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Comment Re:Had ex-employee leave me for six figure COBOL j (Score 1) 86

I made a shitton of extra money in 1998/99 during college, via y2k/cobol contracts. People would just come to the school and if you knew how to even declare variables, you could make $50 USD/hour.

Thing was, these were run on old unix mainframes that were still justifying their cost. I'm not sure the target audience with this thing though

Comment Re:Open source the problems! (Score 1) 100

First, licensed code... etc and so on... they probably can't just "open source" it.

However, even if they can, it may be a problem of design. If AMD's drivers were built with a paradigm that only really works on Windows, just being open source isn't going to be of much value. The driver would still have to be redesigned.

Comment Re: 25+ years (Score 1) 620

Your comment is irrelevant. Person was saying he was using NetBIOS, not over TCP/IP. This almost certainly means over NetBEUI, requiring actual stupid hubs, not switches. Mitigation off of this era of abomination usually called to at least move your transport protocol to TCP/IP, which would benefit the whole network just by using a switch.

Comment Re:Answer (Score 4, Insightful) 336

I don't know how to respond because this whole post is bullshit.

If you are using C++ as such a high level language as Java/C#, you may as well use them because you threw away some of the most useful/valuable parts. Also, Exceptions are EXCEPTIONAL and should be treated as such... only expected to be thrown when something exceptional happens, not as a means of flow control.

Comment Just works? (Score 2, Insightful) 484

What does "just works" even mean? Do you want it to be able to reliably make phone calls without having to worry about software failing? Get a non-smart phone.

If you want a "reliable" smart phone that doesn't need reset or suffer stupid ass software failures, get one of those $50 Samsung android smart phones. They are pretty reliable because they can't do much to begin with.

If you want a top of the line, super-newest-version, can-serve-as-my-PC smart phone, you are going to have issues, just like every other computer doing complicated tasks does.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 0) 197

No one seems to remember what a complete piece of shit XP was until service pack 2.

People who bitch about Windows ME don't even know why. The real complainers of the day didn't like the fact that there was no "Shutdown to DOS" option, but that was about it (and easy relatively easy to solve). Else, it was better than Win98 in every way. The rare people who tout "stability issues" were running cheap PCs with Cyrix processors and toilet paper RAM.

This is the same general reason people percieved Vista being "bad". It was installed on shit machines and it ran like shit on them. That, and people were still couldn't be bothered to treat their local user account as a non-admin, so UAC was "stupid".

Comment Re:Eat less than you burn (Score 2) 496

How fricking complicated is it to eat less than you burn?

Like I stated above, having an office job and not exercising, one would only need ~1300 calories for equilibrium. Eating under that, let alone 300-500 calories less than that to start shedding fat is not only HARD, it may be damn well impossible for some people

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