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Comment: basic lessons in information theory (Score 1) 254 254

There is no way the can target just terrorists, so this has bulk data collection of everyone in the UK written all over it.
Normally I think Cameron is OK but on this point he's making himself look like a complete fool and is clearly a dangerous enemy of fundamental human rights.
If nothing else he needs some basic lessons in information theory for even implying that its always possible to decrypt messages. Its not even possible to always know when some data just contains an encrypted message.

Comment: Pair/gang programming doesnt work. (Score 0) 126 126

Pair programming is a crap idea that never works. The better programmer just gets held back and frustrated with the other programmers incompetence, and the worse programmer just stays out of their depth. What you can only ever get is a mediocre piece of work at best since the better programmer usually has to compromise for the sake of the worse programmer.

Comment: Re:We've only got ourselves to blame (Score 1) 381 381

I don't understand why most Americans are paranoid enough about health insurance to give up everything just to stay covered by employee health just in case something happens.
I mean really how likely is it that you're going to break an arm or something in a few months between jobs? And even if you do, ER legally can't just turn you away.
I haven't actually checked but welfare/Obamacare probably has you covered if your income is low/zero too.

Comment: Re:We've only got ourselves to blame (Score 1) 381 381

>> if you don't work the bullshit hours ... you'll earn yourself a spot on the top of the list of people to be outsourced.

Not all employers are like that, and don't believe it if anyone tells you otherwise.
If you already work for somewhere like that then you need to do one of 2 things:
1) Learn your lesson, deal with it while you find another job, and require a written clause covering free overtime in your next employment contract before you accept a start date,
2) Be happy and just accept that your current employer already knows they can and will treat you like their bitch whenever they want, and since you have already shown to them you don't have any balls or respect for yourself, the whole promotion/more pay thing will always just be a carrot they dangle but you can never reach.

Comment: Re:We've only got ourselves to blame (Score 1) 381 381

Yes I do that too, and for similar reasons, and am also prepared to accept the side effects. And guess what its working fine for me.

I never worry about performance appraisals, since many if not most companies just have themfor use as psychological tools to (try to) undermine your confidence and thereby manipulate you into free overtime etc. Since I already know my own weak points/strengths/skills/capabilities I don't need anyone else to give me their impressions of me, and won't fall for being manipulated. Being paid is the only real evidence that you are actually of value to them.

I also never do what most employees do, just passively hope to be offered a pay rise next year. If/when I have cause to believe I legitimately now justify more money, I simply tell them I want to renegotiate my employment contract and give them the reasons. And you know what... it works, because instead of being a whiny bitch you're offering them a business deal and that's their language.

I can only do that because I view my employment contract as a mutually beneficial business deal between equals. Companies are not your parents and most aren't charities. They are only hiring you at all because of a simple profit vs cost formula: you are ultimately making them significantly more money than you cost them.

Many companies use talk of "loyalty to the employer/employee" and try to suggest their company has old fashioned values but they are mostly only doing so as a psychological tool to brain wash/pacify the more sheep-like employees into doing more for the company than they are paying for. You only find out how actually intangible their supposed loyalty is as soon as their latest calculations show the balance of the profit/cost formula of your employment has swung. I don't blame them one bit for firing people when the deal ceases to be beneficial, since I feel free to do just the same to them, and Its just the nature of "being in business". But I do blame employees for being naive enough to believe that somehow their situation is any different.

Comment: Re:We've only got ourselves to blame (Score 1) 381 381

>> This assumption is not correct. The business can replace the employee, ...just like the employee can replace the business.

>> and is rarely dependent on a single individual for its continued survival and well-being. ...Just as there are multiple employers out there, so the employee is in exactly the same boat.

Comment: We've only got ourselves to blame (Score 4, Interesting) 381 381

As a Brit now living in the US I can clearly see the reason. Even though many companies in the EU won;t stop trying, this endless free overtime malarkey generally does not fly at all because most people there just won't go along with it.

The problem exists in the US because for some reason, the average American employee's mentality is to just accept and give in to whatever employers do to you without any questions or push back at all. If US employees saw their employment contract as what it actually is, a business deal between equals that exchanges time for money at a fixed rate, The problem would end overnight.

People that complain about having to work endless unpaid overtime just need to grow a pair and stand up to being abused. Do exactly what you're paid for, then go home. Seriously.

Comment: Re:C++ yes QT no (Score 1) 8 8

I can't talk about Boost with any real experience because I have not used it much, but sockets in C/C++ eally aren't that hard, especially if you write your own socket class in a generic way so going forward you can just use it everywhere and extend it as/when necessary. Thats what I did.

Not only do you get to understand the low level stuff, you also have a useful component (and possibly the beginnings of your own tioolkit) that doesn't lock you into someone else's way of doing things and/or also requires you to link in the kitchen sink.

Comment: C++ yes QT no (Score 1) 8 8

You don't need any toolkits. Just do your own thing. Seriously. Its not that hard to figure out and implement networking stuff.
If you're worried about portability just stay Posix-compliant and you will be fine.

QT is a giant pain in the ass. Any toolkit that needs its own custom compiler stage is insane.
I'd strongly recommend totally avoiding QT. but if you really must use it, things to stay away from are signals and slots, and their data types, only use those things when you absolutely have to. This is double true if time efficiency/predictability is important. Also make sure you keep usage of QT as minimal as possible and totally encapsulated otherwise it will spread like a virus over your whole project.

Comment: Re:HBM is a game changer (Score 1) 76 76

Thats funny, I had so much frustration with AMD/ATI's Linux driversI pretty much threw an $800 laptop away, and before and since then have never had any problems at all with nVidia's drivers.
It boggles my mind how anyone can believe AMD drivers are better/more stable than nVidia's, especially on Linux.

Comment: Re:This is not surprising (Score 4, Insightful) 130 130

>> The problem is that this is never done.

The reason is that many Software Director positions are now filled with technically clueless people that are basically salesmen rather than engineers.
They have no comprehension of the concept of technical debt, or the need to spend time on activities that don't directly translate into new features.
The net result is that you're always just piling more crap onto the top of a steaming turd pile so making it worse, instead of working to replace the shit.

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