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Comment Re:The moderationg system needs an overhaul. (Score 1) 1836

... Oh my... you are trying this tactic? Oh well... I can't stop you from sucking on that shotgun barrel...

I didn't say the two things were the same thing. I suggested that people were doing both. What is more, they do tend to go hand in hand in that trolls will often make use of sock puppets and sock puppets are typically trolls. I think that was clear above... so your attempt to claim superiority on that point or suggest I was ignorant of something... is frankly laughable.

As to AC and solutions... I want you to have a record or to not be in this forum making comments.

Comment Let's cut to the important bits (Score 2) 33

Always-on copy protection that keeps the honest player from playing for the first month or two while it doesn't bother those copying it illegally again? Or something sane for a change.

Cut to the important parts that decide whether or not someone with half a brain even ponders looking at what the game is like before he dismisses it as "do not want".

Comment A few seconds? (Score 2) 48

I do my best to avoid places with earthquakes, but if I ever go to an earthquake zone, what the fuck am I gonna do with those "few seconds" warning that this app would provide me? Unless I can somehow use those seconds to board a hot air balloon, what can I possibly do with a few seconds if the earth is about to open up, besides take the opportunity to plant a big wet goodbye kiss on my own ass?

I admit that I've been fortifying myself with spirits in order to work up the courage to go out into the cold to walk the dog, so maybe I'm missing something.

Comment Re:I hope they keep the Picasa desktop app around. (Score 3, Interesting) 104

The website is what I'll miss ( It gives you access to the same photos as, but has a lot of options which are missing in the latter site, like managing albums. If they transition that capability to the Photos site, then all will be fine.

But if they insist on the dumbed-down so easy a caveman could do it approach that Photos currently uses, I'm going to have to figure out some other way to present my photos online. I recently learned that Amazon gives me unlimited photo storage with my Prime account. And not limited to 2048x2048 resolution like with Photos (if you want free unlimited storage) - I've already switched my phone's photo backup to Amazon.

Comment God Damn It, Anne Frank (Score 3, Insightful) 125

You know who let their thing go to public domain? Hitler. Just sayin'...

On an editorial note, I would not have read the Diary of Anne Frank had I not been forced to in school, and 30 years of alcohol abuse and Prozac has mostly wiped away most of the memories of the books I was forced to read in school. So if any of my past English teachers are reading, yeah, thanks for that. And also, Herman Melville just wrote all that shit about the whale because he liked to hear himself talk. There. I said it. So whatever. Anne Frank can keep her damn copyright for all I care, and for all the good it'll do her.

Comment Re:I for one welcome the return of the Star Chambe (Score 1) 63

Indeed. The GCHQ must now be regarded as an enemy, in fact as an "advanced persistent threat", because even if identified, it seems unlikely that one can get rid of them. (I like the idea of suing them, but they will just become more careful against being identified....) In particular, it must be expected that they do industrial espionage and industrial sabotage for political reasons.

Treat the same as any other group of well-funded criminal hackers. Also, the banking industry and IT industry may want to move out of the UK entirely.

Comment Re:Forced to accept cash? (Score 1) 181

Preventing death or great bodily harm is a valid legal reason to use deadly force... preventing loss of property is not. And yes, I know that there are a few jurisdictions (Texas, most notably) where it is legal to kill someone who is simply trying to steal from you, whether or not there is any evidence they are going to cause any bodily harm to anyone, but this is why I explicitly said "in general", because that is not actually the norm. A vast majority of robberies are of the "grab and dash" type... where an opportunistic robber happens to identify some property that is not adequately protected and is small enough for them to easily carry, makes a grab for it and tries to run away. If the robber has made no other threatening moves or otherwise suggested he would harm anyone if he was stopped, it is generally illegal to use lethal force to stop them.

Comment Re:1976 Copyright Act (Score 1) 125

Changing something that hasn't happened yet isn't prohibited.

If a work entered public domain, and someone published it as such, then a copyright extension put it back under protection, the public-domain publisher could not be sued for infringement during the time that the work was in the public domain. If they keep publishing it once it was protected again, that'd be a separate offense.

Comment Re:Forced to accept cash? (Score 1) 181

This is why I said "in general".... Yes, I know you can do that in Texas, and of course, in all jurisdictions that I know of you *ARE* allowed to use lethal force against someone who is armed or you had reason to believe was armed, and there was some reasonable basis to conclude that they would cause harm to you if you did not surrender your property.

But if the person is not armed, or in particular has just tried to grab and trying to escape with some stolen property without ever actually threatening to harm anyone (which is a *HUGE* percentage of robberies), you are not allowed to use lethal force to stop them in most jurisdictions.

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