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Comment: Re:Congratulations Samsung... (Score 1) 45

by Solandri (#48671673) Attached to: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Review
Lemme guess - you're a guy who carries his smartphone in his pocket, and is incapable of imagining any other use scenario.

The phone is designed with the Asian market in mind. Phablets are insanely popular there among women, who put a cover on them and carry them in their purses. The problem is that if you get a text, you have to pull the phone out of your purse and flip open the cover to read it. A cover with a cutout for the screen is one solution, but still requires taking out the phone to read the text. Putting a display on the edge allows you to read the text while the phone is still in the purse.

Comment: Re:So... (Score 1) 80

by TheRaven64 (#48671595) Attached to: App Gives You Free Ebooks of Your Paperbacks When You Take a "Shelfie"
They only give you the free copy for the photo of the cover for public domain books. If you want to read these, install FBReader (which has a nice search interface for various online collections) and don't waste time with this app. To get copies of in-copyright books, you need to deface the copyright page. If you can do that in a book shop without having to buy the book, then you live somewhere with very tolerant shopkeepers...

Comment: Re:I'm the app's developer. Happy to answer questi (Score 1) 80

by TheRaven64 (#48671583) Attached to: App Gives You Free Ebooks of Your Paperbacks When You Take a "Shelfie"
I already have an app that catalogues the books I own by reading the bar code (which contains the ISBN in most cases). It takes a couple of seconds on my cheap phone (Moto G) to scan each bar code - it takes longer to look them up in a DB. Why would I want to use an app that relies on being able to recognise a cover, which is both more computationally expensive and less reliable (several of the books I own have had a dozen or so different covers for different printings - try looking at all of the covers an Agatha Christie novel has had over the years sometime)?

To claim an eligible title you have to take a picture of your name written onto the book's copyright page

Ah, so I have to deface my books and take two pictures (one of the copyright page, one of the cover)? No thanks.

Comment: Re:To What End? (Score 1) 170

by Solandri (#48670271) Attached to: Did North Korea Really Attack Sony?

So what's the motive then?

I'm skeptical it was North Korea too. But they do in fact have a huge motive. You know how Thailand's government gets their panties in a bunch every time a foreigner somehow mocks their king? Multiply that by a hundred. That's how much North Korea reveres their leader. Not just their government, but a good fraction of their people. They've had it drilled into their heads since birth that their leader is a god. They got upset at this commercial. Sony was gonna release a whole movie.

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