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Comment Re:PS (Score 1) 414

I think PostScript was the first stack-based language I used (although it might have been Java bytecode - it was a long time ago), and it is quite nice for graphical programming. But my "other" vote went to CJam, which is also stack-based, functional, and although designed for code golf is good for general-purpose quick scripts.

Comment Re:SO's own answer says "CC"...or not... (Score 3, Informative) 303

What the Slashdot summary doesn't say (and a lot of commenters on also didn't really take into account) is that this licensing change affects not only StackOverflow but the whole StackExchange network, including sites like Code Review and Programming Puzzles and Code Golf where people do post substantial blocks of code over which they wish to assert their moral rights.

Comment Re:Citation is a form of professional respect (Score 1) 303

The objection is not to citing others when you use their code: the objection is to the way Stack Exchange is requiring you to license your code. The most repeated theme of the criticism is "If you're going to change licence, change to a proper one rather than a kludgy homebrew variant which allows people to just copy the code, add a URL, and call it attribution".

Comment Re:Claim != actual (Score 1) 150

I take it you also think it's a "fucking disgrace" that the organisation which trained Osama in guerilla tactics continues to receive funding from the US government? The CIA is a much bigger problem (and better recruiter for jihadist terrorists) than Al Jazeera.

Comment Re:They're called architects (Score 1) 339

I can't remember which open source project it was that I once tried to compile, but discovered that the README was correct when it said that it wouldn't compile with make. Instead I was instructed to use a make tool by the same author as the project I wanted to compile. So I downloaded the source for that make tool, and discovered that to compile it I needed a compiled version of the make tool. The bootstrap issue is not a problem for closed source projects where you'll always have the previous iteration's binary around, but if there's a remote possibility that in the future you'll want to open-source the compiler it becomes a serious issue.

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