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Comment Re:It's their money... (Score 1) 142

The sensible goal is not to eliminate inequity but to narrow the gap to something that 'reasonable' people can live with, for example in most scandinavian countries the tax system makes it difficult/impossible for the highest paid to earn more than ~10X the lowest paid. You can still have your corporate empire but you can't suck it dry and spend it all on solid gold plumbing.

Comment Re:Pffft (Score 1) 129

Most business' neither need nor use a real time O/S. All applications that allocate random blocks of memory must find a way to deal with garbage collection, built-in GC makes it easy for the coder. Manual GC just means the coder must manage memory himself, which is mandatory on a proper real time O/S.

Comment Re:Short FPC history and goals overview (Score 3, Funny) 129

The summary says: "Twenty-three years ago, development started on the first version of the Turbo Pascal and later also Delphi-compatible Free Pascal Compiler" Perhaps you should re-read the summary, your paraphrase edits out the bit that makes all the difference???

Comment Re:Budget (Score 2) 63

We Aussies got rid of those fucking stupid licenses in the 60's. It's 2015 for fuck sake, a telly is no longer a luxury item, it's a cheap appliance. Just fund the BBC from consolidated revenue and save a shitload on paperwork and policing. It would also save the rest of the planet from having to listen to petty complaints from ideologues who don't want one of their license pennies ending up in the foreign service budget.

Comment Re:The real worry should be Kessler Syndrome (Score 1) 98

I thought both posts were informative, but a rocket can carry a lot more sand grains than bullets. As for the energy, here is what a fleck of paint did to the shuttle's four inch thick windscreen, they know it was paint because it was still embedded (three inched deep) in the hardened glass when they landed.

Comment Re: Sounds like a psycopath. (Score 1) 485

They are mapping social networks, the content of the messages is relatively unimportant, as they have said themselves on a number of occasions it the metadata they want. From a military POV knowing who talks to who is far more useful than knowing what they are saying. Software can reliably extract and document these networks from enormous data sets, it's these networks that the spooks are trying to find.

The FBI used similar (manual) techniques to disrupt civil rights groups in the 60's and 70's. It's really just basic common-sense taken to the extreme, if you are fighting an organised enemy then the first thing you will want is the enemies org chart. As we have seen with Gen. McCarthy, J.E Hoover, the Stasi, etc, the problem begins when the state perceives the citizenry as the enemy.

Comment Re:NYC taxi system could DESTROY uber (Score 4, Insightful) 210

I drove taxis 25yrs ago, we had computerised dispatch back then (with a dispatcher entering the data), all of them now have their own app where the user fills out their own details. The taxi dispatchers are there to answer the phones, the dispatch company is usually owned and operated as a co-op between the individual taxi owners. AFAIK Uber doesn't offer the "human on a phone" option, it's web form or nothing.

Since there are thousands of taxi owners paying for a few drones in a call center it is an insignificant part of the cost of running a taxi. By far the biggest cost of running a cab is maintenance, fuel, insurance, and the interest you pay on the loan you took out for the "medallion".

If hipsters want to change the law into a race to the bottom for owner-operators, then the first thing they must do is buy back those medallions at a fair price. People have worked their entire lives to pay for a single medallion, a bunch of parasites who believe the law doesn't apply to them are rapidly making them worthless.

Comment Re:NYC taxi system could DESTROY uber (Score 2) 210

That only works in the center of certain large cities (eg: NYC), everywhere else more taxi's are dispatched than flagged down, except for Fri/Sat night shift, I know this because I drove one for 3yrs. Suburban work is mostly shuffling old people around and trips to the airport. IMO Uber are parasitic rent seekers, they are an old fashioned limo company "on a computer" and should be regulated as one. Whether you agree with the current law or not, the authorities should not have allowed Uber to continue to profit by ignoring it.

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