deep this could really go. Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamobrghini, Porsche,
The supercar/luxury brands especially already have a lot of pressure on them to show very low emissions but not sacrifice any performance. Something has to give.

Comment Re:Gender discrimination! (Score 1) 449

>> I don't know how you can get worked up over it.

  If it was just a social/privately organized thing (like your Boys/Girls Night Out example) of course I wouldn't care, but its different when a global company like Google are sending such a message as being (in line with) their corporate policy.

Comment Re:Gender discrimination! (Score 1) 449

>> Literally every other computer camp is a "boys computer camp" because they dominate the enrollment.

No they're not "boys computer camps". As far as I'm aware they don't limit access based on gender. Google's camp does.

  If girls don't want to go to a computer camp with a gender makeup that reflects real life (i.e. non-segregated) then its THEM directly being whiny princesses and making the problem. That behaviour should not be tolerated, much less encouraged by Google.

Comment No sympaty for slef-inflicted problems (Score 2) 211

Seriously I have no sympathy for people that allow themselves to be walked all over, then complain about how their employer destroyed their life.

Y'all just need to grow a pair and remember that employment is a business contract between equals. Next time your employer asks you to do something unfair such as donate a bunch of unpaid overtime or work extremely excessive hours, just fucking say NO. Otherwise just shut up and take it like the bitches you have actively chosen to turn yourselves into.

Comment Re:Chris Christie (Score 2) 495

When Bin Laudin knocked down the towers he also scared the country so much that the bill of rights is totally, permanently doomed.

By voting for people like Jeb Bush or any other person that uses fearmongering as a justification to dilute and remove constitutional rights, you're directly making Bin Laden's actions even more successful.

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