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Comment: Might read the whole thing yourself (Score 1) 16 16

Took me about 4 hours:

I think if you read the whole thing, you'll find he's a pretty equal opportunity offender, sexual libertarians got a good hundred paragraphs against their lifestyle as well.

Comment: Re:Dude, this is so easy (Score 1) 32 32

Not fault alone, of course. In many ways, I blame liberals of both stripes- fiscal conservatism these days is strongly libertarian, and thus, liberal.

One said says I want to fuck who I want to and damned the consequences tomorrow, we'll just kill any inconvenient product of sexual abuse. The other side says I want to profit from who I want to and damn the regulations, I am not my brother's financial keeper.

Both are putting radical self interest- liberty ahead of the common good- and liberty is liberalism.

Comment: Re:Dude, this is so easy (Score 1) 32 32

A huge part of the reason that America has turned leftwards, is because the Republican party has chosen to prioritize fiscal conservationism over social conservationism. Family no longer comes first for most of the Republican leadership, as shown in their marital woes.

The Democrats were always going to go Left, at least the Republicans *could* have given us another choice.

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