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Comment Re:Freedom of Speech is the key. (Score 1) 667

I always thought that the term "politically correct" was intended to be hurled as an insult at people who voice objections to racism, misogyny and intolerance.

Actually, it is a phrase taken from Mao's "Little Red Book", whereby people who mindlessly obey Mao's teachings were said to be "politically correct"
and thus OK, while anyone who dissents is to be considered "politically incorrect" and thus worthy of imprisonment or worse.

I have heard mostly older far-leftists use that term in exactly that way.

Comment Re:I think the problem is overstated (Score 1) 667

It seems to me that the real problem isn't that people protest against anything that offends them;
it's that cowardly university officials feel that they have to respond
to every organized protest under the assumption that the protesters
must be right and that which they are protesting must be wrong.

I guess they think that in doing so, they are fostering peace on campus, but in the long run it only fosters injustice.

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