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Comment Re:What's the REAL reason ... (Score 5, Insightful) 92

Let the market...the consumer...not the government...decide how much pollution is too much

As the early history of industrialization shows, unregulated companies have no problems poisoning people for short-term profits. Aggressive business people tend to only think about 5 years out. If they believe the chances of getting caught is relatively low for the next 5 years, they'll often gamble to get here-and-now power and wealth. They are thinking with the "2nd head".

By the time 3-eyed babies appear, the perps or their trail may be long gone.

Comment Re:Culture Conflict (Score 1) 785

It might be. I don't want to argue over the meaning of "sexist" here, but rather look for practical solutions in THIS case.

Again, we are dealing with volunteers, not a formal "sue-able" organization. You can slap labels on them until the cows* come home, but it won't change anything.

* Oops, I said the C word. Un-mooo, troll, un-mooo.

Comment Re:Its laugh track is a crime against humanity (Score 4, Insightful) 322

I'm an old fogie and used to laugh tracks. Most "light" comedies seem awkward without them. It guess it's hard to make every generation happy.

But as far as the show, I sometimes get a "geek" kick out of it. You get dialog similar to:

A: "Rats, according to my carefully considered forecasts, I'll probably die before they can upload human conscientiousness into androids so one can live forever."

B: "Oh great, you'll really want to mill around as an awkward, annoying robot?"

A: "You claim I'm awkward and annoying now. How is that a change?"

B: "You sleep a third of the day now."

Comment Re: Violent talk (Re:Hmmmm) (Score 1) 785

Mitt Romney once used the phrase "knock some heads together" in a debate regarding how he'd ensure some gov't task was done right. I don't remember the typical pundits or press taking notice of that statement. Contrast the reaction with "binders full of women".

Comment Culture Conflict (Score 2) 785

Rather than view it in terms of "the right way" versus "the wrong way", how about we agree that on average men PREFER a certain communication style that is different from women's average preferred communication style.

It's an old-fashioned "culture conflict" type of problem.

These are mostly volunteers in this case such that we cannot simply slap a discrimination lawsuit on them to force them to talk "professionally".

Maybe someone can offer special classes to learn how to sling "dude crap" with the best of them. I've known women who perfected the art. They can be fun to be around, but I wouldn't want to date them.

As an anecdote, I was arguing with one lady about a signature on a document. "I don't care how it's signed, I'll sign it with my damned wanker if I have to!".

"Ah, you mean short-hand!", she replied.

Comment Re:I welcome our robotic driver overloards (Score 2) 135

If everyone drove Google Cars (and equiv), that wouldn't happen. A robot car wouldn't typically be programmed to be rude (or the vendor will get sued).

But even before that, I suspect the average Google reflexes are faster than the average human driver's. People's attention tends to come and go.

Plus, if the auto-car has a cam, then you have evidence of the "other guy" driving like a loon. Enough get sued that way and you get fewer loons.

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