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Comment Re:"Bin Laden determined to attack in the US" (Score 1) 118

It is unimaginably stupid to suggest the President Bush willfully overlooked an attack on the United States on the basis of "family friends" as you have, as is any suggestion that the attack was allowed for political advantage. You've suggested both

Because they are both true.

In case anybody was unaware, cold_fjord is a notorious NSA apologist.

Comment Re:This (Score 1) 393

People who graduate in Medieval fine art, Egyptian hieroglyphics, Sumerian philosophy or whatever do not expect to be working in those fields once they leave college, except for the few who go into academia.

And the ones that don't get into academia wind up as debt-laden baristas.

consider someone who does a degree in Pure Maths or Theoretical Physics: they are just as likely to end up as a lawyer or banker as any sort of scientist.

Beats a barista.

Comment Re:Smart man (Score 1) 378

I am a neuroscientist

I'm guessing that is a fancy term for "psychologist". You certainly don't sound like a real scientist.

Thousands of people walking around today were once frozen embryos. It's called In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).
There's no reason why that same process couldn't be done on a starship.

As for "why?", it's the same answer why people explored antarctica, climbed the highest mountains,
and dived to the depths of the ocean.
It's called "adventure" and is the driving spirit of humanity.

Comment Re:Smart man (Score 1) 378

A million people?
No problem. You could store tens of millions of frozen human embryos in a one liter flask.
Those people could travel for thousands of years with no food, no water, and consuming no energy.

The ship would house a few hundred female crewmembers in hibernation,
who would awaken and impregnate themselves with the embryos ever few years.
After the children are raised by the crewmembers, they would go into hibernation while the adults live out the rest of their lives on the ship.

Radioactive cats have 18 half-lives.