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Comment: Re:A little late (Score 1) 139

Their plans are readily available on the site I supplied above. If you're really interested, you'll go read about it. If you're not really interested, I can summarize, and say that they are cherry picking.

Let me make this a little plainer. Pale Moon took the Ghekko engine at - uhhhhhh, version 27 I think it was - and "froze" it. That is what they are working with. Yes, they have broken compatibility with some Firefox things. No, they don't intend to implement all the "improvements" that Firefox builds in the future.

Now, which part of "fork" did you fail to understand? It is not Firefox anymore. Pale Moon is somewhat backward compatible with old versions of Firefox, and addons that worked on old Firefox will either work, or can be made to work on Pale Moon. Newer addons grow into big problems, quickly.

Pale Moon has no intention of remaining compatible with Firefox, and as time goes on, it should look less and less like Firefox.

Now, please don't make me try to justify Pale Moon anymore. I'm just a user who has been moderately well impressed with it. I'm not a developer, an investor, a fanboy, or anything else. Just a user, who is pleased with the dramatic difference in resource consumption on an aging computer. Pale Moon is treating me well.

Comment: Re:Huh? (Score 1) 130

by ColdWetDog (#49769239) Attached to: D.C. Police Detonate Man's 'Suspicious' Pressure Cooker

Well I think that anyone in the New Mexico area that wants to play this came should wander over to Los Alamos.

Although a the article is bit dated, I wonder if their junkyard still is open for business.

A station wagon full of Los Alamos parts with a couple of GoPros in and around the vehicle ought to be a very interesting video.

Comment: Re:i feel sorry for the poor guy. (Score 2) 130

by Runaway1956 (#49769205) Attached to: D.C. Police Detonate Man's 'Suspicious' Pressure Cooker

Careful attention to terminology is important. In point of fact, they use an explosive charge of their own, carefully configured and arranged in a manner which they hope will touch off any explosive contained in the pressure cooker. Of course, the police spokesman used outlandish terms in her press release. They "disrupted" the pressure cooker? Jesus - I've never heard a military man use the term "disrupted". It's far more accurate when we say, "We blew it to fuck!"

In point of fact, the cops detonated their own charge, but failed to cause an explosive reaction within the pressure cooker. Maybe they should have used a bigger charge?

Idiots. Everywhere you look these days, idiots. Juvenile minded fools, trying to act like important people.

Comment: Re:Huh? (Score 2) 130

by Runaway1956 (#49769093) Attached to: D.C. Police Detonate Man's 'Suspicious' Pressure Cooker

Any tank should work. A scuba tank for instance. There are no real laws regarding the transportation of compressed air, whereas there are laws regarding the transportation of various gases - inert or otherwise. So, grab a scuba tank, stow that on your back seat where it is clearly visible, and stow some flippers and a bouyancy belt in the trunk, out of sight.

Comment: Re:How is this tech related? (Score 3, Insightful) 85

by MrKaos (#49768579) Attached to: EU Drops Plans For Safer Pesticides After Pressure From US

I respectfully disagree. This is an environmental issue. It is an important one but I do not feel it belongs an a tech news aggregator.

The TPP has serious technology implication in the means of enforcing IP provisions and other areas in addition to environmental issues. The main problem is though no one knows what is in it because the negotiations and text are being done in secret so, mainly, it's a structural issue of how law will be framed.

It's the deal to end all deals, where each country gets to sign away it's sovereignty. So, yeah, it's stuff that matters and completely appropriate to discuss.

Comment: Re:A little late (Score 2) 139

Uhhhhh - Pale Moon is not Firefox, and it hasn't been for some time. It is a fork, unlike some other Firefox copycats. I remember FasterFox, which simply took each new version of Firefox, and recompiled it with their own tweaks. That is not the case with Pale Moon. The code has been altered to suit a different vision, and they no longer even try to recompile new FF versions. Pale Moon is a complete break with Firefox.

Comment: Re:How to block Google analytics (Score 2) 139

Yes. I don't believe that you can block ALL Google stuff, but you can indeed block the GA servers. I'm to lazy to read all through it again, but I'm pretty sure that one blocks Google Analytics. If I'm wrong, you should be able to find one that does with a simple search.

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