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Comment: Re:Read one, write other (Score 1) 563

by Larryish (#48578995) Attached to: The Case For Flipping Your Monitor From Landscape to Portrait


Quite a few people still use 8 or 10 year old machines, single-core or slow dual-core with a few gigs of memory, smallish harddrive, and still running Windows XP.

When a machine from 2006 can comfortably play videos on Facebook, who _needs_ to upgrade?

No one.

The fastest machines I have in the home office are dual core, 4 gigs memory, 250 or 500 gig disk running Windows 7 and Xubuntu respectively. They both perform very well.

The oldest machine is a Dell laptop from 2002 with Windows XP for use as a print server. It is slow but functional. Was using Xubuntu which was much faster but my scanner didn't like Linux.

tldr; Unless you are into new games, you really don't need a new computer.

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