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Comment Re:You should have expected this. (Score 2) 132

assigned to a human investigator, where that human investigator has to commit regular individual reports on the state of such investigation back to the record for it to be maintained

I don't think more bureaucracy is necessarily the right idea. We need to change how things work fundamentally, not by putting another gear into the machine

Comment Re:What can I use instead? (Score 1) 410

After my computer slowing to a crawl, inspecting the task manager, discovering FF was using 1.5G memory, restarting FF, and seeing that it only used 500M memory with the exact same windows open...

That is because it has elements from previous pages cached for if/when you hit the back button or revisit your commonly visited sites. Closing and reopening it simply lets all that go. I can't imagine any other browser does anything much different. Perhaps they are better at hiding it.

Also, how much system memory do you have? I don't know any modern PC of anyone I own with less than 8GB, and most apps have a hard time breaking ~150M of RAM usage. Even if Firefox was using 2GB, I can't see how it would choke a reasonable system.

Comment Re:Had ex-employee leave me for six figure COBOL j (Score 1) 86

I made a shitton of extra money in 1998/99 during college, via y2k/cobol contracts. People would just come to the school and if you knew how to even declare variables, you could make $50 USD/hour.

Thing was, these were run on old unix mainframes that were still justifying their cost. I'm not sure the target audience with this thing though

Comment Re:Open source the problems! (Score 1) 100

First, licensed code... etc and so on... they probably can't just "open source" it.

However, even if they can, it may be a problem of design. If AMD's drivers were built with a paradigm that only really works on Windows, just being open source isn't going to be of much value. The driver would still have to be redesigned.

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