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Comment: Square peg, round hole (Score -1) 97

Wikis work if people constantly modify and tune them, and provide content. They don't complete themselves. It sounds like you need trainers, rather than throwing nontechnical people at what is essentially a technical solution.

When did you already tell your boss you'd have this done by?

Comment: Re:Utilities Fighting Back (Score -1) 495

by Gothmolly (#48011939) Attached to: Utilities Should Worry; Rooftop Solar Could Soon Cut Their Profit

Hello, you seem to think that Slashdot is a discussion forum, when instead it's just a place for insecure neckbeards to troll, post memes, complain about CmdrTaco, and mention how BSD is dying. If you want actual discussion, find the site on the Internet that's most diametrically opposed to Slashdot, and try there.

Comment: How is this a Federal problem? (Score -1) 48

by Gothmolly (#48001373) Attached to: NSF Awards $10 Million To Protect America's Processors

Why do we need the State Science Institute telling us that we need better control over the processor supply chain? Companies for whom this is important will implement it, and the rest won't. It's a self-correcting problem. And 10 million? If you're going to go out and nationalize the production of processors that's chump change, do it right, at least.

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