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Comment Re:nothing new under the sun (Score 1) 446 446

My guess- a converted religious person of some type, with full faith in conversion, but realized that AM's "pay to delete" was a total fraud, after trying to delete their account. Contempt for the former life and those still in it is common in certain conversion circles.

Comment Re:Just like defense distributed (Score 1) 216 216

From the "Second Amendment" point of view- if the government has drones that can fire missiles, why shouldn't we have drones that can fire handguns?

Still, I dislike the engineering method of this. I think there's a far better way to do it, there is no need for a grip or trigger on a mounted gun, that's just extra weight.

Comment Re:It's only 'interference' when your side loses (Score 1) 32 32

"Enlightenment" is just another name for blowing your mind out on drugs until you can't tell the difference between right and wrong and can't remember history.

The "might makes right" crowd is on your side of "progress"- that's why they keep killing children in the womb and selling their body parts online.

Comment Re:It's only 'interference' when your side loses (Score 1) 32 32

"At the heart of liberty is the right to define one's own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life."- Justice Kennedy in PPvCasey, 1992, explaining why his future self would push for gay marriage.

Seems like "Progress" is rather primitive to me- it's just the right to live out a fantasy in defiance of objective reality.

Comment Re:Haven't seen that here - anything on SO? Repro? (Score 1) 7 7

Not sure I can duplicate, due to the other strangeness I'm dealing with (It's a cross-database query and the other database doesn't have a primary key, just sets of fields with unique constraints). It may have also been a Select Distinct that I thought I had applied but didn't; the one row that was duplicating did have two in the parent table.

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