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Comment: Re:a better question (Score 1) 592

by Curtman (#48844299) Attached to: Why Run Linux On Macs?
The only reason I'm not using Linux on my Mac right now is poor HiDPI support. Strangely hidpi is working properly in Linux for almost every application except Chrome, which works in OS X and Windows just fine.

I got the Retina (15-inch Late 2013), and love the hardware. I've got a small Windows partition that gets booted once in a blue moon (Last time was to run "Odin" to unlock my wife's S5). Buying a Mac gives me the ability to run Linux, OS X, and Windows. Before I got this I purchased a HP laptop with Windows 8. It was horrible. By the 3rd day it would not turn on anymore. I will avoid PC hardware because it seems flimsy and prone to failure.

Comment: Re:Apparently Not (Score 4, Interesting) 59

by Curtman (#48815761) Attached to: Samsung In Talks To Acquire Troubled BlackBerry For $7.5 Billion

"They typically don't comment. Denying something that is true is a great way to get sued by shareholders."

I don't know about that. They denied that they would make an Android or iPhone BBM app for the entire time they would have been developing them.

I am most curious about what Samsung would do with QNX if it was to acquire it. QNX is something that should not be allowed to die. Samsung could afford to do this deal, and release QNX as opensource. It's of no particular use to them unless they want to ditch Tizen and Android.

Comment: Re:VLC (Score 1, Interesting) 313

by Curtman (#48475323) Attached to: Windows 10 To Feature Native Support For MKV and FLAC
VLC is an open source project though. Microsoft used to be the evil empire who spoke of the GPL as a cancer. It took being humbled by Google in the mobile market to make them decide to embrace open standards. It's impressive, but it's still Windows. Wake me up when bash is the default shell.

Comment: Re:I thought the DMCA is American Law (Score 1) 389

Thank you. I was right. If you have any objections to my rightness, then either you are wrong or you didn't understand what I was saying. Note that the law you quoted doesn't make it a crime in America to have sex with a child in Thailand.

You understand that they will put you in jail in Thailand, then put you in jail in the U.S. once you get out of there. It is a U.S. crime to go to Thailand to be a pedo. You are saying they will put you in a U.S. jail, but it's not a crime?

Does not even pass the 50% threshold for rightness. Sorry fella.

Comment: Re:I thought the DMCA is American Law (Score 1) 389

If you have sex with a boy in Thailand, that crime happened in Thailand.

Extraterritorial Sexual Exploitation of Children
The extraterritorial sexual exploitation of children is the act of traveling to a foreign country and engaging in sexual activity with a child in that country. Federal law prohibits an American citizen or resident to travel to a foreign country with intent to engage in any form of sexual conduct with a minor (defined as persons under 18 years of age). It is also illegal to help organize or assist another person to travel for these purposes. This crime is a form of human trafficking, also referred to as child sex tourism. Convicted offenders face fines and up to 30 years of imprisonment

I think you're wrong about that too.

Comment: Re:I thought the DMCA is American Law (Score 1) 389

Yeah pot seeds are regulated under pot laws. I'm pretty sure you already know that legally pot seeds are drugs.

The law is an ass. They are at best potential drugs. Yeast and hops are not beer. The seeds do not contain any THC.

This area of law is incredibly complicated but the answer is definitely maybe. Newspaper mavens are sometimes prosecuted for slander in jurisdictions where their papers are published; hackers are sometimes prosecuted for hacking computers in jurisdictions other than where they are physically located; the Unibomber was prosecuted for bombs that exploded in a place other than where he mailed them. Sometimes yes, sometimes no, and I don't know enough to say about shipping guns.

- vs -

The USA can't prosecute you for a crime committed in another country.

Does not compute.

Comment: Re:I thought the DMCA is American Law (Score 1) 389

The USA can't prosecute you for a crime committed in another country.

It would be great if this was actually true.

"On the contrary, Marc openly operated his seed distribution business ("Marc Emery Direct") from a storefront in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, as well as over the internet; through telephone sales; direct mail sales; and though other media outlets. Revenue Canada gladly accepted taxes on all of his sales, which were duly reported to the appropriate taxing authorities. Virtually all of the profits from the business went to funding lawful efforts to legalize marijuana in Canada and the United States through the political process."

Crown counsel in Canada refused to prosecute Emery but under the former Republican presidency the U.S. ramped up its war on drugs and targeted Emery because of his political profile.
"Marc Emery decided that U.S. laws did not apply to him, but he was wrong," Durkan said in a news release Friday.

Comment: Re:Blender (Score 1) 57

by Curtman (#48131041) Attached to: Flash IDE Can Now Reach Non-Flash Targets (Including Open Source)

I think the idea is that you make the animation in Blender and then you render to a video format for distribution.

There is burster...

How the Burster works

The Burster plugin resolves two major problems that was keeping the Blender from being accepted in business environments. Firstly, Burster allows you to put your Blender Game Engine file at your website. You do not have to record the (very big) movie, upload into the Youtube to show someone what great thing you have done. Secondly, you do not need to worry that someone will use your work without your knowledge. The blender source files could be now encrypted using very strong cryptographic algorithm. This alows you to sell your interactive 3D content without worrying about protecting the property. What about licensing? The Blender source files aren't covered by GPL v2 license so you can do with them whatever you want. The Burster plugin uses blenderplayer as external process, so Burster is not Blender's derivative - although it is still opensource software on GPL. One part of Burster plugin is closed and licensed with very restrictive license - the decode module - which is a shared library. The Burster plugin is free and open source and its source code is covered by GPL license.

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