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Comment: Re:IE 6 (Score 1) 94

by Tablizer (#49563957) Attached to: JavaScript Devs: Is It Still Worth Learning jQuery?

You mean ignore the customers with spare cash to burn in favour of those with no (spare) cash?

Let's say old browser users spend twice as much money at your site as new browser users (typically mobile). Then the break-even point would be when you have twice as many new browser users as old browser users. Example:

IE 8 or less users:

-- 200 transactions per month.

-- Average expenditure: $80.00

-- Total revenue: $16,000

Mobile users:

-- 405 transactions per month.

-- Average expenditure: $40.00

-- Total revenue: $16,200

In this scenario, it's probably time to focus on mobile-friendly sites/apps and dump legacy IE support.

(I'm assuming your org doesn't want to re-code the same app/site for multiple browser versions.)

Comment: Adam Smith [Re:*ehem*] (Score 1) 248

While traditional "Adam Smith" style economic models say that "free" trade, even lopsided trade, and automation will benefit the overall economy in terms of aggregate GDP; the model says little if anything about the distribution of the benefits of such. For the past 35 years we've seen nearly all of the GDP expansion go to the wealthy. The benefits haven't "trickled down", if you will.

Thus, the 99% may have a good reason to be weary of lopsided trade and automation. It's not just ignorance or fear of change.

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