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Comment Still A Good Idea (Score 4, Insightful) 245

It's still a good idea, but the metrics need to be better thought-out to account for the patients that are being seen. A proper system will also "grade" each patient based on how bad their condition is, and then combine the mortality rates to come up with a metric that reflects how well the doctor is doing at improving outcomes where it is possible to do so.

Comment Absolutely (Score 3, Insightful) 351

It is pretty much the only way to fund "free" services of all kinds that have large reach but no direct income. Radio, TV, and most websites would not exist but for it, and it is a meritocracy as well - if the advertized product sucks, or the ad sucks, the advertiser loses their money with no reward. The opposite holds as well - a good product and a good ad can be very beneficial to customers and the advertiser.

Someone needs to cut back on the weed and spend some time in the world of reality here to even bring up the question.

Comment Re:Time to Reduce the Cap? (Score 4, Interesting) 305

Excellent idea. The minimum wage for any H1B position should be $150k per year, and the employer will pay a 50% payroll tax for each employee hired under that system. It won't hurt the high-end, which the program is supposed to recruit, but sure as hell will end the use of outsourcing firms that skirt the law by mass-hiring H1Bs and then contracting with a firm to replace their IT staffs.

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