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Comment Re:At least a call girl is honest (Score 1) 404

The article comes to the conclusion that there are about 12,000 "real" women.

For 31,000,000 men.

Frankly, I think a ratio of 2583 men for one woman is a lot closer to no women than few women.

But you like to get your moralistic whore-blaming thing in, so have a nice day.

Comment Re:"...need to be prepared..." (Score 2) 234

If you want to talk about paleo-climate, realise that the industrial revolution looks like an asteroid strike in the fossil record.
I will never understand why some people accept that "sea levels rose 125m in the last 10,000 years", but call BS when the same people tell them "AGW is a serious problem"? It seems to be related to the common religious behaviour where people pick and choose the bits they like, then labels the rest as BS?

Comment Re:Noooo, Seriously? (Score 1) 134


Nothing frustrates me more than when I hear the far left say that we should allow China to continue on their path. The right will scream that we are letting them get away with murder (of course, they do not mean it literally, but it is ), however, they refuse to put a tax on goods even though any company can easily get out of it: SImply have the parts manufactured in clean states/nations.

Now, to be honest, we should not do a tariff (which is a tax on goods that move in/out of a nation/state). Instead, it should be a tax on all goods that are consumed locally. And it should be BEFORE the retailer, or if mailed, as part of that. With this approach combined with real monitoring,and normalizing based on emissions / GDP, we can reward those nations that clean up, while going after those that are chosing to emit. In addition, if a nation does like China and manipulates their money by dropping its value, that is fine. It simply means more emissions / $ GDP. As such, it behooves nations to NO cheat at it.

Comment Re:What else would the FBI (Score 4, Interesting) 74

Never let a crisis go to waste.

Of course the FBI is going to order stuff they think is useful. And they're going to cover it in the usual law and order gloss. Not that I think stingrays are the best way to spend money, but one does assume that organized crime is also going to look at the chaos triggered by the hurricane in order to do more of whatever it is that they usually do. Therefore the FBI needs to be prepared.

And the will likely use cell phones. Hence the stingrays.

If you look closer, you will undoubtedly find that every Federal agency used Katrina as an excuse to order all sorts of useful toys.

Comment Re:A HUD is usefull... (Score 1) 359

I also can't see why I'd want a built-in satnav, though I wouldn't mind having a cradle that connected my phone to a larger display. The one advantage to builtin satnav is that the display can be clearer and more informative.

I own an add-on Garmin, and while I like it, I use my phone far more often. Among other things, it has a much better understanding of traffic and how to route around it. (My particular Garmin model does get traffic information over the air, but that information is much less precise and useful than the Internet can give it.) I keep it around for those days when I'm out of coverage, and a few other circumstances, but it's mostly relegated to taking up space and getting out of date. (It also has map updates, but they don't happen automatically. And a major new interchange near my house took a very long time to appear. I didn't need it, but people coming to my place sometimes got confused.)

So I can see why a car my want I/O features, but the smarts might as well be relegated to the device I'm already carrying with me. It would be nice to have better audio controls than fiddling with the phone itself, for example.

Comment Re:Backup camera (Score 1) 359

You can get the bits for a backup camera for about $50 on Amazon or ebay. Wireless transmitters make it so you don't even have to snake cable. You can even customize it so you get multiple cameras!

If you're electronically declined, I'm sure that there are car stereo installers who do this. It's so trivial it's not funny.

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