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Comment: Re:Why Bennett is more annoying than he has to be. (Score 0) 290

Because Rob "Samzenpus" Rozeboom gets a boner whenever this douchebag idiot opens his mouth.
Nothing Haselton says ever makes any sense except to say
"I'm an asshole, and you have to listen to my rants because /. moderators want to suck my cock".

Comment: Re:Who are these idiot futurists? (Score 1) 564

we'd need a massive conspiracy of megalomaniac genius experts in artifcial intelligence who intentionally develop malware to infect military robots that go around shooting people

That's right.
And that mysterious organization would have a James Bond-like name, say "Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency".

Comment: Re:Transcendence (Score 1) 564

We will have killer robots because most robot research is funded by the military: hence the "D" of DARPA.
A bunch of killer robots is exactly what they want.

Of course, after they kill all the enemies, they will just lay down their arms and serve us. Wouldn't they?

Comment: Re:It's a question of mass production (Score 1) 564

Moore's Law and similar technologies (massively parallel computing etc) will result in systems exponentially more powerful than IBM's Watson. At some point a future Watson or Google AI system will make "decisions" indistinguishable from a human's.

If you want to fantasize like that, nobody is going to stop you. But your reasoning is nonsense.

You could increase the speed of the Watson hardware a hundred times, and do you know what difference it would make?
Other than answering a bit faster, absolutely none.

It's software that limits an AI program's capabilities, not hardware.
And we currently have no idea how to create intelligent software.

Comment: Re:AI is always "right around the corner". (Score 1) 564

So, have you ever asked yourself "What or who am I?"?

Did you say "yes"? Interesting, because that is exactly how a chatbot would reply to the same question.

It is completely impossible to say whether any entity, living or not, possesses that kind of introspective intelligence.
Thus, your test is non-falsifiable, or in other words, just a lot of philosophical horseshit.

"You tweachewous miscweant!" -- Elmer Fudd