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Comment Re:Not really about Windows (Score 1) 287

I get your point. I have a device programmer that I would love to have a Linux driver for, since its pretty much the only thing left, other than a few AAA games, that I need to keep a Windows partition around for .... but i really can't blame Linux for the choice of some comapny's short-sighted product developers to only provide Windows drivers for their harware.
I already make a point of checking first and only buying devices that are supported under Linux, unless there really is no alternative (such as with my device programmer),
So in my own small "vote with my wallet" way I am adding my tiny weight to the effort to get companies that think PC===Windows to see enough missing sales that even they finally get a clue. I just wish more end-users would even think to do the same thing, rather than just mindlessly blame Linux because their favourite windows-only device doesnt just work with it.

Comment Re:Not really about Windows (Score 1) 287

I use the official nVidia Linux driversrather than nouveau only because the official drivers are very noticably better for both performance and stabilty/compatability, at last on my hardware, than nouveau is currently. If nouveau ever gets to be fully as good as nVidia's own Linux drivers, I will happily switch.

Comment Re:Not really about Windows (Score 5, Informative) 287

I disgree. I think Windows is both seriously crap for usability and inherently very insecure when compared to most Linux distros, and who knows what info Microsoft (and therefore the US gov) can/is using Windows to collect/phone home with.
Factor in that Linux is free (in both senses), has inspectable source code, is more standards-compliant and supports more hardware, and has more free professional-grade apps, and the decision is (or should be) a complete no-brainer, especially for governments.
In fact it boggles my mind why anyone is still choosing to use Windows for anything at all, except maybe gaming, and then only because many games devs still dont make Linux versions of AAA games, although tthat seems to be (too slowly for me) changing too.

Comment Im amazed anoyne wants to use Widnwos (Score 4, Insightful) 287

Heck I dont even trust Windows/Microsoft for home use. If I was Russia or any Government (including the US) I wouldnâ(TM)t allow any PC with Windows on it at all. Who knows what information Windows (especially 10) is collecting and phoning home with, or how many NSA back doors and just plain stupid security holes it has.

Comment Re:Oh good, a reason (Score 1) 350

Interesting. For me the most blatantly obviously unelectable person is Clinton, but the bottom line is that all career politicians are as corrupt as hell and are all untrustworthy. They need to be to even get where they are.
At least Trump isn't a career politician and I think thats what is actually attracting most of his supporters to him. in Iowa, a state that is a very bad fit for Trump, he won second place and only a couple of percentage points behind Cruz who got caught putting a fix in, so I think your claim that Trump is so unelectable it hurts is very naieve, especially this early on.

Comment Re:better off without it (Score 1) 339

I completely understand the concept of supply and demand.
My point was that the current demand is based on a marketing fad, not on actual value.
Even assuming you're right (which I doubt) about the cost to Tesla of the batteries alone being 30k per car, at 132k you're still paying over 100k for the rest of the car, which is insane.

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