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Comment Re:Z80 was in TRS-80 (Score 1) 124 124


Was using a TI-99 4A until 1991.

Had a few better machines (Atari 800XL and a C64) but kept coming back to the TI.

Graphics were a loss (remapping ASCII character bitmaps? orly?) but the handling of data in a program was so simple and beautiful, even using tape. Fond memories.

Now everything gets Linux on it. Architecture? Meh. Works on everything.

More powerful, more usable.

But not nearly as much fun.

God I miss 80's computing.

Comment Re:We can learn from this (Score 1) 163 163

No, I meant uber.

You can never let the subhumans know that they are subhuman.

Celebrate their every achievement with praise.

De-troit steel mill worker
Let me thank you for your time
You work a 40-hour week for a living
Just a sendin' on down the line

The more data I punch in this card, the lighter it becomes, and the lower the mailing cost. -- S. Kelly-Bootle, "The Devil's DP Dictionary"