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Comment: Re:Militia, then vs now (Score 1) 1536

by RespekMyAthorati (#46784185) Attached to: Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment
However, hand grenades, Claymore mines and shoulder-mounted missiles would all be considered "arms" under that definition.
As far as I know, none of these can be legally used anywhere in the U.S.,
so the idea of restricting the ownership of military-style weapons is already accepted widely.

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by RespekMyAthorati (#46753843) Attached to: Sand in the Brain: A Fundamental Theory To Model the Mind

Thanks, Dawkins et al, for totally screwing up a generation's knowledge of basic philosophy and science for the sake of overextending a dubious argument for your worldview.

Hear, hear.
I just hate it when biologists, social scientists, etc. confuse probability with intuition.
Just because something seems improbable, that proves nothing about how probable it acutally is.
If anything the study of probability has taught us, is just how wrong our intuition and gut feelings can be.

Comment: Re:The Religious Right will have your head on a pl (Score 1) 470

by RespekMyAthorati (#46736167) Attached to: It's Time To Bring Pseudoscience Into the Science Classroom

But the phrase "critical thinking" isn't much used by scientists.

No, it's a term mostly used by academics to mean "thinking in a way that is in accordance with currently popular theories in the humanities and social sciences"
while "uncritical thinking" means "thinking in a way that disputes currently popular theories in the humanities and social sciences."

Comment: Re:Reality check (Score 1) 413

KozmoStevnNaut wrote:

Would you be able to back up your perception of this difference with a double blind ABX test?

and you replied:

Yes. Just try it yourself when you have the opportunity

He didn't mean "do you imagine you could back up your perception of this difference with a double blind ABX test",
he meant "have you actually done it?".

Because if you haven't, then you are just making shit up.

Mathematics deals exclusively with the relations of concepts to each other without consideration of their relation to experience. -- Albert Einstein