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Comment Re:Best solution: (Score 1) 436

the safety record of the Google cars is nothing short of fantastic.

Says who? Google? Of course, they are completely unbiased.

Thing is, a universally accepted test of driving competence already exists: it's called getting a driver's license.
As soon as a robocar exists that can pass the standard driving test given in all states and provinces, day or night, and in all weather conditions, then I will believe that its safety record is "nothing short of fantastic".

Comment Re:Until true AI is developed.... (Score 1) 319

In the end between the robot companies, the programers and the robot maintainers you end up with more or less the same number of jobs than those that were lost just with higher productivity and better results.

You're insane.
For every robot company worker, programmer or robot maintainer there will be hundreds of low-level service workers who will have no way to break out of poverty, if automation keeps increasing at its current rate.

Comment Re:This researcher lacks vision... (Score 1) 262

Anyone following the latest results in deep neural networks (with recurrent designs for temporal or sequential pattern recognition and recent-memory emphasis) can see that it won't be too much longer before a good "general intelligence" architecture emerges.

How much longer is "too much longer"?
Ten years?
A hundred years?
A thousand years?
I have no idea, and neither does anybody else.

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