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Comment Re:Freedoms (Score 1) 39

You do understand that even paperboys (and news stands, etc) can choose what papers they carry, right?

But they shouldn't fail to bring you the newspaper after they have committed to do it, and you always have an option to hire a different paperboy. The latter is not always an option with social networks, because of the network effect.

Comment Re:Time to bring out the thirty-year-old cliches (Score 1) 568

Any field with "science" in it's name isn't one.

I very much prefer the term more widely used in French and Spanish, "Informatics".

It more precisely describes the common core of the discipline - information processing, not only for building code, but also for analyzing data, systems and business processes, which are also essential to the craft.

Comment Re: add a clause. (Score 3, Informative) 190

The article also explains the following:

My e-mail provided the specific license agreement that was issued to Epic Records and specifically noted the section of my license agreement that pertained to copyright:

4. Copyright: Mitch Martinez, retains all right, title, and interest in and to the Stock Files not expressly granted by the License Grant above.

Unless the license for using the stock footage contained language allowing them to impersonate the author as the copyright owners, and deny him recognition in the video, this means that they were violating copyright law by doing just that.

Comment Re:Pin??? (Score 1) 53

How is "pinning" any different from any other type of hyperlink?

It uses a metaphor, so its basic usage is inherently easier to understand.

Non-developers greatly benefit from applying metaphors to computing elements in order to get how they are expected to be handled, and what are the implications of their extended . "A pinboard with clips of web pages" is much more intuitive than "a database of hyperlinks", even if they're technically the same.

Comment Re:Google is mining my user data? (Score 1) 103

Look, I haven't left this site yet because I haven't found a better alternative.

The big tech news are usually found one day earlier at Hacker News, which also gets a threaded comment system.

Political commentary and trolling are not allowed there, and downvotes actually hurt, so usually there are much less comments; but sometimes that's an advantage.

The only reason why I still lurk around here is because open source software and "your rights online" news are typically analyzed more in depth here - there's still enough people from the early days willing to post some insightful comment, and it's possible to find it between the noise thanks to the filters that let you read everything and follow interesting people.

Comment Re:It never will feel real (Score 1) 90

VR is a dead end. How would you create a VR environment that is real? How can you walk, climb? Your inner ear is telling you about the real world. Your eyes are showing you the virtual world. The disconnection between the two is what causes people to get motion sickness. You will never solve that problem.

Are you absolutely 100% percent sure about that?

Comment Re:Maintainability is THE Bottleneck (Score 1) 255

Maybe the doctor just needs a small script that saves a copy of each mail received into a folder that matches the a keyword in the mail subject, and backup all them to an external hard disk every night.

Not all tasks that merit automating are related to the expert's knowledge domain - most are routine actions that the user needs to make by hand every single time. The kind of repetitive tasks that a developer would create a simple script for, an end user needs to ask the software vendor to include them as a feature.

You're agreeing with me with mentioning incompatible apps - users often need to painfully transfer data between them with Copy-Paste, the universal data exchange standard that glues the whole User space together. If end users knew scripting, they could create their own transfer subroutines that automated most of their repetitive steps that they must perform by hand now.

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