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Comment good fucking lord (Score 1) 470

You god-damned neo-cons/tea baggers scream that US gov is the source of all evil when it is obvious that others are doing this. This gets so fucking old that not a one of you have even as much brains as a squirrel. EPA is not the issue here. It is the fact that you neo-cons/tea* underfunded them and so they are not able to test everything.
BUT, you are right that this SHOULD be investigated but not by you neo-cons/tea* (or the dems). This really should be polical neutral groups, or even 3rd parties that do this. You bunch of fuck-heads continue to destroy America while blaming the very gov that you idiots created.

Comment wow, What liars (Score 1) 470

They are claiming that Software engineers choose to do this hack, when the engine engineers, along with management all the way up to the CEO, were the ones on the line with this. Really? Does anybody fucking believe that? NOT A CHANCE IN HELL WAS THIS THE CASE.

Seriously, this had to go all the way to the CEO for them to try and blame it on the ppl that had the least to gain and the most to lose.

Comment Re:Verify. Then don't Trust (Score 1) 355

look at when new safety tests are designed. The one thing that you see is that nearly all of the companies that are the 'safest', do darn near the bottom of the new test. Basically, companies like Audi, VW, MB, etc are designing to tests, or to cheat them, while disregarding real life conditions.

Comment Re:Why you need profits to motivate innovation (Score 1) 175

And Apple stuff basically works. Like the trackpad. Come on world, is Apple the only company that can make a really good trackpad? You'd think so. I'm typing on a 5 year old MacBook Pro 17" with a great trackpad and bulletproof construction. It's been over much of country, part of the planet and the only thing that's gone south is the video, which Apple fixed for free - out of the warranty period.

Yes, in a lot of ways it's a bog standard Intel box, but some of the smooth edges (and not just the rounded corners) and good system integration just really hasn't been duplicated by anybody else. My 2014 Dell XPS 13 is a nice machine, but Windows is still clunkier than OS X and the fucking trackpad is a POS. The keyboard is only a bit better. Why can't Dell fix those two rather important little bits? Beats me, but they haven't.

Comment Everybody, but Americans. (Score 1) 355

This should produce some interesting points for AGW. Basically, nations and businesses can NOT be trusted on how much pollution, esp. CO2, that they emit. It is time to move to global monitoring via satellite (OCO2 and OCO3), along with a tax on ALL GOODS based on where the worst parts come from. This will be the ONLY way to drop global CO2.

Comment Re:Are mass shootings a false flag? (Score 1) 82

In the case of the UCC shooter I do not believe so. I believe it is far more likely that autistic mom and autistic son shared an autistic obsession about guns. Autistic son had headbanging stim. Autistic Mom who was studying to be a nurse went crazy with the perscription meds to control the headbanging. One day, kid loses control, takes 6 guns out of the collection of more than 20, goes and shoots up the nearest gun-free zone he knows about, which happens to be the college he's enrolled in.

Seems very straightforward to me.

Comment Re:The missing link is mental illness (Score 1) 82

Your article failed to address side effects from antidepressant medication, which is the *specific* co-morbidity. Yes, general mental illness does not necessarily create violence, but it is specifically listed in the potential side effects of drugs like Zoloft and Lithium.

Suicide is also a danger with these drugs (which makes me think anti-depressants are rather, well, misnamed).

Suicide by cop even more so. And for that you need, gasp, potential or real random victims.

Comment Re:Test quality (Score 1) 355

And then if the car companies use geo-location information, driver facial recognition or some other tomfoolery to adjust the engines when they are detected to be in a 'test' area, would you still blame the test? At some point you have to say 'attempting to rig this vehicle for the test is cheating, and you'll be penalized harshly when caught' or you'll be playing whack-a-mole endlessly.

Comment Re:old fashined Cold War Nuclear Bunker Remedy? (Score 5, Informative) 104

Once it was a standard Item to Equip in your cool backyard or basement buried shelter medical kit.
Iodine Tablets that protect the thyroid form radiation?
They knew this in the 50's why aren't the children receiving this now as a precaution? Or is it now considered unsafe?

They thought about it.

Dr. Yamashita, former Director of Fukushima Health Mangagement Suryey and a leading figure of thyroid cancer study in the world, has been actively involved in thyroid cancer research in Chernobyl for over 20 years since 1991. Dr. Yamashita was a radiation risk advisor for Fukushima prefecture at the time of the nuclear accident. Despite his experiences in Chernobyl, he assured that distributing iodine tablets to residents in Fukushima, even in the evacuation zones, was unnecessary. However, the distribution of iodine tablets had been discussed within Fukushima Medical University (FMU), especially during the first 1 week after the accident.

But because no permission was given by the national government and the prefecture, the plan was never carried out. .

Surprisingly, there was a group of people who took the iodine tablets under the circumstances. They were doctors, nurses, administrative stuff and their children/relatives, and the students of Fukushima Medical University.

Comment Re:So... (Score 3, Insightful) 104

Are the usual pro-nuke ppl. here going to trumpet the same old "no injuries from Fukushima" line, over and over again?

Probably, but nobody except other wackjobs believes them. The more interesting but infinitely harder to address question is whether or not nuclear power, with all it's warts (Chernobyl, Hanford, Fukishima, bog-knows-what-all-is-left-in-Russia) is more or less dangerous than fossil fuels in general.

My best guess is that it's considerably safer since the data on coal looks pretty bad.

The only real problem for nuclear is that it's too damned expensive compared to fossil fuels and now even solar and wind. It's a horribly complex technology that it's adherents fucked up badly by not carefully and consistently holding to the highest of engineering standards (like naval reactors). They cheaped out and they are paying the price.

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