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Comment Re:Boat still hasn't left port (Score 2) 124

First let me say I agree with your post, rapid deflation is as bad or worse as rapid inflation. Stability is desirable however it also has problems, "growth" is in many ways just another way of saying "increased efficiency. So today's widget should be cheaper than yesterday's because it's cheaper and easier to make than yesterday's widget. This may in turn spur more growth since you would expect the number of widgets sold to increase as their price decreases. In this way society as a whole benefits from growth, stopping that "natural" deflation means that those who control production reap ALL the benefits of growth. This is what people are currently pissed off about, the last three decades have seen little or no real wage growth, all that growth has gone into the pockets of those few who control production. Sure they helped create that growth, but no more than the people who clean the executive bathroom who gave them the time to do so.

Comment Re:Seems reasonable (Score 1) 173

Their excuse sounds like bullshit to me. If the BC people move away after the electricity company have built the extra capacity then there's a thing called a "national grid" that allows them to sell it to other electricity companies. If they are really worried that the extra capacity is only a temporary fad then theu could use the same grid to buy the extra power at wholesale.There is no electricity company in the US that sells exactly the same amount of power it generates, The grid is a giant electricity "market", wholesale electricity is traded 24/7 and moved to where it is required, plus or minus a couple of hundred MW in a particular location is business as usual.

Comment Re:Well d'oh! (Score 1) 109

Mustard gas has been around since WW1, I supposed you could call it a WMD but when politicians say "mushroom cloud" and "WMD" in the same breath, they are talking about nukes. The Bush administration were pretty adamant Saddam had a bomb, we all knew he had gas since the west sold it to him in the 1980's and then acted all morally superior when he used some on the Kurds (rather than the intended targets - Iranians). It was also pretty obvious from early on the "mushroom cloud" was pure propaganda used to justify the invasion, that's the WMD that people are "still looking for", the one that makes a mushroom cloud.

The conservative tabloid stories you point to conveniently forget about Powell's "Saddam has Nukes" slide show that failed to convince the UN to back their crusade. Personally I think they set Powell up to take the fall for the mushroom cloud propaganda before they got anywhere near the UN, at the time he was the only moderate in the upper ranks of the administration.

Comment Re:Twitter shouldn't be shutting anyone down.. (Score 1) 828

Freedom of speech does not give you the right to spray paint your rant on a private wall, whether the wall is made of bricks or pixels is irrelevant. It does however give you the right to argue against free speech.

It's interesting to google the bookmaker odds for elections, particularly in the US were elections seem to drag on forever. If I were a betting man I would have put money on Sanders a few months ago. The odds they are offering for Trump winning the general election are not realistic given his poll numbers. He does have a good chance of winning the nomination.

Trump is about the republican party imploding and/or dividing. The same thing has happened to the conservative side in Australia, there'a a divide in conservatives between the tea party types and the moderates over things such as climate change. Currently the conservatives are in power in Oz, the moderates within them have the upper hand in Oz with the leader of the TP faction having been sacked as PM by his own party. In the US Trump is the charismatic king of the tea party, the moderates are nowhere to be seen (in public). Cruz and Carson are alternative TP kings, and if you're not in the top three you're not in the race.

Comment Automating error blindness. (Score 1) 216

My Chrome browser recently started putting up an error page because's certificate was a few days out of date. The error page has a big blue button marked "back to safety", the other button is a little harder to spot. It was mildly annoying since I was using the online docs while writing a script and the browser forgets your "fuck off" answer to the error between sessions. I'm sure there's an option somewhere that will automate my willful blindness to this error page, I'm just too lazy to look it up

Comment Re:Build an internal team anyway (Score 1) 233

Subcontractors code, consultants consult. They are different jobs.

There are different levels of software services offered by different companies, in rough order of cost you have....
- The one man act, an employee with few legal rights who costs a bit more than a full timer but can be dismissed on a whim.
- The body shop, a group of consultants that rent out multiple one man acts.
- The coding shop, an external group of one man acts who write code to spec on their own premises and equipment.
- The big guns, large multi-nationals that take over the entire project and impose their processes and people onto the customer.

Nobody gets fired for hiring a "big gun" because they will get the job done. Both the coding shop and the big gun will cost you an arm and a leg but you will get what you asked for (which if you are not careful might not be what you wanted).

Comment Wardrobe malfunction (Score 1) 255

In the USA, film rating is voluntary

Yes, but the FCC is not, both the BBFC and FCC impose obscenity rules on broadcasters, both can levy large fines for non-compliance. Censorship exists in every nation, if you doubt that then try broadcasting kiddy porn from anywhere on earth. There are limits to freedom of speech around the world (even in the US), some are for common-sense, some for common decency, and far too many for political gain.

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