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Comment: Re:The real question here (Score 1) 172

And your "understanding" is based on what?
If you think that sentience and QM have anything to do with each other, then you are living in fantasy land.
QM has a precise mathematical description, while the concept of "sentience" has never been defined in any meaningful sense.

Comment: Re:xkcd... (Score 1) 267

Or instead of Hamlet, take a random book of poetry off the shelf in the "Obscure Poets" section of a library, go to a random page, then memorize the poem on that page. Take first letter of the first word, second letter of the second word, etc. Make up a capitalization pattern, add a few numbers, then you have it.

With the dice list, you are completely dependant on the crackers not knowing that you used it, and that makes the entropy calculations shear nonsense.

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