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You can find out all you need by googling "wiretapping two party state". Most refer to recording phone calls, but it includes anything recording voice. Here is a map, with the red states indicating which you can be charged with wiretapping for recording a conversation without all parties consent: Essentially, without consent in these states, recording audio is considered "Interception of communication", which is why it falls under wiretapping laws

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by TheRealMindChild (#47101375) Attached to: Wikipedia Medical Articles Found To Have High Error Rate
Not only that, but I have made several edits to where the "source" for the information either contradicted what was being documented, or didn't have any relation at all. Especially cites from NIH, people use the article title as reference, but the contents of the article have little to do with how the wikipedia editor interpreted them. A perfect example is the Timeline of the far future. The citations are dubious at BEST and flat out wrong in a significant amount of cases.

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