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Comment Re:High vs Low (Score 5, Informative) 168

Dear reader, I quit reading this document as soon as I saw convicted fraudster and scam artist Andrea Rossi cited by it unironically -- as you should as well.

Hot fusion is also going nowhere until anuetronic fusion becomes practical (pro tip: it's quite a bit harder to do) because the fast neutrons eventually destroy every known material used as the plasma-facing "first" wall. That's something the ITER fanboys are not telling you (for obvious reasons).

Comment Re:Surprise (Score 1) 224

I like how people are complaining that you included guns as a "new technology" but no one has argued that guns aren't being scapegoated in a moral panic like games and movies were. Apparently everyone now recognizes the scapegoating and moral panic aspects of the anti-firearms crowd.

Comment Re:Energy in? (Score 2) 103

Actually, it sounds like a perfect process for clean coal or other already existing energy production. The cooling towers alread carry enough heat to raise the temperature. As for pumping, well the generating already runs a bit under capacity so turning it up a little more shouldn't be too costly.

With a little tweaking, it could relatively easily reduce the carbon footprint of existing power plants.

Comment Re:Roll-back as in play-back? (Score 2) 66

Banks can roll back transactions for various reasons, e.g. bankruptcy proceedings, mistakes by their own operators or by customers, or ... transactions that are fraudulent. The Metel gang obviously had a sense of irony in exploiting this ability to undo fraudulent transactions to their own benefit.

Comment Re:Easy Hack (Score 3, Interesting) 78

If you gather together enough unclassified information, you can frequently distill from it facts that are considered classified.

Like tracking the tail numbers of international flights to uncover the CIA's rendition program.

Not to mention that a staff directory is exactly what you want for spearfishing campaigns.

Comment Re:No such thing (Score 1) 322

The answer is for ads to be sufficiently inobtrusive that the majority of users don't bother blocking ads.

The fundamental issue is a tragedy of the commons. Advertisers are fighting each other for the same eyeballs with more and more intrusive and processor and network demanding ads. The web is becoming almost unusable - especially on older hardware - unless you block ads.

The reason the majority of people have installed adblockers is because they want to use the internet, not because they want to block ads, stop tracking or anything else like that the typical slashdotter might care about.

While people NEED adblockers, people will be using them. If there's not a need then people won't use them any more.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 474

Actually, you miss my point entirely.

Personally, I think the best response for such language would be for Siri or Cortana to simply reply with "that sort of language really turns me off" and then power down (maybe wait for the 3rd example). It's a relatively gentle chiding, and enough of an inconvenience that people would avoid it. And it would kind of be funny.

I have no problem with these systems discouraging uncivil behavior or language. No problem there.

What I have a problem with is the sense of aggrievement now spreading to inanimate objects. It's a memetic cancer.
Personally I don't believe that a society can long function if one has to filter ones' comments (and let's be honest, THOUGHTS is the real intent) for every person's conceivable sensitivities. Offense is personal; you cannot insult me if I don't care what you say. Far more sustainable to grow a reasonably thick skin and live your life without looking for opportunities to claim victim status.
Expanding the "hurt feelings" franchise to machinery is frankly ridiculous.

Comment Re:How is this newsworthy? (Score 1) 292

If you need examples, ask every victim of every revolution or warzone who suddenly had saw their rights disappear when the men with guns showed up.

Their rights didn't disappear, their rights were denied. Infringed. Interfered with.

Governments don't give rights. Governments impose limits on them, or protect against that happening. But they don't create them. Hopefully you're not confusing rights with entitlements like so many people do.

Comment Mod parent down (Score 1) 328

The only possible advantage is that they are lightest when they require the most power - take-off.

This is patently false, as maximum landing weight for all commercial aircraft is lower than maximum takeoff weight. Next time don't post about things you obviously known nothing about!

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