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Submission + - Have The Robots Broken The Stock Market?->

walterbyrd writes: The markets were sloppy last week, and we went out on a bad note. Sentiment was very negative. And when Chinese stocks continued to crash on Sunday, it looked like we might be on the verge of something nasty. Uncertainty was everywhere. And then the robots took control. I watched the futures market almost all night on Sunday, and we were seeing 100-point moves in the Dow Futures contract within a few minutes. This was not human controlled. And it was not rational.
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Comment In other news... (Score 0) 256

Government funds rebuilding the power grid infrastructure because vast quantities of wind power destablizes grid. And in other, other news, government funds development of massive grid-level storage batteries because quantities of wind power are generated at the wrong time of the day for utilization.

Comment The bigger loss.. (Score 2) 85

Is the gradual re-purposing of the Lawrence Hall Of Science from a museum explaining the history of nuclear research to just another science museum presenting dinosaurs, earthquakes and global warming. LHS used to be a unique historical resource. "Concerns about radiation" and political correctness turned it into a generic and politically correct science museum.

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