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Comment: Re: Supremes never said corps are people ... (Score 1) 586

And it's the control of that very government that is at issue.
A public company is not a democracy: all of its economic power is in the hands of the majority stockholders.
Why should they have millions of times the influence on who the government is and what is does than I do?

Comment: Re:Does the job still get done? (Score 1) 679

the wealthy don't read history books and forget that the unwashed masses have way more power than they do, then the wealthy are killed en mass and everything resets

That was when the wealthy didn't have access to unlimited robot labor, and unlimited robot soldiers.

Comment: Re:Does the job still get done? (Score 1) 679

The supply of labor available to the global economy has gone up a lot. Meanwhile, the highest priced portion of that labor, rather than implementing ways to make themselves more attractive to employers and hence, increasing demand for their labor, has instead punished employers

"Punished employers"? What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

Jobs are still created in the usual ways. The pattern hasn't changed. They just aren't being created in the developed world.

Well, the vast majority of the people who read /. live in the "developed world" and are concerned about their bleak future here.

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